1. Wunderhorn

    Logic AutoSampler: When to use XFade, Penrose, etc?

    I wonder if anyone has a bit of inside to this: When using AutoSampler for looped sounds (in this particular case acoustic recordings, not synth patches) I'd like to know in which situation would I choose "Search with XFade" versus "Penrose" or "Bi-Directional"? I have not found proper...
  2. Dave Hilowitz

    Trying out Apple’s new Sampler plug-in + FREE SAMPLE LIBRARY

    Apple has a new sampling plugin called Sampler; it comes as part of Logic 10.5. In this quick video, I give the new plugin a spin, and use it to create an EXS version of my Box Violins Sample Library.
  3. beyd770

    Albion 1 vs updates - Why so many prefer the old version?

    Why does the first version of Albion 1 show up in so many composers VST-lists? Albion ONE has a "Legacy"-version included - is this the same as the original version? Both Junkie XL and Daniel James claim they use the original version for various reasons. Do you guys still prefer the first...
  4. bfreepro

    Review: Hexeract by Auddict

    This was voted for in the poll last time as well, so here it is! This one was a long time coming, as I have owned this product almost a year, and have had quite an eventful time trying to get it to work. I held off on a review, simply because I wanted to give Auddict a chance to correct the...
  5. RoySamples

    Paid work. Creating V-instruments with DAWs own samplers

    Hello, We're a new branch of a well established studio in London. We have a very rudimentary piano sample library (8 dynamic layers, 8 RR, 1 microphone position). Job description Create an instrument using the various DAWs own samplers (for example: EXS24, AS, Structure etc). If you have...
  6. ARC Samples

    Presenting... ARC Samples: String Textures.

    Hello, It is fantastic to be apart of an engaging and talented community. As an avid watcher of Christian Henson's vlogs, I was inspired to explore the world of sampling. I've loved playing with Spitfire Audio's; Olafur Arnolds' Chamber Evolutions, so I decided to try and come up with my own...
  7. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Perfect Drums

    Get it here:
  8. Cory Pelizzari

    Is Hexeract Any Good?

  9. d.healey

    HISE Tutorials

    Hello, I've been working with HISE for a couple of years now and I've been putting together some tutorial videos going over the basics. I'll be adding more when I have time and going into more complicated topics.
  10. Leandro Abreu

    Muletone Audio releases "Brazilian Series: Surdo" for Kontakt 5

    Hello friends of VI Control, New Library release, Brazilian Series: Surdo The Surdo is a Brazilian bass drum usually made of wood or metal with skin on both sides. Traditionally used in samba and other derivative styles the surdo has been within this niche since the carnival in the 1920's...