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  1. Samulis

    VSCO Pro Library Update 2.6: Now for Kontakt Player!

    Versilian Studios' Chamber Orchestra 2 Pro is back with Version 2.6! NEW! Now made for the free Kontakt Player as well as the full Kontakt. As a licensed library, it will also appear in your libraries tab for increased workflow! Over 90 unique instruments, all originally and faithfully...
  2. David Donaldson

    MODWEEL releases The Lowdown V2 - all things Double Bass

    Back in 2014 MODWHEEL released The Lowdown, our unique take on a double bass virtual instrument sample library for Kontakt. It was our first release and it's still our most popular, so a few months ago we decided it was time for a serious overhaul. It deserved it. After feedback from users and...
  3. Sibelius19

    Halflight Sampling 50% off bundle

    Hello Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that all of my sample libraries are now bundled for an affordable price on Kontakthub. It's 50% off at the present time: Thanks! --Erick
  4. JaikumarS

    Kontakt Library recommendation for scoring Animated Series

    I'm looking for Kontakt libraries other than the Project SAM's Swing, Swing More and Colours Animator for scoring animated series. Many of the Series already have used these libraries and overall sound of these shows have become too repetitive, and one cannot differentiate between the shows...
  5. David Donaldson

    MODWHEEL Releases Mystichord......It's out there

    Looks a bit like a vintage organ, sounds like something from another sphere. 21 Patches (plus 215 snapshots) of mind blending transcendence from alphaville to dreamville exploring the furthest dimensions of inner and outer space. Only $US29 Watch this tutorial and all will be revealed.
  6. SoNowWhat?

    Performance Samples - Legacy Collection

    Appears that Jasper is at his generous best. Bundled together the freebies of recent years into a single package. Available through Performance samples. Thank you again Jasper.
  7. Epicomposer

    Review: Gothic Instruments - Dronar Live Strings

    I recently had the chance of getting my hands on Gothic Instruments string-based ambience generator DRONAR Live Strings and gave it a proper test run. "DRONAR Live Strings is Gothic Instruments’ latest addition to the developer’s acclaimed DRONAR series of virtual instruments.Performed by the...
  8. A

    Make Living on Sample Libraries?

    This is a question to all sample-library devs out there: How difficult is it, to make a living on making sample libraries? I.e. on creating and programming virtual instruments and libraries. For example: How many paid downloads can I expect, if I release a new library? :-) I know, its a quite...
  9. C

    Spitfire: Evolution Series & London Contemporary Strings - Similar Libraries?

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for any any advice/recommendations for sample libraries that are similar to the Spitfire Evolution Series. More specifically, I am looking for similar sounding Woodwinds and Strings from the Evolution Series (and obviously the LCS library)...
  10. Vladinir

    News: SOLO Flugelhorn from CMP

    Cmusic Production has released the SOLO Flugelhorn Library for Kontakt.

    What is this guitar?

    I've never been exposed to guitars so don't know much. Is it acoustic or one of the many types of electric guitar? Can you recommend a library where I can get the sound closest to this? Another one that comes to mind is:
  12. d.healey

    **Simsimiyya: Released Today + Sale

    Our Black Friday and general festive period sale started today with 30% off everything until December 7th. We've also just released a brand new sample library, Simsimiyya. It's a traditional Egyptian lyre. The library contains two instruments, a selection of effects, Ebow drones, percussive...
  13. keepforest

    Evolution: Dragon by KeepForest [Trailer Music Tools]

    Hi Guys, We are happy to announce pre-order for Evolution: Dragon. Link: Evolution: Dragon - the first brand new instrument from our Signature series, produced by keepforest team, born out of insomnia, built around composer and sound designer Arseni...
  14. Sibelius19

    Deep Conjuring (50% off until Black Friday)

    Hi guys, I guess I'm doing my once every 90 days shameless self-promotion? Actually, I'm really happy about a new library I developed. I'm calling it "Deep Conjuring." You can check out a description at the link below (as well as audio examples and buy link)...
  15. d.healey

    The Haunted Music Box

    A free little Kontakt library for Halloween.
  16. d.healey

    *Released* O'Malley's Irish Whistles Sample Library

    Hi all, I'm happy to announce that today we have released another new Celtic instrument sample library: O'Malley's Irish Whistles. This library includes 5 instruments (NKIs) - D, C, Bb, Low D whistles + breaths and taps FX patch. The legato/sustain articulation has 2 RRs and the staccatos...
  17. Fab

    Do samples stack?

    Hey, first thread! Using modern kontakt sample libraries as an example, and one that has the room sound 'baked in'. Say I am using tree mic recordings, what it happening If I play C1 and C2 at the same velocity at the same time, specifically with regards to how the air gets agitated to make...
  18. InSessionAudio

    Fluid Strike: Tuned Percussion - Now Available w $70 Intro Discount

    Hello fellow VI Controllers! Here's the latest labor of love!: Fluid Strike: Tuned Percussion There is a $70 Introductory Discount between now and next Sunday. There are additional videos, a complete instrument list (with images) and other media at Thanks!
  19. P

    FS: VSL Dim Strings Full + Dim Brass 1 + Solo Strings Bundle: $1600 USD

    For Sale: VSL Dim Strings Full + Dim Brass 1 + Solo Strings Full $1700 USD for all three. I will pay the 10% VSL licence transfer fee. I'll send you my Vienna Key. I've already been in contact with VSL. I have way too many sample libraries. Payment via PayPal only please. Thank you. Paul...

    Spitfire Audio - Yamaha CS80

    Christian, Thoroughly enjoyed 'Creative Cribs' with Daniel Pemberton, great and inspiring video. For anyone interested, check out . Spitfire should definitely consider sampling Daniel's Yamaha CS80. Incredible sound.
  21. akox

    Origins of Audio: Summer Sale up to 50% off

    Hi all! We launched our first Summer sale with discounts that reach up to 50%! This offer will last till August 16th. Below you can find information about our products, and keep in mind that prices don't include VAT (where applied): Kontakt Library/Tools Dark Kalimba (50% off) - €20 (save €20...
  22. L

    Sonixinema scoring tools presents - 'Primal' for only £59.99

    Primal is a stunning new library from Sonixinema Scoring Tools. It features 10 glass and metallic instruments, 30 textures, 20 transitions and 20 percussion loops with over 1500 rhythmical variations. What makes this library so special is that it contains instruments that were invented for...
  23. toddkedwards

    Question about Cinebrass Pro Full Brass Ensemble - Low Chords patch

    Does anybody know what instruments the Full Brass Ensemble - Low Chords patch in Cinebrass Pro, is made up of? Is it Tuba, Trombone and Horn or just Tuba, and Trombone?
  24. RRBE Sound

    Composer Career ''Investment''?

    Dear Everyone, As I am new to this forum, I wasn't sure if this was the right topic to post in. But as my ''concern'' relate to all sorts of bits and pieces of ''gear'' I thought this should be okay. So to the main point. Some background: I come from Denmark, I am 23 years old and I have...
  25. EvgenyEmelyanov

    Atmosphere by Wavelet Theory

    Hey there. I would like to show you my first sample library. Atmosphere is an Extensive toolkit for film/game composers and musicians who need deep atmospheres for their projects. This library contains carefully recorded, ready to work instruments and designed pads, soundscapes, drones...
  26. PoweredPlugs

    Powered Plugs ARCHANGEL (130 Absynth 5 Presets)

    Hi Everyone! It's Ryan from Powered Plugs! I wanted to announce my newest library "Archangel" which is a collection of 130 presets for Absynth 5! (5.2.1) This pack is perfect for the film/game composer who needs cutting-edge sounds that don't fit the mold. Inside you'll find Pads, Drones...
  27. willbedford

    Granulate 2 Released - Introducing Fracture Sounds - 25% OFF

    Introducing Fracture Sounds I'm very pleased to announce my new company, Fracture Sounds. Ever since I started selling sample libraries on my personal website, the user-base has grown far beyond what I ever anticipated. Because of this, I've decided to keep my music portfolio and sample...
  28. LexDu

    Sample Library Demos by Lex Du

    Who: In my country, there are a lot of Alexanders. I mean a lot. So Lex is what people call me (no, not Superman's arch-nemesis). I think of myself as a futurist, an idealist and a constant work-in-progress 'till death do me part. What: I had and have the pleasure of collaborating with various...
  29. d.healey

    *Released* Dicky Deegan's Uilleann Pipes sample library

    Hi guys and gals, The second sample library in our Celtic instruments collection is now available. Main Features 5 NKIs: Standard D, Untamed D, Standard C#, Untamed C#, Bag & Bellows sounds. 3 Microphone positions Control over the volume of the individual pipes (drones, regulators, chanter)...
  30. 1


  31. Sample logic

    OUT NOW: MORPHESTRA 2 • Morphed Cinematic Orchestra

    INTRODUCING MORPHESTRA 2: 5.000+ Instruments / 26+ GB Virtual Instrument A modern day virtual instrument that transcends ANY morphed/effectual orchestral sample library ever created. Geared for film, TV, and game composers, MORPHESTRA 2 morphs together amazing psychoacoustic sampled symphonic...
  32. willbedford

    Singing Bowl sample library

    Hi all, I'm very happy to release this multisampled Tibetan Singing Bowl for Kontakt 5. (watch in full screen to see the user interface more clearly) This instrument was recorded in close stereo, and mapped across a playable range of four octaves. Two articulations were captured - sustains...
  33. olajideparis

    SNAP! Pizzicato Quartet Library $20 XMAS SALE - ENDS DEC. 25th - Walkthrough Video Added

    Our debut library SNAP! is now available until December 25th for the sale price of $20 (Regular price $30). SNAP! Features 2.8GB of content (uncompressed), featuring a dozen string quartet and sound design patches including: pizzicato, col legno and more. Requires full retail version of Kontakt...
  34. akox

    Dark Kalimba by Origins of Audio

    We are more than happy to announce our first Kontakt Sample Library, Dark Kalimba. It is a 9-tine Sansula from which we sampled a full two octaves (from G1 up to F#3). We used three different microphones (Brüel & Kjær, Beyerdynamic Vintage MPC-50 & Schoeps CMC64) in three different positions...
  35. toddkedwards

    Do you use any Reverb with the Albion series?

    I was just curious to see if anyone uses an additional reverb(s) with Albion I, One, II, III, IV? Or do you tend to use Albion's built in reverb? If so, what types of reverbs do you like to use with them? Currently in my template setup I use two reverbs for all instruments, that are sent with...
  36. Zhao Shen

    Buyer's Basic Guide to Orchestral Sample Libraries

    Buyer's Basic Guide to Orchestral Sample Libraries This thread will continue to be the main source for questions/comments/input on the guide. Post any of your concerns here!
  37. Zhao Shen

    OLD guide - please delete

    STATUS: STUB (WORK IN PROGRESS) - Adding descriptions when I can, the order in which I add descriptions is of no significance Hi guys, Looking back to when I was just starting out with virtual instruments, I realize that it took a LONG time to piece together the puzzle ("There are orchestral...
  38. Auddict

    Introducing Auddict and our Vocal Library "Ceres"

    Ceres features the soaring, ethereal vocals of singer, Tanya Wells. Tanya's flawless vocals have taken her performing at the Cannes Film Festival for Anoushka Shankar, opening for Joss Stone, as well as recording vocals for the 2014 movie "Hercules". Half price introductory sale...
  39. David Donaldson

    MODWHEEL releases Angklung - The Bamboozler

    MODWHEEL have just released Angklung - The Bamboozler. The Bamboozler is going out at an incredible introductory price of only US$15.00 This is the 3rd release in their Creative Differences series of drum and percussion libraries, after HUMDRUM (calfskin drum set) and The Bends (metal meets...
  40. Justin Miller

    Looking for Someone to Script a Drum Sample Library

    Hey guys, just finished recording a really cool drum set library with a well known drummer in a really huge warehouse. I'm already done chopping the samples up and organizing them into folders (all files named to auto map in Kontakt already). We are looking to polish it up Kontakt patches before...
  41. Justin Miller

    Looking for Someone to Script a Library

    Hey guys, just finished recording a really cool drum set library with a well known drummer in a really huge warehouse. I'm already done chopping the samples up and organizing them into folders (all files named to auto map in Kontakt already). We are looking to polish it up Kontakt patches before...
  42. willbedford

    Granulate - Black Friday Sale (20% off)

    UPDATE: 20% off until December 1st. Use coupon code - BLACK-FRIDAY ------ I'm very excited to announce the relaunch of Granulate, a tool for Kontakt 5 which allows any audio file to be imported and processed using a flexible granular synthesis engine. Granulate is available to download for...
  43. Treppenwitz

    String trills greater than WT

    Anyone know which string libraries do trills (NOT tempo-synched) greater than a whole-tone interval? The only ones I know of are Orchestral Tools: Symphonic Sphere. Can someone from OT confirm whether the new Berlin Strings EXP E (Effects) contains un-measured, non-tempo-synched trills greater...
  44. FrozenPlain

    Arctic Strings - New String Kontakt Library by FrozenPlain

    Arctic Strings I'm very pleased to announce the release of Arctic Strings. The library is for Kontakt 5.1+ and is designed for rich and lush sustained strings. Real recordings of a string ensemble are mapped across the whole keyboard – from basses to violins. It features flexible scripted...