sample libray

  1. Clawrence

    Production Music Convention meetup?

    Any members here attending the PMA conference in a couple weeks? Looking to have a social meet up of VI members and talk shop/network. Any interested?
  2. Andrasia

    Managing and Creating your own Sample Library

    Hi There, I wanted to know what was your workflow to organize your own sample library. 'Cause I'm a bit lost, from year I collected sound that I've record or modified heavily . Usually I make them on the go when a project (mostly Trailer Music) need them (directly in the project session...
  3. David Donaldson

    A Psaltered Zither By MODWHEEL Released with Intro special

    I'm sure you've all been wondering "Where's MODWHEEL, what have they been up to lately, they've been very quiet?" Well we've been heads down, with the most wondrous metallic tones ringing in our ears...and it's time to spread that wondrous ringing far and wide. Today we are launching the A...