samplemodeling brass

  1. Vincent Martin

    My first song (and last one ?) - SWAM Woodwinds and SampleModeling Brass

    Hi, out of the dozens of musical composition sketches and the few I've completed so far, here is one and the only one song I had in mind. Besides, I had the idea of the music 14 years ago but only recently found existing suitable lyrics. English subtitles are available : Clarinets, flute and...
  2. Geocranium

    CLOSED Sample Modeling Trumpet v3

    Looking to sell my copy of The Trumpet v3 Price is $100 (~84€) Because this is a resale, this license transfer can only happen once as noted by the SM devs. So once sold this cannot be resold.
  3. H

    The Red Order - Orchestral Schore

    A fantasy style orchestral track intended for an upcoming game soundtrack music library package. Critique is welcomed! I did not want to go all in on a church bell so I ended up using a small bell sound (crotales), I think it gives a better effect since I want a more fantasy than christian feel...
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