1. Fa

    SampleModeling actual special prices to help musicians during Lockdown...

    Several producer are actually supporting the musicians in this hard time for work and private life, being musicians more than just customers, but colleagues and friends... empathy before pure business. I really appreciated that, and due to the fact they usually don't have any sales or...
  2. ramirogomez

    Sample Modeling Solo & Ensemble Strings video review with real time playing examples

    Hi to all, i want to share with you a new video review of Sample Modeling Solo and Ensemble Strings, that i upload a few minutes ago. Please tell me what you think, and if you see something to improve. Because this is the first of a series of videos that i am uploading in the following weeks...

    Sample Modeling Brass Horns, how to make them sound huge?

    Hi all, I love Sample Modeling instruments (as I said many times) and I'm trying to achieve something especially with horns. Infact, playing them directly without EQ or reverb results in a pretty dry sound which is nice to work with. For Star Wars like music they sound pretty well by adding...
  4. D

    (No longer looking) WTB: The Trombone by Samplemodeling

    UPDATE: I bought it at full price, I couldn’t hold out any longer. But if anybody’s looking to unload The Trumpet… maybe we can talk in six months when my wallet recovers. ORIGINAL POST: Please PM me with your asking price if you are interested in selling this instrument. Thank you.
  5. antcarrier

    Fretless Guitar Orchestral Prog Rock

    Hi! I have just finished writing my latest piece. It is a combination of classical music and prog rock. It has fretless guitar and bass, orchestra and a LinnStrument. I had a lot of fun making this. I hope you enjoy! :) Jon
  6. SoundChris

    Doswidanja Rodina (Russian Red Army Style Track feat. Strezov Sampling´s Wotan Epic Male Choir)

    Hey there, here is a little track that i wrote some time ago featuring the Strezov Sampling Wotan Choir in a "Hunt for Red October / Russian Red Army Choir" - style scenario. Hope you´ll enjoy it :) Instruments i have used here: Strezov Sampling: Wotan, Storm Choir II (just to add a few...
  7. N

    20th Century Fox Fanfare

    Hey guys! I haven't posted any music on this forum before, so I thought I'd start with this. I know it's been done before, but I wanted to try and get it to sound as close to the real thing as possible. Thanks for listening! Mock Up Reference
  8. ricoderks

    Tiny Hero: CSS + Samplemodeling Brass

    Hi Everyone Since Adventure Brass was released I was wondering how good Samplemodeling Brass would work in a adventurous context. For the SM Brass reverb I used the 20th century fox stage in Altiverb. Compared to Adventure Brass it is a lot more work: You'll need a good reverb setup to begin...
  9. H

    Mixing Sample Modeling Double Reeds

    Hey all inspired by another thread dealing with sample modeling brass I thought it would make sense with a thread about the woodwinds. Now I only have the double reeds, yet I'm sure this will apply to other sample modeling instruments as well. These are the results so far, Oboe...
  10. Fa

    Samplemodeling SWAM Cello: what's special about it

    After few weeks from the launch of the new VI (and few days from the last nice update), I was reading comments and listening to demos. I think one point has not been checked and discussed yet enough, and it's what makes this VI so special to me: the Physical Modeling approach, enabling a set...
  11. Sean Beeson

    FS: Samplemodeling Trumpet, Horns, Tuba, Trombone.

    Selling my copies of The Trumpet, The Tuba+Horns, and The Trombone. Trumpet, Tuba, Horns are all Kontakt versions, so we would have to transfer via Native Instruments for those. The Trombone is the older proprietary engine and hasn't been updated to V3 yet. Email me at...
  12. Saxer

    Moving Grid - Big Band Fusion

    Saxes are real Trumpets, Fluegelhorn and Trombones: Samplemodeling & Windcontroller Piano: Pianoteq Bass: Trilian Drums: XLN Addictive Drums