1. B

    EW HOOPUS Sale

    EW just ended their "end of summer" sale on HOOPUS, had I caught it I was going to buy it... Any idea when it will go on sale again? It was only $330 Thanks
  2. MuritoHadwin

    Redroom Audio - When do they usually have a sale?

    Hi! New to the forums here but I wanted to drop the question about Redroom Audio as I had my eyes on their Traveler's series. I've only seen a sale on their anniversary back in 2018, do they usually do any sales on an annual basis? Thanks for reading!
  3. Desertanu

    A question about BBC Core

    Hello everyone. I'm considering getting BBC Core as my first big sample library. Does anyone know how much I could get it on sale for? Right now I have a 40% offer that expires tomorrow, but I'm considering waiting until Black Friday in case it will be a discounted more then.
  4. pulsedownloader

    20 Split Tests You Should Run to Increase Your Plugin / Sample Library Sales and Signup Rates

    A/B testing (AKA split testing) compares two versions of a landing page or marketing asset and measures the difference in performance. Basically, it’s a competition. You’re letting two elements battle it out for the top spot. You never test more than one variable at once, otherwise it’s...
  5. Wunderhorn

    8Dio Marketing Craze - Overstepping Boundaries

    Recently I got an invitation from 8Dio to join a "text" group to get further sales offers that obviously are not covered in the regular newsletter. I have to say that IMO this stinks. Having subscribed to a company's newsletter is and must be enough of a declaration of interest as a customer...
  6. R

    What would you choose and why?

    I am seeking for a refreshment of orchestra libraries.. A new start so to speak. Current libs, is a frankstein of all kinds.. and i want to make it a bit more less frankenstein. Before you say: but The bbc so options written below are considered a frankenstein setup, it kind of is.. but i...
  7. P

    Has the Audio Production industry (particularly sample library sales ) peaked or still growing ?

    Interesting noting in some of the marketing of NI and East west the other day, that now talk about customers in "The single digit millions" , has shown how far the sampling industry has come since the days of Akai and Giga studio. Has this industry yet to peak ? Is their still room for a lot...
  8. Time+Space

    New Black Friday Deals from Presonus, KeepForest, Overloud, VSL, Toontrack and more!

    We've just launched some huge new deals to kick off Black Friday 'week' including.... Up to 30% off Presonus Studio One 5 and Notion (inc upgrades/crossgrades) Up to 75% off KeepForest cinematic instruments Up to 40% off Soundiron Up to 77% off Overloud plugins - including GEM OTD-2 Tap...
  9. P

    Plugin sales

    Why are plugins always at 98% or other insane sales like buy one get 7,000 for free or whatever? Does anyone ever pay $900 for a plugin when it's on sale every other month for $5? It seems like a sleezy practice even to sell at such a high markup if you're going to be putting it on sale so...
  10. E

    Crossgrade from Cubase 6 to Nuendo 10? Worth it?

    Hey! :) So I´m thinking to finally upgrade my old version of Cubase 6 to Nuendo (Or Cubase 10.5), but I wanted some suggestions from all you expert fine folks! My main reason to crossgrading to Nuendo is the integration with Wwise and all game audio and music related-features, amongst the...
  11. Time+Space

    55% off Red Room Audio Saga | 33% off Soundiron Hyperion String Elements

    Hi guys, we've got a couple of exclusive deals on some excellent Kontakt libraries/instruments this long Easter weekend! 55% off Red Room Audio SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion Provide impact and scale to your cinematic and trailer music with this extensive collection of thunderous drums...
  12. F

    The best way to get Kontakt?

    I’m trying to figure out what is the best way to get Kontakt. From I could find out online, it seems NI doesn’t offer sales on Kontakt itself except for up or crossgrades. If this is really the case, are there paths that offer a better way to get it than simply paying for the thing itself? I...
  13. F

    CSS with 30% edu discount or wait for sale?

    I guess the title says it all. I have the opportunity of getting CSS for $279, as I have an educational discount. As usually discounts don’t stack, what are the chances that a sale price would go lower than this? Should I just get it now for this price or wait for a future sale?
  14. MoeWalsaad

    Thomann big purchase, Should I wait for a sale season?

    Hello There, I am purchasing almost my entire new home studio gear and equipment from, and because I will be paying lots of money so I'm concerned whether there is gonna be a sale season coming any time soon that worth waiting for like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas sales.. etc...
  15. Time+Space

    Most Black Friday deals end today + new offers from iZotope

    Just a heads up that many of our Black Friday deals are ending today! Don't miss the chance to save up to 80% on over 1,000 products Toontrack, Gothic Instruments, Vir2, Virtual Guitarist, FabFilter, Audiomodern, Rob Papen, Zero-G and more! Also, for Cyber Monday, iZotope has launched the...
  16. T

    Are there typically good Christmas sales too?

    So I've been composing for three years now, but the majority of my products are from Best Service (specifically Tarilonte libraries). Right now is the first time that I'm really branching significantly beyond that (buying orchestral libs) and I'm amazed at the awesomeness of these black friday...
  17. Time+Space

    Time+Space Black Friday Event - all deals now live!

    We've just added the final deals to our Black Friday event - there are now hundreds of products with up to 80% off from over 40 brands. Don't forget we also have our website chat facility is currently live if you have any product questions! Here's a summary of deals added today... 68% off...
  18. Time+Space

    Time+Space Black Friday Deals - Day 4

    Hi all Incase you missed any, today the following Black Friday deals were added to Time+Space... 24% off EZdrummer 2 - lowest ever price! 30% off Best Service instruments + free Galaxy X-FX worth £82 with purchases over €99 30% off Chris Hein Solo Strings titles + free additional content in...
  19. Time+Space

    Time+Space Black Friday Deals - Day 3

    Hi all It's been another busy day here at T+S HQ with a raft of new deals added to the website. Here's a summary of what's new today... 78% off Toontrack EZkeys Mellotoon 64% off four EZKeys MIDI Packs 50% off Vir2 Instruments (MOJO Horns, Aeris, Acou6tics) 70% off selected Big Fish sample...
  20. Time+Space

    Time+Space Black Friday Event - Day 2

    Hi all It's Day 2 of our biggest ever Black Friday event, here's what we launched today... 50% off Gothic Instruments DRONAR and SCULPTOR Bundles 50% off all Audiomodern Kontakt tools and sample packs iZotope RX / Neutron / Ozone Elements - only £21.95 each PLUS if you buy one of these (ie...
  21. Time+Space

    The Winter (even though it's not Winter yet) sales are on!

    This week, the likes of Toontrack, iZotope, Garritan and more have launched their Winter/Holiday sales, with savings of up to 67% on virtual instruments and effects plug-ins. Toontrack have discounts and free title offers related to all their product lines (EZdrummer, EZkeys, EZmix and...
  22. Time+Space

    Halloween deals this weekend - Audiomodern, Boom Library, EastWest, Gothic Instruments and more

    Don't miss the chance to check out our special Halloween deals on virtual instruments, effects plug-ins and more this weekend. Audiomodern, Boom Library, EastWest, Impact Soundworks, Audiority, Gothic Instruments, Zero-G and more are all included, plus some of these deals are exclusive to...
  23. akox

    Halloween sales, up to 30% off

    We are very pleased to announced the beginning of our Halloween sales, with a discount up to 30%! All of our products come with a discount and so some of our best spooky/horror-friendly kontakt sample libraries and Zebra² soundsets! Mysterium - Decontructed Toy Piano (Kontakt Sample Library)...
  24. manuhz

    Spitfire Audio Holiday Sale, what can we expect?

    Don´t remember last year. Anyone? I am in the market for Chamber and Brass but too bad, I´ve missed last BF sale so hoping there will be similar deals on those.
  25. K

    Black Friday 2016 - what can we expect?

    As a member who is fairly new to all these great sample based libraries I'm wondering if there are as many great deals for Black Friday / Cyber Monday as in the VST-instruments and -fx genre. Is it even worth saving some money for Black Friday? Who participates? What can we most likely expect...
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