1. N

    New Loops Black Friday Sale 2017 – Up To 70% OFF!

    - New Loops Black Friday Sale 2017 – Up To 70% OFF! The New Loops Black Friday Sale is on now with massive discounts on audio sample packs and synth presets. Prices are down as low as £4.49 with many sound packs at 60-70% OFF. But that’s not it, spend over £39 and get an EXTRA 15% OFF...
  2. N

    New Loops Autumn Sale with up to 50% Off

    The New Loops Autumn Sale has started! The sale runs until October 26th and includes big discounts on loops and samples, Massive presets, Serum presets, Kontakt Libraries and more.
  3. dman007

    Which piano samples?

    Which piano samples virtual instrument and why?
  4. djkaneki

    Minimal Techno Samples

    Welcome guys. What do you think about minimal music? 1 month ago i started listening it. and now decided to make some techno beat . If you interested in this genre can u advise me some samples The last sample package which i used was Techno Package from Lucid Samples
  5. ratherbirds

    Which instrument is used in the ending of EQUALS Film soundtrack

    Hi, you, specialist of vst instrument ! Is there anyone who could tell me which instrument is used in the ending of EQUALS Film soundtrack below ? It s Huge !
  6. 123creative

    123creative Deal: Best Samples, Loops, Midis deal + Bonus Samples in addition

    Hello producers, We are happy to announce you special discounts up to 50% off on the best sample packs, loops and MIDIs. This campaign is intended for all EDM producers and it will run until 10th August. For each customer is still current an opportunity to get Bonus – 8-bit Drums and FX...
  7. karelpsota

    [%40 OFF] AVA - INSTINCT Trailer Sound Effects (20 Free Sounds)

    Ladies and gents, I've been really focused on sound design and mixing this past year. I essentially limited my workflow to only one rule: "don't use any samples you can't record yourself". It was a tough challenge. Although I wrote less tracks, this forced me to dissect what made...
  8. V

    How to Program Drums

    Hello, I'm in need of some tips of how to program realistic sounding drum rhythms. I'm trying to make very "rockish" drums kind of like the ones you hear in Man of Steel using The Grange or Studio Drummer. But no matter what I try, they don't sound human or realistic at all. Now yeah, I know...
  9. creativeforge

    Traditional celebration/joyful laughter samples?

    OK, strange title, I know, but I'm trying to find great samples (*.wav) of traditional celebrations with mostly women laughing and ululations. Can be from Greece, Middle-East or North Africa, mainly. But I'll listen to any other provenance as peoples have moved to other countries like Europe...
  10. Jediwario1

    Raiders Bounty (original orchestral piece)

    Hi everyone, here's a short orchestral piece I recently wrote. With this piece I was wanting to create something upbeat that didn't rely on generic epic percussion or synth arpeggiators to maintain the rhythm/beat/pace. Sample libraries I'm using are: Cinematic Studio Strings, Cinebrass...
  11. DanielOutro

    30+ free sample packs for just about any genre

    Hey friends! Hope everyone is doing well. I've been working hard with the team at Outro to put together some sample packs for our website. If you're a sample head, or just looking for a few extra sounds to spice up your production, we've gotcha covered. The packs are up on our featured page...
  12. DanielOutro

    Remix Competition with Free Samples

    Hey friends, Outro is running a remix competition using free samples from our site! Here's how it works: Download all three samples from Outro (they're free!) Chop, twist and slice the samples into a new track. All genres of music are game. Post the finished track in the comment section of...
  13. C

    2017 Best Orchestral Snare Samples?

    Hi Guys, I know this topic has been touched on in older posts, but I wanted to repost it to keep the question/answers up to date: Could you please share your opinions on which sample(s) are the best traditional orchestral snare samples to date? Thank you!
  14. John Judd

    Homemade Percussion Video

    Hi V.I. Control folks, Just thought I would share something I have been working on. After writing an onslaught of library tracks, I got a little burned out and needed something fresh in my I started sampling household objects and doing field recordings to create my own catalog of...
  15. DanielOutro

    Why do you make music?

    Hey everyone! I've been producing music for nearly 7 years and can sometimes feel like i'm chasing an unknown goal. There are moments where I feel as if music is just something I do for fun, and others where I'm totally driven to put out releases, and strongly believe this is something I need...
  16. L

    FS: Emberton Strings Solo: Violin & Cello

    Hello, I'm selling my Solo Violin & Solo Cello Library from Emberton for each 90 EUR. I sent a mail to Emberton and the guys gave me the OK. Please feel free to contact me, if you are interested. Hello. Thanks for reaching out. We can certainly do that for you! All we need is the buyer's...
  17. DanielOutro

    Vintage Roland Drum Machine and Synth Samples

    Hey everyone! We linked up Toronto producer and all-around gear obsessive Dan Only to record some samples from his vintage gear collection. Follow the link to 150+ free samples from the TR-808, TR-909, SH-101, Juno 60 and more! There are a few non-Roland machines in there too. Hope you like em :)
  18. calebfaith

    Free Kontakt Instrument: Wine Glasses

    Wine Glasses is a simple Kontakt Instrument which includes a very small sampleset of a wine glass being bowed and flicked. It includes 3x dynamic levels with 4x round robins. This instrument has only been sampled at the one pitch but using Kontakts pitch shifting abilities it has been stretched...
  19. 123creative

    Trap Chords – 5 Construction Kits (Samples, Loops, Ableton Live projects)

    Hello producers, 123creative has released Trap Chords - 5 construction kits (Samples, Loops, Ableton Live projects) in cooperation with Freak music. Genres: Trap, Chillstep, Chillout, Dubstep, EDM “Trap Chords“ is a collection of 5 construction kits. Inside you can find hi-hats...
  20. Nick Garrett

    Play 5.1 and RAM

    I am just going to run this by you guys, in case I am doing something wrong: I have 64GB of RAM, which I thought would be more than enough, however every time I open my VEPro template the RAM usage shoots up to 100% while loading all of the Play instances. All Kontakt instruments load...
  21. chrisn3901

    Sample Library Guides For Kontakt & Falcon

    Hello Everyone! 2017 has given me great inspiration to start creating my own sample libraries since demoing libraries at NAAM for 2 years now. I desire to make libraries using Kontakt & Falcon. I want to start small and learn how the process works so I don't overwhelm myself with many bugs...
  22. Nick Garrett

    Feedback PLEASE!

    Hi there guys. As this is the largest collection of extremely talented audio people on the internet, I would really appreciate any and all feedback on this track. I am trying to get into trailer music, but my long term goal is film.
  23. ricoderks

    Hollywood Brass Missing Samples

    Hey there everyone! I just got my Hollywood Orchestra Diamond HDD and had a issue with the close samples from the solo trombone: some are missing (legato samples) and some just cause a big noise sound! Installed all the latest updates and still have that problem... Can someone help me? Rico
  24. V

    Beginner Composer - NEED ADVICE

    Hey guys, I want to start producing orchestral music on a more serious level than I have been. I've been doing it as a hobby for a couple years now but I really want to start taking it seriously. Up till now I've been using a Macbook Pro with 16 GBs of RAM. However I always find myself...

    Spitfire Audio: String Libraries

    Hi Guys, Looking at purchasing a bunch of spitfire audio products. Wondering with all your experiences, which libraries I should purchase / need as it seems there are multiple different string libraries. If I would need one or the other, or multiple? Purchase selection: Spitfire Chamber...
  26. D

    Demo for Metropolis Ark 1


    Samsung sm961 ssd(nvme)

    Hi Guys, Anyone purchased or looking to purchase this NMVe drive? If noone has heard of it, is the successor to the Samsung 950 Pro. Definitely thinking of purchasing one myself, most likely for...
  28. morphido

    FS: 50% off on Native-Instruments Products!!

    All these NI products with a 50% discount or less! Anyone interested, please send a PM. Plugins: ABSYNTH 5 (AU/VST/AAX instrument plugin) - SOLD REAKTOR 5 (AU/VST/AAX instrument plugin) - SOLD DRIVER (AU/VST/AAX effect plugin) - SOLD Libraries and instruments: THE GIANT (Kontakt library -...
  29. ag75

    Question about formatting an external SSD for OS X

    I just purchased two Samsung Portable SSD T3 drives to stream my samples when I am on the road. The drives come formatted ExFAT, which to my understanding allows them to be read by both OSX and PC. If I am using these drives to only read/stream samples, is there a better format I should be...
  30. d.healey

    Intro Sale Ending Soon: Paddy's Irish Percussion - sample library for Kontakt

    Hello, Our latest creation is about to be released. Paddy's Percussion is an Irish percussion sample library for Kontakt that contains over 1300 bodhrán and cajón samples including individual hits and looped rhythms. The instruments were performed by Paddy Broderick and recorded in the same...
  31. Maestro77

    Established Kontakt Developer Seeks Experienced Sample Editor

    Greetings. We're looking for an experienced sample cutter on a per-project basis. Reaper preferred with batch processing capabilities for speed but also a keen ear and attention to detail. Also from time to time may include tuning, looping and other production trickery when needed. We have...
  32. mcalis

    Great collection of free orchestral (raw) samples!

    EDIT: Made the mistake of not using search before posting this (in my enthusiasm). I see that this resource is already fairly well known and used in the VI community. Apologies! Perhaps this has already been posted here at some stage, but this is a fantastic resource of free samples...
  33. echo | collective

    Echo | collective presents: phono

    PHONO is a set of textures lovingly recorded from the blank spots of old and new vinyl records. Comprised of various loops pops and decays, this collection spans the range of what a needle on an empty track can sound like. 108 flavors of rhythmic noise, crackles, hiss, pops, buzzes, bumps and...
  34. L

    Phase issues with samples in Kontakt

    Hi everyone, My name is Louis and I've just joined the forum, it looks like there is a lot of great people and info on here! I'm in the middle of making my first Kontakt library which I am planning to release in the next couple of weeks. I currently have some phase issues that I was wondering...
  35. scoredfilms

    Blend VSL + Spitfire: Tips?

    Greetings, In the last few months, I've had several people PM me here and elsewhere about using MIR to try to recreate Lyndhurst, in hopes to use VSL and Spitfire together advantageously. So I'm starting this thread to post some of my own solutions (in another post to come) and ask others for...
  36. W

    Does visual info help in hearing midi as realish?

    Got sidetracked in flute programming, but came to this forum with a hypothesis: that if you provide some visual reference to a listener, it can help make the sound more believable. Here's a lip-sync'd orchestra and choir pretending to perform a midi work. Opinions?
  37. R

    Help Req: Mahler's 6th (re: French Horns)

    Hi all, I'm currently working on Mahler 6th Symphony as my first full-on mock up of an orchestral piece (yes, I have the cow bells, phew). Currently I'm working within Sibelius 7.5.1 to score the music before I export it to one of my DAWs to start using orchestral samples and mastering it...
  38. Mundano

    Project sampling "Apollo-Dresden" 1884 Piano

    Good Morning, i've spent a month or so being member of this forum, and i thank you for your wonderful community! In this month i have learned a lot about virtual instruments, sample libraries, i have known new and old products and tools i didn't know, and i am improving my musical work with all...
  39. Phryq

    Albert McKay, composer extraordinaire :P
  40. toddkedwards

    Cinesamples Blend/Layering with other Libraries?

    Anyone using Cinesamples libraries such as: CineWinds Core CineStrings Core CinePerc Core CineBrass Pro & Core What other libraries do you tend to blend/layer with them, or what libraries have you found that blend/layer really well with them?
  41. X-Bassist

    Great Libraries under $60

    Although there are many threads for freebies or a specific instruments, I realized there are many Libraries under $60 that I own that work well, and would probably benefit someone new to The VI world... I have to start the list with Indigenious Solid State, since it seems to pack the most punch...
  42. W

    Solo Strings: Access to samples in order to modify?

    I've had some frustration with some of the solo string libraries, when I can identify a change that would be very good but the libraries are locked up so no samples can be modified. And reviewers inevitably seem to ignore this issue in their reviews, so before you buy it can be very hard to...
  43. Peaslee

    Witness Soundiron's new horror doompocayplse - Sick 6: 666 - The Sickening

    Awwww yeah, it's that time again. We're back with another Sick and this one pushes things to the limit of awesome. Sick 6 is a horror-themed cinematic trailer effects library for composers, sound designers, animators, film makers and game developers. It includes over 4GB of sound-designed...
  44. Ollie

    Free Cinematic Risers - Submersion Studios

    Hi, I made a collection of Cinematic /Trailer Risers and thought I'd share it with the Vi community. You can download the WAVs and Kontakt file here: They are tempo sync'd and arranged as follows: Yellow Keys = 2 Bar Risers Red Keys =...
  45. pat

    Hello All! We create professional royalty free samples!

    Hello to all, Im a musician/producer and my team is Fox Samples we create high quality samples all royalty free, in different styles of music from EDM, Hip Hop , Rnb, House, Dubstep, Orchestral and more. We are now one of the leading company in that industry and have had many of our samples...
  46. 1

    Need help building a workstation!

    Hello everyone, I've outgrown my current computer - 4770k, 32GB ram, 2tb SSD filled with sample libraries- and I'm searching up and down the internet on how to build the new computer. What I had in mind was a PC with 64GB DDR4 ram, but also have the possibilty of 128GB which I might need in the...
  47. micromorph

    Morphzilla V1.5 Now you can combine, twist, sculpt and morph your own samples in Morphzilla

    Morphzilla is a dual layer morphing tool for Kontakt 5 with a wide range of sounds including monstrous textured drones, evolving pads, ghostly atmospheres, impacts to complex, microscopic sound design elements. Morphzilla provides more tools for composers/producers to create unique sound...