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    Keepforest : AizerX Trailer Toolkits - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 73 - Keepforest : AizerX Trailer Toolkits More information on AizerX Trailer Toolkits ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    Performance Samples : Con Moto Cellos - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 72 - Performance Samples : Con Moto Cellos More information on Con Moto Cellos ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    Rob Papen : Go2 Synth - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 71 - Rob Papen : Go2 Synth More information on Go2 Synth ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    Keepforest AizerX review, news, updates, freebies & Maggie Thatcher!

    Who cares about the royal nuptials when there's a bumper Samplecast to enjoy. This week's show is a buffet of sample library and plugin goodies with news, updates, bargains, freebies, unknown gems and a review of "AizerX Trailer Toolkits" from Keepforest. There's also a neat tip at the end of...
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    Audiobro : Genesis Children's Choir - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 71 - Audiobro : Genesis Children's Choir More information on Genesis Children's Choir ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    Con Moto Cellos Dissected - plus lots more - Samplecast #72 is LIVE

    Hey there, Time was tight this week so the Samplecast is a little bit shorter than usual. However, I've still managed to squeeze in news, bargains, freebies and a review of Performance Samples' Con Moto Cellos. Aside from Samplecast stuff, I've been busy with writing and video work, including a...
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    Genesis Choir & Go2 synth reviewed plus loads more - Samplecast #71 is LIVE!

    My goodness, I really needed that break. Now I'm back there seems to be more sample library and plugin action than ever. Since I've been off for a couple of weeks this show is a bit of a catch-up but there's still lots of fresh news, updates, bargains and freebies. This week's Big Reviews are...
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    Spitfire Audio : Hans Zimmer Strings - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 70 - Spitfire Audio : Hans Zimmer Strings More information on Hans Zimmer Strings ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    Damn! I forgot to even post this... Samplecast #70 now live

    With all the HZ Strings drama this month, I forgot to write a post about the actual show! So sorry. Recently, I've been involved with the releases of Clouds and Trailer Xpressions II and have been working on a few other cool things which I'll tell you about in next week's newsletter. Episode 70...
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    Give Spitfire a chance? Or not?... Samplecast review now LIVE

    I've been playing with Hans Zimmer Strings (yes, that again) over the weekend with a view to including a full review in this week's Samplecast. Quite frankly, it is full of bugs and inconsistencies. So I posed a question on facebook this morning about reviewing buggy libraries straight out of...
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    Scoring Synths sliced open, plus lots more... Samplecast #69 is live

    Greetings... It's been another hugely busy week over at Samplecast HQ. This week I've been producing videos for Red Room Audio, Kirk Hunter and a few other companies that I can't talk about just yet. I was really looking forward to trying out Audio Ollie's Scoring Synths for this week's big...
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    This week has been a huge struggle... but somehow Samplecast #68 is LIVE!

    This week has been a huge struggle... As anyone who's self employed knows, there's simply no allowance for being ill. Deadlines have to be met and work completed. Such has been the case for me this week as I've been really sick and struggling to keep things afloat. Nevertheless, I've been...
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    Spitfire, snow and samples... Samplecast #67 is LIVE!

    Wouldn't it be nice if the British weather was a bit more predictable? Despite being the first day of spring, the UK has been plunged into sub-zero temperatures this week. As is customary with more than a dusting of snow, the transport system then ground to halt. As a result I missed Spitfire's...
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    Modwheel : Waveskimmer - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 66 - Modwheel : Waveskimmer More information on Waveskimmer ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    Sound Aesthetics Sampling: Autumn Choirs - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 65 - Sound Aesthetics Sampling: Autumn Choirs More information on Autumn Choirs ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    I'm so tired of all this...

    Zzzzzz... I'm basically asleep thanks to working on a huge number of projects over the last few days, but it was great to take a "break" and put this week's Samplecast together. It's another packed show with some big releases from Sonokinetic, Spitfire, Output and UVI. Despite trying out all...
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    I've struggled back from LA... so it's time for Samplecast #65

    This week's show seems to be all about ethnic libraries as there are loads of different ones released this week. From Sample Logic's Expeditions to Rast Sound's Sounds of Morocco, here are loads of options for scoring the world. Hopefully I'll be able to help you sort the good from the bad. One...
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    Audio Imperia : Jaeger - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 64 - Audio Imperia : Jaeger More information on Jaeger ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    WORLD FIRST review of Jaeger (Audio Imperia) plus loads more...

    Thanks to Audio Imperia I was able to check out their new orchestral library Jaeger and it's this week's Big Review in episode 64 of The Samplecast. Of course, there's the usual news, updates and bargains too. Youtube video below and extended podcast HERE Featured this week: Recirculate –...
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    You complained so I changed things... Samplecast #63 is LIVE!

    Happy New Year, It's a new season of The Samplecast and with it I've introduced a few changes, the main one (and highly requested) is audio snippets of each of the libraries / plugins I'm talking about. So the video show will be slightly longer each week, but hopefully more useful. As ever...
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    85% off Soundiron MARS Choir and 5 other instruments

    This latest APD offer is WAY too good to pass up... 85% off a bundle of stellar Kontakt instruments from Soundiron Sampling including their incredible MARS Symphonic Mens Choir. Now just $99 To be honest the choir alone would be a great deal, but this package also includes: The Struck Grand...
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    Balkans, bargains and bell-ringing cats... Samplecast #62 is LIVE!

    Greetings, It's been such a busy week for me with videos and music to make. I've been producing a couple of walkthrough videos for Sonokinetic's new brass library and an incredible FIVE videos for the new orchestral collection from Red Room Audio. Somehow I've also managed to put this week's...
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    Now that's just typical... Samplecast #61 now LIVE

    Grrrr, I'm absolutely fuming this week as literally a few minutes after I decided to release the show, EastWest decided to delay their release of Hollywood Choirs by a week due to some last-second bug fixing... so just ignore that bit of the show. Apart from that screw up, there's still lots to...
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    Sound Yeti - Collision FX - The Samplecast review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 59 - Sound Yeti - Collision FX More information on Collision FX ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    25% off (almost) everything at Impact Soundworks

    Impact Soundwork's Black Friday deals begins today... RIGHT HERE 25% off storewide on (almost) everything including bundles, plugins and libraries. You already know how great these products are so dive in.
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    Loopmasters cinematic packs 50% off

    All of Loopmaster's 50% off cinematic deals in one place just HERE You want a personal recommendation?... The Cinetools packs are all very useful and my favourite is "Otherworld" Loopmasters also have a heap of other packs and sounds for 50% off, more geared up to dance / EDM but have a browse...
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    Fluffy Audio - Dominus Choir - The Samplecast review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 58 - Fluffy Audio - Dominus Choir More information on Dominus Choir ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    Toontrack - Superior Drummer 3 - The Samplecast review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 56 - Toontrack - Superior Drummer 3 More information on Superior Drummer 3 ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    Rob Papen - RP Verb 2 - The Samplecast review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 55 - Rob Papen - RP Verb 2 More information on RP Verb 2 ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    Divergent Audio Group - Chordscape - The Samplecast review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 53 - Divergent Audio Group - Chordscape More information on Chordscape ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    Magical EQ or snake oil? I've made my decision.

    Hey Controllers, As creator of The Samplecast I get a hell of a lot of sample libraries and plugins thrown at me and they all have marketing blurb which shouts that they're the "next big thing" or "groundbreaking". I always hesitate when phrases like that are thrown around. A fortnight ago I...
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    Season Finale - Samplecast #60 goes out with a bang

    Greetings lovely VI people, Firstly a huge thank you to everyone that's supported the show over the last season, and indeed during the last couple of years. To all the composers, contributors and everyone who gives me feedback... I really couldn't do it without you. There'll be a short hiatus...
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    78% off Solo Woodwind bundle from Auddict

    This has got to be one of the biggest deals of the month! I've done quite a bit of work for Auddict over the years and they've always been great guys and responsive to my comments and suggestions. This deal won't be around for long... 78% off “Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle” by Auddict - now just...
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    Collision FX reviewed - and loads more in Samplecast #59

    Hello Controllers... It's been a hectic week for me but I've somehow managed to pump out another Samplecast. This week the main review is @SoundYeti Collision FX - there's also loads of news, bargains, freebies, updates and unknown gems. Grab the podcast for the extended show with more chat and...
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    Samplecast #58 : Dominus choir reviewed - plus loads more

    Greetings VI Crew, This week's show is all about choirs and pianos. There's a big review of Fluffy Audio's new Dominus choir and lots of odd little piano libraries. I've also managed to pin down composer Matt Hawken who exposes his secrets for writing Studio Ghibli style tracks - that's on the...
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    So many freebies and bargains in this week's show. Samplecast #57 out now.

    Hey there Controllers, This week's show is small but perfectly formed. The highlights for me are the excellent free libraries from Best Service, iZotope and Eventide. There are also some great bargains to be had - especially for people who need trailer and hybrid scoring sounds. Enjoy...
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    Feel Superior with Samplecast #56 - now LIVE

    Hey Controllers... It doesn't seem like five minutes since I put the last show together and yet here's another one. 7 days roll around quickly at my age. The highlight of this week's show is undoubtedly Superior Drummer 3 by Toontrack. Back in May I was invited to Belgium to audition this...
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    Samplecast #55 now live - with RP Verb 2 review and much more

    Hey Controllers... Sorry about the lack of a "proper" show last week. I simply didn't have the time to put it together. I hope you enjoyed the newsletter as a replacement. This week it's back to normality with an extra-long show. This has been one of my favourite episodes to put together, with...
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    FREE VST & Samples : This month's list...

    Love freebies? Me too. The new edition of The Samplecast's FREE VST compilation is now live. Over 15 different sample libraries and plugins featured all available for sweet Fanny Adams. Go get em & subscribe to the show if you like what you see... Products featured: Thunder X3M Taiko -...
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    Finally I can spill the beans... Samplecast #53 now LIVE

    Hello Controllers... I've been sitting on a secret since May and this week I can finally reveal it - phew! Thanks to Toontrack I was invited to a special preview event a few months ago to hear Superior Drummer 3 in action. Since then I've been sworn to secrecy but in this week's show I can...
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    IK Multimedia - Syntronik - The Samplecast review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 51 - IK Multimedia - Syntronik More information on Syntronik HERE The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    Better than Michael Giacchino‏? Judge for yourself! Samplecast #52 is LIVE

    This week's Samplecast features an interview with composer @BenjaminSquires who has shot to internet fame with his awesome Spiderman theme mock-up. Check it out HERE With over a million views on YouTube (and counting), many commenters are saying that it's better than Giacchino's own theme for...
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    We're back - Samplecast #51 is LIVE - with Syntronik review

    Welcome back to the show! First off, a massive "thank you" to everyone who has been in touch over the last few weeks. Don't worry - I haven't died - I just took a little time off to recuperate and catch up on some other projects that have been simmering away for a while. This week's main review...
  44. reutunes

    Chris Hein Horns for 66% off!

    Hey Controllers... For me, Chris Hein Horns has always been one of those libraries that everybody talks about but I've never been able to justify at the price point. However, now it's 66% off at €169 over at VST Buzz - so there's no excuse not to pick it up. 24 GB of horn solos and sections...
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    Cinematique Instruments - Ensemblia 2 Percussive - The Samplecast review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 50 - Cinematique Instruments - Ensemblia 2 Percussive More information on Ensemblia 2 HERE The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    Sonuscore - The Orchestra - The Samplecast review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 49 - Sonuscore - The Orchestra More information on The Orchestra HERE The Samplecast YouTube show ►
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    PRIZE DRAW: 50 Sample Libraries up for grabs to celebrate Samplecast #50

    Hey Controllers... I've pulled out all the stops for our 50th episode. Firstly, a massive thank you to everybody who has supported the show - especially if you've followed my exploits from the very beginning. To celebrate this milestone, Sonokinetic have kindly agreed to give away FIFTY copies...
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    WORLD FIRST review of "The Orchestra" by Sonuscore... plus lots more in Samplecast #49

    Thanks so much to Best Service for getting me a pre-release version of The Orchestra to play with. It's this week "Big Review" at 4:18 in the show - I give a thorough workout. There's also plenty of news, bargains and developer updates. You can hear the extended show on the podcast - which also...
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    ASTOUNDING DEAL - $1 for a year of NOIIZ & all Samplephonics libraries for €99

    This week's VST Buzz deal is live - and quite simply a no brainer in my opinion... 18GB of Kontakt libraries from Samplephonics PLUS a year's access to Noiiz - where you can download every one of their samples from any of their many many packs. There's WAY too much content to list here but you...
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    Sampletraxx MEMORIES now half off - just €19 for a limited time

    Sampletraxx seem to have a habit of knocking down individual libraries to bargain-basement prices every now and again. This week they've knocked 50% off MEMORIES and it's just €19 for the next few days. Check it out HERE. Here's some blurb from the Sampletraxx website with a video example too...
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