1. D

    What in the WORLD is this sample/instrument from, even?

    There's a certain monster in a game I play, called My Singing Monsters (a game where the characters make vocal & instrumental sounds). It makes an instrument sound i'm REALLY curious about. I believe it comes from a VST library or sample library, and wonder if anyone recognizes the sound (...
  2. Amusics

    Afflatus Brass Demo and Walkthrough

    Hey Everyone! I know there is has been some interest in @StrezovSampling 's new Afflatus Brass Library. They asked me to make a demo track for them. After I made the track I made a walkthrough of it and talk a bit about what I used from the library to get this sound. See what you think!
  3. Emanuel Fróes

    Composers LIVE COMPOSING: audiences opinion, and The Guide!

    What do the hobby AND professional audience think about live composing streams or live composing "log" videos? - dos - don´ts - suggestions - best and worse examples - visual settings? Some questions: 1. Can you follow it along just by ear? 2. Does the composer needs to talk or not? 3...
  4. fan455

    I am working on a piano synthesis project

    Hi folks. In this thread I want to share with you the progress in my piano synthesis project. I am a fan of pianos. However, my idea of synthesizing piano sounds grew a year ago when I was not so satisfied with the sounds of pianos and thought piano synthesis using DSP technologies would create...
  5. Kenneth Malm

    What samples/plugins are used for modern pop music?

    I'm looking for some tips on some good sample libraries/plugins that gives you those drum hits, snares, hi-hats and other sounds that you commonly hear in todays pop music playing in the radio for example. I'm mainly looking for what a producer might use to make the underlying rhythm or drum...
  6. PalmBeachComposer

    Cubase Template Creation & Balance Tips

    Hi all. I've done it. I've finally built the courage to get off logic pro x and begin my descent to Cubase 12. I've been looking at previous posts here on the forum for tips and advice for pre-balancing my orchestral template mix! What are some good reference tracks that you like to use for...
  7. ChrisSiuMusic

    My Favourite Sample Libraries of 2022

    Hey friends, I wanted to give a shoutout to some of my favourite libraries (and developers) of this year. Some of these include: - Atomic Big Band (Straight Ahead Samples) - Atelier Series (Musical Sampling) - Lumina 2.0 (ProjectSam) Here's a short demo going over these patches and more...
  8. sinewave

    What type of sample library do you want next?

    I'm curious about what sample libraries composers are wanting next for their toolbox! GO!
  9. Draco Solis

    When you recognize samples in a song...

    I've been rather curious about this for a while and want to ask now. But when you can recognize the samples or virtual instruments in a song, how do you generally feel about it? I'm not talking about when you can tell that the song is using, say, a sampled orchestra instead of a real one. I mean...
  10. GL Studios

    CLOSED SOLD Native Instruments - Backyard Jams, Glaze

    Native Instrument expansion and play series: Backyard Jams Expansion for $10 Glaze for $10 PayPal - Thanks
  11. GL Studios

    CLOSED SOLD Native Instruments Expansion: QueensBridge Story for $10 USD

    Selling Native Instruments expansion "QueenBridge Story" for $10 USD. Great for Hip Hop. Transfer ID in hand ready for quick sale! PayPal Thanks for checking.
  12. GL Studios

    CLOSED SOLD Native Instruments Expansion: Neon Drive for $10 USD

    Selling Native Instruments expansion "Neon Drive" for $10 USD. Great for Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and more. Transfer ID in hand ready for quick sale! PayPal Thanks for checking.
  13. GL Studios

    CLOSED SOLD Native Instruments - Soul Sessions for $20 USD

    Selling Native Instruments "Soul Sessions" for $20 USD. Great for Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Pop and more. Transfer ID in hand ready for quick sale! PayPal Thanks for checking.
  14. Amusics

    Kontakt GUI Designer

    Hey, I'm a bit new to the sample development game. Previously I just had stuff developed internally for my own use. Does anyone have recommendations for good GUI designers? ~Andrew
  15. Paul Thiébaut

    "Disabling" Cineperc Timpani Roll Final Hit ?

    Hey everyone, So there's this thing I can't seem to wrap my head around. I'm trying to tweak the Cineperc timpani rolls to "disable" the final hit of the sample in order to play another note instead. This would come in really handy when for example you're playing a cadence (in C major) with...
  16. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Expressive Series - Kunst Audio

    Hey friends! So Kunst Audio recently released their debut offering: Expressive Violin. Designed for lyrical, expressive, and passionate melodies, this true legato instrument promises to deliver a punch of emotion to any exposed performance for the violin. What are your thoughts? They just...
  17. Emanuel Fróes

    EW Opus Edition ORQ: Incomplete Articulation Sets for Logic PRO, or You Should YOU do the Work?

    Are you satisfied with Opus KM built in articulation settings? It is wonderful that they added the sets in Logic Pro automatically. HOWEVER: we have to still set a lot of instruments in order to FULLY USE the product in its basic functionality (namely: being rich of art.). My thought on this...
  18. jrrshop

    Up to 80% off SSL, Serato, and IK Multimedia

    30% off SSL X-Gate, now $89.99 instead of $129: 30% off Serato Sample, now $69 instead of $99: 80% off IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik 2, now $99 instead of $499...
  19. P

    EU law on Digital Content +Licenses ; Help needed please

    Hi there, I have not posted in a while as been unwell . Anyway, looking for some advice for people a lot smarter and clued up than I am about these things. I recently bought a license from Sample Creator , for my Yamaha Keyboard. It...
  20. ChrisSiuMusic

    What discounts do you expect from 'Complete Your Collections'?

    Hey everyone! I'm curious to know: what do you typically expect in terms of bundle discounts, when it comes to online digital products (sample libs, courses, etc)? For example, let's say a developer has 5 products. They offer the complete bundle at one price, but if you already own one product...
  21. audioperceptionmusic

    Hello from Los Angeles

    Hello from Los Angeles everyone!! Home of the Super Bowl Champs - LA Rams!! My name is Jason. My company, Audio Perception Music, makes... music!! Surprise! Lol. Yes, we do a lot of that, but we also develop some super handy dandy, super affordable percussion sample libraries in Kontakt...
  22. ChrisSiuMusic

    Spitfire Appassionata Strings - First Look!

    Hey friends! In today's video, we'll take a look at Spitfire's newest string library, Appassionata Strings, along with a short demo. Enjoy!
  23. giacecco

    Wittner sound samples

    Hi All, to create some atmosphere in a lofi track, I would like to add the sound of a classic Wittner pyramidal wood mechanical metronome to it, almost as one of the percussive elements. The least I expected is that it was hard to find a recording of it. My guess is that Wittner is jealous of...
  24. ChrisSiuMusic

    Is This the Best Jazz Trombone on the Market? The Eminent Trombone!

    Hey friends! In today's video, we'll explore Straight Ahead Samples' newest library, The Eminent Trombone. Using their Smart Delay concept, how does it fare? Let's dive in!
  25. M

    What's the best VST acoustic guitar for rock?

    I've looked after all kind of guitar VST's on the web and found some nice ones, but i'm abit uncertain what VST would fit for my production! Amplesound guitars, orangesamples and more so many choices! I would also like to hear what your favorite VST guitars are!
  26. Desertanu

    Strange Issue with Legato during playback

    I have a horn line that transitions from Long to Legato, but it seems to be playing incorrectly. (The specific part is around 2-3 seconds in each video). However, if I start the playback from the place where the line starts, it plays correctly. Is there anything I can do to make it play...
  27. J

    Help Me Find The Sample Library!

    Hi, does anyone know about this sample library, just listen to this beat so you know which harp sample library was used?
  28. dman007

    Seeking a sample library for a particular instrument

    Does anyone know of a sample library (or VST instrument) with a Buleador? I've been looking but have not found one so far. I'm also interested in any libraries that have realistic congas and a guiro. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  29. fan455

    Can someone help me render this piano midi on better piano libraries?

    Hi, I am considering buying a great piano vst library. I currently own Gentle Keys by Splash Sound. I purchased it for $58 and it has a nice dreamy tone with an optional smooth synthetic strings layer, but the dynamics are a bit small since it's sampled from an upright piano and is less than 1...
  30. nuyo

    Are there more Sample Libraries recorded at sony scoring stage ?

    Are there more Sample Libraries recorded at the sony scoring stage ? EDIT: Not CineSamples.
  31. Leo Brennauer

    Transient samplelibrarys?

    Good afternoon everyone, I happen to find myself in this situation quite frequently and wanted to share these thoughts, 'cause I'm curious what you think or how you feel about it: You find out, that there is a great library, which you haven't already got. Now the process starts: You listen to...
  32. J

    Wondering if this is saxophone?

    Hey, I like the sound of the instrument in 0:03 and then in 0:09, doing beautiful lick Is that a saxophone? or any other instrument? Which kontakt library or vst could give me similar effect to this one? Thanks ;)
  33. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Most Romantic String Library! What do you use?

    Hey everyone! Today’s video is definitely a passion project - the most romantic string library! We’ll do a comparison of my 3 favourite libs for romantic string lines, and feel free to let me know what your choices are, and what you use. Enjoy!
  34. P

    BBC SO and BBC Abbey Road - Heavy Cpu use - Advice ?

    Hey , I had a look around but because the Thread on both these products is 100 pages long, I did not find an answer - Basically , I really love these two libraries- I have the Pro of SO and Abbey Road Foundations , but am finding them to be EXTREMELY cpu hungry. (Windows 10) Running off an...
  35. Pecchan

    My custom String Library - presentation video

    Hello! Here is presentation video of how we put together a custom sample instrument "Bethany" made from the strings of Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. The instrument is a playable texture-generator with randomized aleatoric elements. Bethany is not for sale - this is not an advertisement but...
  36. frogcitysamples

    Frog City Samples: Studio Vibes - intimate Musser M55 vibraphone sample instrument

    Hello again, straight off of last week's release, I am proud to introduce STUDIO VIBES, an intimate sounding Musser M55 vibraphone sample instrument for use with Kontakt. It features sustained, bowed, and staccato articulations. Includes close and room mics. Recorded in a well treated studio...
  37. A

    I am looking this "hey!" shout?

    Hello guys, I'm new in here :) I wanna ask is there any female vocal shout sample pack that similar to these? The shouts start at 2:14-2:25 Thank you :)
  38. J

    What is that mallet/bells or whatever it is?

    Hey, I really like the sound of that instrument. It may be some mallet, bells. What libraries, vsts do you recommend to get the sound of that example? Please let me know. ;) (3:44)
  39. Sam44

    Sample Libraries for Jazz Music

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for sample libraries to create jazz music, and mock up my compositions. I have been looking at Chris Hein Horns, Project Sam Swing More, Mojo 2 Horns, and Straight Ahead Jazz Horns. What libraries do you all recommend? Have you used any of the libraries mentioned...
  40. Sonixinema

    Sonixinema: Piano Textures - Download for free!

    Hey everyone - We recently released a new library, Piano Textures - a free virtual instrument for Kontakt featuring an intimately recorded Upright Piano which has been twisted, mangled and warped in to a wide array in cinematic sounds. Featuring 8 custom presets ranging from a warm and delicate...
  41. rmak

    Orchestral vst recommendations for hybrid/experimental modern orchestral/film score

    Greetings everyone, I am new to this forum and posted in the wrong discussion channel. I thank you for taking the time to read this post and appreciate any input you may have. I like Ludwig Göransson music in Mandalorian and new movie Tenet; I also like scores like Bear McCreary in the show...
  42. RRBE Sound

    Recomendations for Celtic/Medieval/Viking-ish Samples?

    Hello everyone, So I am about to start a very cool project which involves the sound of the Viking-ish era. However, I am not looking for the ''epic'' sound of Game of Thrones etc. but a more chilled/down to earth sound! :) Therefore, I am wondering if some of you might have some...
  43. M

    New Sample Library Wiki

    Hello guys, i'm here to share about a project that recently started with some guys, is about a wiki with all type of information about sample libraries, since the old ones (from 80s-90s) to recent ones in all type of formats. For now it has some articles, and still growing. Also, it has a...
  44. Anderson Márquez

    Quiero Hacer Videos Demos Dame La Oportunidad

    Hola buenas noches mis amigos mi hermano es Anderson Márquez 🎹 soy tecladista y quisiera saber si alguna empresa me da la oportunidad de probar sus samples, plugins e instrumentos virtuales. Acá les dejo mis trabajos realizados un fuerte abrazo 🤗 Mis trabajos realizados como productor y...
  45. b_elliott

    Music for the distant inner space

    De-escalate uses SoundDust's StringPool, Prepared Pianet; Acoustic Samples Free (Vibes, Bass) and OT Tableau strings. Edit = added arco + tremolo vibraphones from UVI Orchestral Suite and reversed the prepared piano track.
  46. H

    Independent Sample Library/ Music Plugin Manufacturers Directory (In-Progress)

    Sample/ plugin Directory in-progress! Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well! Greetings from Ireland! I created this a few weekends ago; it struck me that there was a public spreadsheet created of musicians who were available for remote recording, however nothing had yet existed to support...
  47. Dave Hilowitz

    Trying out Apple’s new Sampler plug-in + FREE SAMPLE LIBRARY

    Apple has a new sampling plugin called Sampler; it comes as part of Logic 10.5. In this quick video, I give the new plugin a spin, and use it to create an EXS version of my Box Violins Sample Library.
  48. Vesuvius

    Which Piano to Get?

    Hello, This is my first time posting, so I hope this is in the right place. Anyway, I'm looking at expanding my piano libraries. I currently have sonivox 88 ensemble, and I am looking at both NI Noire, and Emotional Piano. I'm a classically trained composer with an interest in film music, so...
  49. M

    What orchestral templates cover and how to arrange it?

    Hi everyone, i'm quite new in here, probably my first post. I was searching for the most suitable orchestral template for my workflow (Cubase 10 Artist + MBP 2015 16gigs ram and i7) but probably heavy load of samples or something else, quite staggering to work. I mostly use Spitfire Symphony...
  50. Bluemount Score

    Combining developers - what would YOUR perfect orchestral sample library consist of?

    For me, this would probably be... Room tone and mics from BBCSO Legato engine, dynamic range and crossfading from Cinematic Studio GUI from the NI Symphony Series Articulation management from Orchestral Tools Capsule Number of articulations similar to SA Chamber Strings (I guess more is always...
  51. ChrisSiuMusic

    Writing A Trailer Track With 100% Free Orchestral Sample Libraries.

    Happy Thursday everyone! In today's video, let's do something awesomely fun and write a track from scratch using 100% free sample libraries! Please enjoy :D
  52. ChrisSiuMusic

    Composing With Audio Imperia's NUCLEUS (Orchestral Ballad)

    Good morning friends! If you've ever wondered how Audio Imperia's Nucleus works and what styles it can cover, I just uploaded a video featuring the softer, more intimate side of the library. I hope this is at least somewhat helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  53. gohrev

    Little Fantasy to hone my Cubase/EastWest skills

    I would be very grateful for some feedback, in particular in regard to how I work the EW Hollywood samples and the overall balance of the orchestra :) Getting a decent sound out of EW HW is hard, but sadly I don't have the budget to order Spitfire or Berlin. Maybe some day! Cheers, -B87 PS...
  54. Anevis

    8Dio Majestica

    I've looked at 8Dio what they have to offer for BF and discovered their orchestra Majestica that is on sale for $176 I think. I already own one of their strings library (Agitato Sordino Strings) and I find them very good. Since Majestica is more that 60% off I kind of want to buy it. They have...
  55. ChrisSiuMusic

    Herman Samples - Frozen Piano (Reviewed)

    Hey everyone! Today we'll be taking a look at Herman Samples' newest library: Frozen Piano. Please enjoy!
  56. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinesamples - Taylor Davis Violin (Reviewed)

    Hey friends! Today we'll be reviewing a wonderful new library from Cinesamples, featuring video game violinist herself Taylor Davis. Please enjoy!
  57. gohrev

    How to work with EW templates?

    Good day everyone, after lurking for months, I decided there is no better place to ask my question. I very recently got into VSTs and decided to go with EW's Composer Cloud for now. It's affordable and, IMHO, a great way to 'get into things'. I first made the rookie mistake of loading a single...
  58. MoeWalsaad

    KONTAKT : Purge/Reload samples using Midi Messages?

    Hello, I wonder if there is a way in Kontakt where I can set a (midi CC/ or a MACRO, or a script) that can Purge samples, update sample pool, and reload samples. My goal is to optimize resource whenever I need by loading/unloading the samples needed very quickly. Any tips/suggestions around...
  59. dman007

    Orchestral Percussion Sample Library

    Can anyone recommend a good but affordable orchestral percussion sample library? I'm particularly after a good xylophone, bells (high) and chimes.
  60. Sonixinema

    48 HOURS REMAINING - Brute Flute: Extended Techniques - £59 (Intro Price)

    Hi Everyone! We are extremely excited to announce our new library Brute Flute - Extended Techniques! Featuring a mighty Contrabass Flute, we captured a range of cinematic textures, harmonic embellishments and explosive articulations. The third release in our brand new Experiments range, this...
  61. ChrisSiuMusic

    Coming This Thursday...

  62. Sonixinema

    Abstract - Unique Cinematic Percussion - Intro Price £59

    Hi everyone, We are thrilled to announce Abstract, a unique steel percussion library for Kontakt. Recorded in exceptional detail and performed with a range of sticks, mallets, bows, this wonderful library features a range of abstract effects and articulations. This library was performed by...
  63. Fermile

    Ethnic library collection resolution

    Hi all, Recently I found myself searching for ethnic sounds like didgeridoo, pantam, irish flute and some more ethnic instruments... I decided I need some more information about the collections offered for comparison. After some research on this forum and other sources, I found out there are 3-4...
  64. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinesamples - Voices Of War (A Seriously Menacing Choir Library)

    Hey friends! Today let's discuss a new Cinesamples library called 'Voices of War'. This one focuses on Vikings, war, and even death, so it's perfect for those intense situations where you need a touch of darkness in your score. Enjoy!
  65. FrenchTubist

    Solo Tuba library

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a tuba library sampled with a very high quality. I have to write a mock-up with a solo Tuba and my libraries are useless for this job. Do you have any advices? Has anyone a good feedback for the tuba with the Vienna sample library or the east west Hollywood Brass...
  66. Fredeke

    How to mix a demo song for a sample library

    Hello everyone The question is in the title: how should I mix a song demo for a sample library ? Should I : - do a mere level balance, with no eq, reverb or compression - do a simple mix that sounds good enough, and brings out the samples a bit - do the absolute best master I can ? What is...
  67. Sonixinema

    Superball - Innovative evolving percussion intro sale - 24 Hours Left

    Hi Everyone, We are very excited to announce the release of Superball! An innovative evolving percussion library for Kontakt Performed by virtuoso percussionist Joby Burgess (Black Panther, Mission Impossible) Recorded by Emmy nominated Nick Wollage (Star Wars, Wonder Woman) Captured at the...
  68. ChrisSiuMusic

    My Favourite Sample Libraries for Cinematic Orchestral Music

    Hi fellow composers and producers! Due to popular request, I wanted to share with you today a detailed look into the libraries that I use in my everyday workflow, and how I use them. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!
  69. ChrisSiuMusic

    Berlin Woodwinds - A Blast From The Past

    It's been 6 years since the release of this beautiful library, and it still stands as one of the best woodwind libraries on the market today. Watching this preview brought me great inspiration, and I hope it does for you as well.
  70. Dave Hilowitz

    Video Tutorial: How to Make Decent Looping Samples + Free Musical Wine Glasses Kontakt Library

    In this video, I explore various techniques for making samples loop. First, I cover the options available within Kontakt, then I investigate external tools: LoopAuditioneer and WaveLab. At the end of the video, I put theory into practice by recording some musical wine glasses and making them...
  71. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinesamples: ancient bones

    Instant buy for me. Halloween theme coming out next Wednesday using this library.
  72. bfreepro

    Review: 8Dio Silka Choir

    This was the most difficult review yet as there is a lot of content to dig through, and I initially was wowed by the arcs. However we gotta take a look at everything included and all the aspects of using this library. Can it hold it's own to justify a $598 price tag AND offer enough content...
  73. Dave Hilowitz

    Video Tutorial: Creating a Kontakt Instrument from Start to Finish + FREE KALIMBA KONTAKT LIBRARY

    In this video, I show you the entire process of creating a Kontakt Sample Library in four steps: 1. Recording 2. Noise Reduction (using iZotope RX), Editing & Chopping (using Reaper) 3. Sample Layout 4. and finally: Music As part of the video, I sample a Kalimba I found in a thrift store and...
  74. bfreepro

    Review: Cosmos By Impact Soundworks!

    You guys asked for it in the poll so here it is! This one has a walkthru video as well, so be sure to check that out if you're on the fence about purchasing. NEXT UP: Silka Choir by 8dio!
  75. d.healey

    Tutorial: How to loop samples

    Hope this is useful to some of you:
  76. Norwayguy

    External Sample Editor or Kontakt's?

    Hello all. I'm about to have to set loop points for 1000s of samples. Is kontakt's sample editor best ? or is there a better external one that will work faster and more painlessly? Feel free to share your fave if you use an external. I am limited to macosx platform right now, but still...
  77. Sonixinema

    Sonixinema Announcement - Vlogs, Blogs and the Infinity Bundle!

    2018 has been a crazy year for Sonixinema! Not only have we opened our brand new sampling studio in London, we have also just launched our new website filled with blogs and weekly Youtube vlogs where we will be showing you exclusive behind the scenes footage of Sonixinema at work! Check it all...
  78. reutunes

    Audio Ollie : Scoring Synths - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 69 - Audio Ollie : Scoring Synths More information on Scoring Synths ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
  79. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  80. ChrisSiuMusic

    What’s One Tip You Would Share For A Faster Workflow?

    There’s thousands out there. But with limited resources, there’s plenty we can do within our softwares to speed up our workflow. This is my tip: Always batch re-save. I made a quick video explaining it for new users.
  81. M

    Creating my first Kontakt sample library - workflow, tools, advice?

    Hi everyone! I am building my first sample library - a wooden harp. I already recorded the harp in various ways and dynamics with Pro Tools. Now I need cut, clean, mix and master the samples and programm Kontakt. I have done this with smaller instruments before, but I did everything manually...
  82. magneto538

    Retrieve zone name

    I'm not sure if this question was posted before - the search option on this forum seems not to be working this morning. Perhaps this is a dumb question, but never had a chance to do this before. Is there any way to retrieve the file name of a played sample? I thought there was some function...
  83. IranG

    Library Loading and sample fallout

    From one day to the next, my Kontakt player now only loads one library at a time. For some, it stays at 0.00 MB and starts to load once it starts receiving MIDI information. Also, once everything is loaded, there's still a crackle/signal fallout when the MIDI performance starts. Everything was...
  84. dman007

    Which piano samples?

    Which piano samples virtual instrument and why?
  85. reutunes

    Extended podcast now available

    I've been getting a few requests to host the extended Samplecast podcast on YouTube (alongside the video show). As of last week that's exactly what I'll be doing. The podcast is just like the video show but it also includes full composer interviews, audio examples of all of the featured products...
  86. magneto538

    Wait for all the samples to be loaded (purge_group)

    Hi all, Is anybody aware of a way to check the status of each sample? I want to do something like "wait for the group to be loaded and then do something".
  87. G

    Bluegrass instruments libraries

    Can you guys recommend any good libraries/instruments for Bluegrass? I got RealiTones' RealiBanjo. And I've seen Boulder Sounds Banjo come up as a suggestion as well. But I'm also looking for some good Bluegrass-style upright bass, mandolin, and fiddle instruments.
  88. C

    Please delete

  89. reutunes

    BOOM! Bargains galore in this week's Samplecast #48 - plus news, freebies and updates

    Crash, bang, wallop...'s a new episode of The Samplecast. This week I'm showcasing 15 different products with news, bargains, freebies and updates. Sadly I didn't have time to complete a Big Review this week as it's been super busy doing videos for new products from Auddict and Sample...
  90. reutunes

    Native Instrument's THRILL review - plus news, bargains, tips & updates. Samplecast #47 out now

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful messages of support following my brief illness last week - you are all GREAT! It's back to work this week with a packed show featuring 12 different libraries and plugins. Is this the longest ever Samplecast show? This week's main review is Native...
  91. C

    Suggestions for "Nick Cave" Piano VST ?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a piano sample that sounds as close as possible to the piano heard in Nick Cave's song, "Rather Lovely Thing". Below is a link to an HQ YouTube vid of the song (the first 10 seconds of the intro will give you the idea)...
  92. keepforest

    Evolution: atlantica announced.. hybrid & trailer!

    Hey VI-Control :) We are happy to announce EVOLUTION: ATLANTICA - new forthcoming library, second part of our Evolution series. Teaser track is produced 100% with Evolution: Atlantica. We have carefully created and selected the most interesting articulations including new multilayer hybrid...
  93. MatthewHarnage

    HELP!! Looking for older sample libraries for older VGM Style

    I just got commissioned to score 60 minutes of a video game. They are looking for a score similar to this type of sound: I currently have lots of filmscore-esque libraries but can't seem to get this kind of old school "fake" VGM tone. I've tried using Halion Sonic inside Cubase, EWQLSOG...
  94. V

    Good Strings/Solo Strings Libraries with flautando??

    Hello, I am looking to buy a new Strings and Solo Strings Library (currently using EWQL Hollywood Strings). As EWQLHS has flautando and harmonics only in 2. Violins, I'm really interested in getting one with flautando patches in Violas and Celli as well, and maybe harmonics. Recorded con sordino...
  95. DanielOutro

    What types of sounds/instruments would you like to hear in a sample pack?

    There are a lot of sample packs with classic drum machines, synths and traditional instruments. Let us know what new sounds you think could be interesting or helpful in your productions! This includes: Genres Playing styles FX Moods
  96. calebfaith

    8DIO Majestica Review/Walkthrough

    Hi, I just recorded a review/walkthrough of 8DIOs Epic Orchestral Library Majestica. I would also like to say that I have not received anything from 8DIO to do this review and that I purchased the library myself. Here it is: - Caleb
  97. karelpsota

    New Website & FREE Sample-Pack

    Hey everyone :) I've spent the last two days putting my website site together. Would love to have your feedback. I also decided to share some sound design I made while I was in France. Its recordings from different objects I found in my dad's farm. I processed them heavily and...
  98. 1

    SOLD (Delete)

  99. StudioSpotlight

    VIDEO | VEPro 5 & 6 - Brief overview and loading time comparison

    ------------------------------------------- NEW FROM STUDIO SPOTLIGHT ------------------------------------------- In Studio Spotlight's first video, we look at the recently released Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, comparing the load times of a string section from EastWest's Hollywood Orchestra Gold with...
  100. P

    FS: VSL Dim Strings Full + Dim Brass 1 + Solo Strings Bundle: $1600 USD

    For Sale: VSL Dim Strings Full + Dim Brass 1 + Solo Strings Full $1700 USD for all three. I will pay the 10% VSL licence transfer fee. I'll send you my Vienna Key. I've already been in contact with VSL. I have way too many sample libraries. Payment via PayPal only please. Thank you. Paul...
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