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  1. G

    Sample Libraries in Use - Experimental Rock

    Howdy, I want to share a video I made outlining the sample libraries I used in a recent album I released. I let the song play through with text popups saying what sample libraries the instruments came from so that everyone can get a sense of what they might sound like in the context of (sort of)...
  2. K

    Kontakt Multi Script to assign notes in chord to different MIDI channels?

    Hi - I'm working with some Sample Modeling libraries (trumpet, trombone), and loving it, except for the fact that there's no way to turn off legato and get polyphony. For a situations where I just want a 3-note chord going "oom-pa", it's super annoying not to be able to at least sketch it on...
  3. aisch1212

    Audio Modeling vs Sample Modeling Strings Comparison.

    Hello. It is my first post. From 2 years ago, I've been purchasing and practicing most advanced virtual-acoustic instruments of this era: Audio Modeling SWAM series and Sample Modeling products. I've even developed my own breath controller and midi controllers to maximize playability of these...
  4. SwedishPug

    Sample Modeling Horn Setup?

    I bought the Sample Modeling Horn and I was wondering how people go about setting it up. It sound amazing in the demos but I don't know how to set it up. Any advice or tips? Thank you so much for helping me grow in my music production!
  5. I

    LOL - I mocked up John Williams 'Adventures on Earth' (Infinite Series + SM strings)

    Before you listen, please keep in mind: 1) I haven't sorted my mix out. I actually don't know how to. Still learning all that business. 2) I can't really read music, so copying 320 bars of absolutely furious John Williams' writing was fucking difficult. Transposing instruments can go fuck...
  6. I

    Brass Trio - Sample Modeling and VSCO 2

    Hi all, Here's a piece for Brass trio. Trumpet - Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2 French Horn and Trombone - Sample Modeling Brass Reverb: 2CAudio - Precedence and Breeze 2 Thank you for listening. All comments welcome.
  7. P

    Why on earth don't I have sample modeling brass yet?

    Well actually I think I have an answer after a night of scouring the web for demos: most of the demos i found are either not very helpful for the type of music I want to write with them right now (more traditional orchestral stuff) or they are simply horrible demos. Aside from a few short and...

    Cinematic Studio Brass vs Sample Modeling vs Angry Brass – Trailer Music Comparison

    Hey guys, I made another comparison video of CSB and Sample Modeling, and this time, Angry Brass. Three very different libraries, two highly esteemed, one free. This video features trailer-style music, with brassy horn ensembles, fast repeating trumpets, and low brass ostinati. For anyone...

    Sample modeling vs cinematic studio brass comparison

    Hey guys, I made a comparison video of CSB and Sample Modeling, two very different libraries, both highly esteemed. This video features just legatos in a lyrical setting. For anyone going between these two libraries or just curious how they compare, I hope this helps! Overall impressions: Very...
  10. S

    Gone But Not Forgotten - AKA another Sample Modeling Trumpet beat.

    I think the SWAM saxes and Sample Modeling Trumpet has become my sound. I keep bringing one or the other into every track. lol.
  11. amadeus1

    8 Top Brass Solo Libraries Compared

    Hi guys, Here's a comparison I just did on Brass Solo Libraries, the legato patch. VSL, 8Dio, Cinebrass, Spitfire, Berlin Brass, Hollywood Brass, Sample Modeling brass, and Symphony Series brass are compared with the legato patch. Thanks, Bill
  12. R

    My process for building realistic instrumental sections with SWAM and Sample Modeling instruments.

    I haven’t seen much chat here on using SWAM or Sample Modeling instruments in sections, and thought i’d pipe in with my process for anyone who might find it interesting. Over the last couple of months I’ve evolved my orchestral template away from sampled instruments to modeled instruments by...

    Sample Modeling Strings - Bartok Pizzicato

    Hi all, I just purchased all SM Strings and I love them. I noticed I can do a very great amount of things, what I can't do (or I don't know how to do) is the Bartok Pizzicato. Is there a way I don't know to perform this articulation? I can't find anything about it on the manual and I'm...
  14. antcarrier

    Electric Guitar + String Orchestra

    Hi Guys! I have just finished my latest composition, for an electric guitar and string orchestra. I am expanding from my prog rock/fusion background a bit, haha. After programming the orchestra over the guitar, I overdubbed a real violin over the top to add some realism. I hope you enjoy :) Jon
  15. N

    Walt Disney logo mock up

    Hey guys! I know it's been a while, but I did another mock up. Please check it out and comment. Thank you! Walt Disney logo mock up (1990-2006)
  16. robgb

    Excellent Cello VST Example

    I think, if done right, Sample Modeling strings blow everything else out of the water. Here's a great example I found on YouTube:
  17. F

    Sample Modelling Virtual Soundstage / Reverb Question

    Hey Guys, Love the forum, longtime lurker but this is my first post so please be gentle!! Apologies if this is in the wrong forum... I've just bought the Sample Modelling Horn and Tuba to round out my brass section (I can record all the others myself!) and I'm just wondering about the best way...
  18. R

    Sample Modeling Violin Demo: Solo Violin and SM Strings in sections.

    Cadenza (for an imaginary Concerto) - Rohan De Livera The articulations performed were realized with the corresponding controllers (in parenthesis) Martele (bow pressure), dbl and quad stops (poly dbl hold + pitch...
  19. 1

    SOLD (Delete)

  20. gurucomposer

    Sample Modeling Trombone Spikes CPU in Cubase

    Hi everyone. Has anyone else had this problem. The Sample Modeling Trombone is virtually unusable in Cubase, at least for me. It spikes the cpu just by playing one note, and my whole project starts stuttering uncontrollably. I have Mac Pro 2013 6 core, 64 gigs of RAM. Sample Modeling is being...
  21. LondonMike

    Help with Sample Modeling Brass

    I'm using SM Trumpet and Trombone 3 and loving them but... The keyswitch A#1 is assigned to a wah effect and latches on or off. This causes a problem when cycling because on the first cycle the KS will be activated and on the second cycle deactivated so I cannot get a consistent sound. Does...
  22. meradium

    Sample Modelling Brass and short notes

    Hello everyone, I'm seeking advice on how to get convincing sounding staccato or staccatissimo notes out of my SM Brass libraries. I am facing problems particularly when combining multiple instruments of the same family (say 3 trombones). What I get sounds a lot like phasing issues. I used...
  23. Lawson.

    Fitting Sample Modeling Brass with everything else

    I have had SM's Trumpet and Trombone for a while now. They sound great, but I can't seem to get them fitting into the mix, and have kind of put them aside for non-orchestral projects. Recently, I heard that insane Star Wars trailer mock-up that I'm sure you all have seen. Apparently the brass...
  24. O

    Mixing Sample Modeling brass (chamber pop)

    Hoping this is in the right forum - I've been working on this song (nb the vocals are rough): and I'm finding the brass difficult to mix - it's a combination of SM trumpet, trombone and a bit of french horn. I've rolled off a lot of top end (-6db or -12db from around 6khz), used different...
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