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  1. S

    Kontakt/Logic can't find my new sample drive even though it has the same name?

    So I just got a new sample drive. The old one was a RAID 0, this new one is a JBOD. I gave it the exact same name. Copied the entire folder hierarchy. I open up Logic and Kontakt can't find anything. So I have to sit there and re-point everything to the correct location. It's tedious and very...
  2. kingseamus

    PCIe SSD disappeared from Mac Pro 4,1

    I have an early 2009 Mac Pro (running 10.11.6) and I've been using an Angelbird PCIe drive (MX2) as my main sample drive for about eight months now. Last week, however, the drive disappeared from my desktop, and is no longer visible in recovery mode or in the list output of "diskutil list"...
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