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  1. omiroad

    For Sale FS: Orange Tree Evolution Steel Strings $59 (acoustic guitar library)

    I'm offering Evolution Steel Strings (Kontakt Player compatible) for $59. Payment is done through PayPal. Product page:
  2. P

    Let's talk about sample library reviews, demos, walkthroughs, and everything in between,

    I hate to be mean, but someone has to say it. Most sample library review videos on youtube are useless. There are exceptions, and I don't want to name names, but I can't be the only one who thinks this, surely? If you're going to make a sample library video on youtube, make it a demo or a series...
  3. P

    What are the frontiers of realism in sampling?

    I believe there are five main frontiers in orchestral sample library realism. Essentially, these are the big dead giveaways that you are hearing samples rather than the real thing. These five things still need improvement and will define future big innovations in future sample libraries. 1...
  4. P

    Why on earth don't I have sample modeling brass yet?

    Well actually I think I have an answer after a night of scouring the web for demos: most of the demos i found are either not very helpful for the type of music I want to write with them right now (more traditional orchestral stuff) or they are simply horrible demos. Aside from a few short and...
  5. Paul SAS

    Releasing Fragments - Fragile Organic Synths (Free/Pay a little if you want)

    Hey there, I am happy to announce Fragments, a free virtual instrument for Kontakt with various Organic Synth sounds, that have been created using various Synthesizers. Most of the sounds have movement within themselves so most of the time tune/pan/volume drift to achieve that fragile tone...
  6. Sonixinema

    30% off Hybrid Scoring Collection: Strings

    For our March Highlight we are offering 30% off Hybrid Scoring Collection: Strings! The first of it's kind, this library combines unique and intimate orchestral textures with modern stringed instruments, providing unparalleled inspiration. Designed to blur the lines between acoustic instruments...
  7. Akarin

    Revisiting Steinberg Iconica

    The last months have seen an increase in all-in-one orchestral libraries. The gamechangingoverhyped BBCSO, the who-needs-legatos-and-mics-and-articulations Nucleus, the next-level hybrid Novo-Forzo-Vento combo, the newbeginningoverhyped Spitfire Studio Orchestra, and so on. All of them trying to...
  8. F

    Importing AKAI Sample CDs into Halion.

    Hi there, Recently converted some of my old AKAI/EMU/Roland Sample CDs into isos for future use, Will its sound quality be different when I load them into Steinberg Hailion? Kontakt no longer lets you import AKAI Sample CDs in their newest verison
  9. will_m

    Splash Sound - Retrowave - Video Review

    Here's my video review of the new Retrowave sample library from Splash Sound.
  10. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Little Epic Percussion 3.0 on sale for $19

    Learn More: Little Epic Percussion is a splendid assortment of small orchestral and ethnic percussion instruments created to complement our existing collection of epic drums. This 3.0 upgrade opens up a new world of percussive possibilities...
  11. Soundiron Team

    How To Create Your Own Ambiences | Tips & Tricks

    Recording and sound-designing your own atmospheric drones, ambiences, and pads is a great way to give your music a personal touch. In this video Nathan Boler give you a few tips on how you can get started making your own ambiences from recording to post processing. Make sure to subscribe to...
  12. Patrik Herman

    Herman Samples - Frozen Piano - Available NOW!

    FROZEN PIANO - Sample Library for Kontakt Frozen Piano is a Kontakt sample library introducing a unique palette of sounds and brand new functionalities. It is a sampled, 61 years old upright piano, designed for layering purposes. FROZEN PIANO - Teaser & Walkthrough: Specs and interesting...
  13. Riot Audio

    Riot Audio releases Bowed Guitar Clouds - Cinematic Morphing Pads for Kontakt (with Intro Offer)

    Riot Audio has released BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS, a simple but powerful Kontakt virtual instrument for cinematic morphing pad sounds. Centred on recordings of bowed guitars, is the follow-up to the hugely successful Bowed Glass Clouds and will be available for £29 (regular price £49) until September...
  14. A

    Time Macro - Let's see more of this!

    I know this library has been out for almost a year now - but I feel like it's pretty underrated. Especially compared to all the evolution and motion libraries Spitfire has released. For my money, Orchestral Tools really hit a home run with this library. It was a bit left-field for them and I...
  15. P

    Sampled trombones...

    Is it just me, or does it seem like sampled trombones have never hit the mark the same way any of the other standard sampled orchestral brass instruments have? I mean, of course it's never the real thing and so on and so on, but to my ears it seems at least trumpets, horns, and to a lesser...
  16. Dave Hilowitz

    Video: Getting started with SFZ: the free sampler + free SFZ sample library

    In this video, I provide a basic introduction to SFZ – a free sampling format that provides a lot of the same functionality as Kontakt, albeit with a far more basic UI. A link to the toy xylophone sample I created in this video can be found in the YouTube video description.
  17. willbedford

    Fracture Sounds Piano Day Sale - Midnight Grand & Woodchester Piano 20% off

    To celebrate Piano Day, we are offering our highly popular cinematic piano libraries, Woodchester Piano and Midnight Grand at a special bundle price - 20% off for a very limited time. Ends TOMORROW (March 29th)! Grab the deal here -
  18. peakeleven

    Palette Orchestral Series (Review + Video Demo)

    Hello Composers, Mike here! =) - Check out my video demo + review of Palette Orchestral Series: Sketchpad, Melodics, Runs & Arps and Orchestral FX. Super cool stuff. Sincerely, Mikael "Mike" Baggström
  19. nickmurraymusic

    Sample Logic Drum Fury - First look

    Sample Logic just released a super clean-looking percussion library called "Drum Fury". This is a full walkthrough of the plugin. I test out the samples and give it a good run! Watch here:
  20. jrrshop

    50% off all EastWest

    50% off all EastWest, including Spaces II which was excluded from previous sales: EastWest Fab Four $199.50 EastWest Ghostwriter $199.50 EastWest Goliath $199.50 EastWest Gypsy $199.50...
  21. J

    VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) - License Transfers @ 50%

    Hello, I'm looking to transfer some VSL licenses. These licenses are 50% off the web-store prices. VSL licenses will be delivered on an eLicenser via post from Australia. I'll pay for handling costs of licenses directly to VSL €50+ for each license. The buyer will pay for purchase and...
  22. willbedford

    Midnight Grand by Fracture Sounds - Available Now

    I am very excited to share Fracture Sounds’ latest creation, Midnight Grand.This is a stunning Steinway D Concert Grand, sampled in intimate detail in a modern concert hall environment. We prepared the piano with a layer of cotton, to create a delicate, cinematic tone. Midnight Grand follows...
  23. Akarin

    Managing your sound design library

    I've just written a quick tutorial on how to manage your sound design samples in an efficient way: What's your method?
  24. Alex Niedt

    Metropolis Ark 4 | User Demo

    I'm quite proud of this, as it's really far-removed from anything I would have made if I hadn't restricted myself to this amazing library.
  25. Akarin

    Your best 2018 purchase?

    I see that the "most disappointing library" thread is making a come back to my front page, these days so I was wondering what's your best 2018 acquisition. The year is nearly over and even though there may still be Christmas sales coming our way, considering the Black Friday craze, I think now...
  26. Dave Hilowitz

    Kontakt video tutorial: how to make mic level knobs + free bowed nagoya harp kontakt library

    In this video, I find out what happens when you play a Japanese Nagoya Harp (Taishogoto) with a violin bow! In the process, I demonstrate how to make microphone volume level control knobs. There's a FREE Kontakt library in the description to the YouTube video. Enjoy!
  27. willbedford

    Fracture Sounds Black Friday week

    We are pleased to announce our Black Friday sale – up to 35% off all products! There are six tiers of savings, depending on the total order value. Here are the details: 10% off any purchase 15% off orders over £20 20% off orders over £50 25% off orders over £80 30% off orders over £100 35% off...
  28. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's Cyber Monday Sale - Last day to save up to 40% Off!

    The Soundiron Black Friday sale starts TODAY! We have some awesome deals on every instrument in our store. Save 30% off all Kontakt Player/ NKS Libraries and Bundles and 40% off all individual non-player libraries. Don't miss out on your chance to save - Sale ends soon. Save big on our most...
  29. Alex Niedt

    Time Macro Demo - Across Blooming Fields

    Really enjoying this library a lot! All sounds in this demo come from Time Macro.
  30. willbedford

    Frozen Crotales by Fracture Sounds - Available Now

    I'm pleased to announce the first instalment of Fracture Sounds' Frozen Percussion series - a collection of deep sampled percussion instruments performed in unconventional ways to create infinite sustains, frozen in time. Frozen Crotales is a set of tuned orchestral crotales (also known as...
  31. Alex Niedt

    8Dio Studio Percussion Auxiliary Demo

    Wanted to make a little track using only sound sources from the 8Dio Studio Percussion Auxiliary library. There are some creative tonal uses of the library, including a pad, percussive melody, and perhaps most interestingly, a bass made from a heavily processed timpani.
  32. Craig Peters

    Soundiron - Zitherette Version 2.0 update! On sale for $17.40!

    Enchanting sounds with tons of possibilities Welcome to the Zitherette Version 2.0 Upgrade! We are excited to breathe some new life into this classic library with all new features and 20 Custom FX Presets. Zitherette now has a brand new user interface with sound shaping controls that let you...
  33. Sibelius19

    Seurat Updated to 1.6 and on SALE for 30% off!

    Hello Everyone! We have a habit of putting our products on sale when we release an update. Seurat is no different. We've been getting a lot of positive feedback with this one, and we are still continuing to improve it :) The newest feature is the ability to reverse any sound source with the...
  34. pbattersby

    (free) Virtual Playing Orchestra v3.1

    I'm not sure how many people around here are interested in a free orchestral sample library but just in case, I thought I would finally post this and just see. Visit the link below to learn more and download the library. There are 2 versions of the library (both share...
  35. willbedford

    Zen Drum by Fracture Sounds - Available now

    We're pleased to announce our new Kontakt library, Zen Drum, a deep sampled steel tone drum. A lot of care and attention was spent capturing the natural nuances of the instrument. This includes our unique 'tonal resonance' feature, which reproduces the effect of neighbouring notes resonating...
  36. keepforest

    [RELEASED] AizerX - Modern Trailer Designer Engine

    Hello Everyone! Our latest works AIZERX - TRAILER SFX DESIGNER TOOLKIT and AIZERX - MODERN DESIGNER TOOLKIT are now available for pre-order! Short descriptions: Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit: The main feature of AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit is the smart samples randomization for creating...
  37. W

    Reasons to use separate sample drive(s) rather than system SSD?

    I’m expecting to soon get a new DAW that will have a 4TB internal SSD system drive. My current DAW has a standard internal drive, so I have most of my sample libraries residing on a pair of Samsung T3 SSDs connected via USB. They aren’t the fastest things available, but they have worked pretty...
  38. Epicomposer

    Red Room Audio - Saga Acoustic Trailer Percussion (Review)

    Upcoming virtual instrument developer Red Room Audio just came up with a brand-new release: SAGA – Acoustic Trailer Percussion. After launching their very first, well-received product Palette – Symphonic Sketchpad just a couple of months ago, this time, the brand is back with a cinematic...
  39. Epicomposer

    Sonuscore - The Orchestra 1.1 (Review)

    The number of orchestral libraries has been growing steadily for the few last years and the inherent innovation in this sector seems to be closely connected to the sheer quantity of recorded samples. With a huge arsenal of instruments, split into numerous articulations, you can create detailed...
  40. Epicomposer

    East West - Hollywood Choirs (REVIEW)

    Hollywood Choirs is the name of renowned L.A.-based virtual instruments developer East West/Quantum Leap‘s most recent product and their long-awaited sequel to 2005’s acclaimed Symphonic Choirs. The virtual instrument features a symphonic female and male choir meticulously captured by a...
  41. David Donaldson

    ***WaveSkimmer by MODWHEEL released with intro deal***

    MODWHEEL (in association with ShapedNoise) have finally finished the WaveSkimmer pulse machine. Kirke from ShapedNoise had a brilliant, germ of an idea, and it's only taken about a year of agonising by all of us to bring it to fruition. It's had a lot of minds on it, this one, some sharp and...
  42. T

    GUI Designer Needed

    Hi There, I'm looking for a Kontakt GUI designer interested in working on a brand new series of sample libraries. I'm after cutting edge graphics and a feel for intuitive interface design. Don't mind if you're early on in your career or a seasoned pro - but you will need to be confident in...
  43. M

    Final Fantasy-Like Orchestral Library Suggestions?

    What orchestral instrument libraries have sounds similar to "blinded by light" by Masashi Hamauzu or "The Promise" by Masashi Hamauzu (Final Fantasy)? I'm looking for libraries that are intimate, have similar styles of VIBRATO, emotional, fantasy. Preferably looking for string and horn...
  44. tnoon

    Introducing 'Palette'

    Hey folks, I recently put together a DAWcast for the newly launched 'Palette' by Red Room Audio. Check it out! It's my first of many, so go easy on me. Cheers!
  45. Epicomposer

    Epic orchestral production walkthrough

    We recently had the chance to talk with German composer and producer Dirk Ehlert (trailer music for The Hunger Games, Destiny 2, Assassin's Creed Unity) on the creation of his first solo album ELEMENTS, published by Dos Brains, L.A. In the course of the interview, Dirk was kind enough to...
  46. Epicomposer

    Review: CASPIAN by Performance Samples

    We had the pleasure of testing Performance Samples' brand-new orchestral brass library CASPIAN! Caspian features 12 brass players of the renowned Czech Capellen Orchestra. In style and design, Caspian follows the company’s philosophy of creating easy-to-use, all-in-one instruments. This approach...
  47. David Donaldson

    The Rubber Band Box By MODWHEEL- Free for a short time

    Until the end of November MODWHEEL are giving away The Rubber Band Box. Another in the line of strange, one off instruments (the real and the virtual) made by the team at MODWHEEL. The Rubber Band Box is a 4 string cigar box with a pick up, that has been laid out chromatically for the virtual...
  48. akox

    Halloween sales, up to 30% off

    We are very pleased to announced the beginning of our Halloween sales, with a discount up to 30%! All of our products come with a discount and so some of our best spooky/horror-friendly kontakt sample libraries and Zebra² soundsets! Mysterium - Decontructed Toy Piano (Kontakt Sample Library)...
  49. keepforest

    Vikings - KeepForest

    Hello Everyone! Our latest effort Vikings Series is now available for pre-order! Short description: Keepforest's 'Vikings consists of 2 collections of samples (instruments). The first is Cinematic punk folk trailer toolkit and the second is Cinematic metal toolkit. As the name Vikings, our...
  50. M


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