1. Ben

    SALE: BBO: Andromeda Expansion Set & Dimension Strings + Bonus Content

    Yes - Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda is getting an expansion set - and if you already have Andromeda, it’s simply a free download for you here! Not so lucky and still missing BBO: Andromeda? It’s now on sale, so get it here! BBO: Andromeda’s Con Sordino Expansion Set focuses on the quiet side...
  2. P

    For Sale For Sale : Native Instruments Session Guitar Series (X4), Kontakt 6 update from 5, Reaktor Update

    Have just upgraded to K13U , thus I have some individual products available from NI - Mostly the Session Guitar Series. These 4 are ready to go now ; Session Guitar Acoustic Strummer £45 Session Guitar Acoustic Strummer 2 £45 Session Guitar Picked Acoustic £50 SOLD Session Guitar Electric...
  3. Time+Space

    Free AAS Solids Sound Pack when you shop at Time+Space + up to 87% off in our Festive Sale!

    Spend over £10/$10/€10 at Time+Space this Christmas and you'll receive AAS' Solids Chromaphone 3 Sound Pack worth £28.95 for FREE! Simply place your order as normal and shortly afterwards you'll receive a separate email with a discount code to 'buy' Solids for free! ABOUT AAS SOLIDS Solids...
  4. Ben

    Sale extended 07.01.2021 - MIR Pro & CFX + Pummerin Bell Freebie

    MIR Pro is on sale starting right now until the end of the year! Combined with the current 3+1 Voucher sale you can save up to almost 50% compared to the regular price! Already a MIR user? This is a great time and opportunity to get additional roompacks. And if you are already a lucky owner of...
  5. P

    CLOSED SOLD Native Instruments Komplete Select 13 For Sale Includes Massive | The Gentleman Piano + more

    Got a SS61 MK2 KK keyboard, and as I already have all the products I am selling my Select 13 License - Never Registered . Take a look here for all the instruments and EFX included - Will accept £85 over...
  6. SoundYeti

    All Sound Yeti Plugins - On Sale Now!

    There is still time to save on all of our music software... Find your signature sound today, only at!
  7. SoundYeti

    All Sound Yeti Plug-ins On Sale Now!

    There is still time to save on all of our music software... Find your sound today, only at!
  8. M_Helder

    SWAM Violin license

    Hi, I am currently in the process of cleaning the shop , trying to sell off the instruments that I don't really use anymore. - SWAM Violin license - 99$ (via PayPal). Current price is at 129$. You get a full license via official Audio Modelling account. Here is the info from support: The...
  9. SoundYeti

    Sound Yeti Storewide Black Friday Sale

    Find out for yourselves why our users stand by our plugins.. Get inspired today with Sound Yeti. Save BIG on all plugins now through December 4th only when you visit
  10. JHughesMusic

    Newly Built (Spring 2020) PC for sale

    Hello all! I recently built a PC in April for running large film scoring projects but am wanting to move over to Apple as my preferred platform. Here are the specs (with hyperlinks to the hardware): - Intel i9-9900k Processor 8 Cores/16 threads 3.6 GHz w/ overclock speeds up to 5.0 Turbo...
  11. Cory Pelizzari

    Afflatus Strings 1.3 Update

    Get them here:
  12. willbedford

    Fracture Sounds Black Friday sale

    The Fracture Sounds Black Friday sale has begun! Save 15% on individual libraries, or up to 40% with bundles. Ends November 29th. More info at
  13. SoundYeti

    Sound Yeti Storewide Sale - 30-50% off ALL products

    Now through December 4th, you can save BIG on all products in store. Find your signature sound today - Only at!
  14. Erick - BVA

    Beautiful Void Audio - 50% off everything on Loot Audio! (Ends December 5 2020).

    Hello everyone! For a little over 2 weeks longer, there is a sale going on all of my stuff on Loot Audio. Everything is 50% off! I did want to point out one library which has probably not gotten a lot of attention, but is very...
  15. willbedford

    Woodchester Piano and Midnight Grand - Now Kontakt Player compatible

    We are excited to announce that our two most popular libraries, Midnight Grand and Woodchester Piano, are now compatible with the free Kontakt Player. What does this mean? You no longer need to own the full version of Kontakt to use these libraries. Additionally, both libraries will appear...
  16. Ben

    Sale, Sale, Sale: SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds & VI buy one, get one for free

    Get ready for another sale: SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds 30% off, and/or get one of the VI Instruments and get the other for free!
  17. SalimD

    For Sale Native Instruments - Komplete Ultimate 12 Collector's Edition

    Selling Native Instruments - Komplete Ultimate 12 Collector's Edition --- $1100, Transfer License -> PayPal preferred. PM !
  18. Time+Space

    Up to 75% off Zero-G - 5 day flash sale!

    THE ZERO-G FLASH SALE IS NOW ON WITH SAVINGS OF UP TO 75% ACROSS ALL ZERO-G CLASSICS AND MORE - BUT BE QUICK – IT'S ONLY ON FOR 5 DAYS!! Zero-G creates and presents sounds in ways that will inspire fresh creativity with a huge choice of genres and styles! Right now you can save up to a huge 75%...
  19. Ben

    BBO: Dorado, Eridanus, Fornax on sale! - 30 days demos available

    Hi! We just released more percussion with the BBO: Phoenix and Quasar (announcement post here). And for this reason we put the other BBO percussion libraries on sale as well: - BBO: Dorado, Percussion Ensembles € 70 (reg: €95) - BBO: Eridanus, Percussion Ensemble Riffs € 55 (reg €75) - BBO...
  20. thecomposer10

    For Sale Film scoring gear blowout sale

    All -- I'm moving soon and am downgrading my film scoring rig to a slightly more compact setup. As a result, I have some sweet pieces of (barely-used) gear to sell here. Please feel free to make me an offer for any of these items. If you buy more than one, we can also work out a bundle deal. -...
  21. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Eternal Summer Sale - New Offer Every Day

    8Dio Eternal Summer Sale ... But first a little love letter from 8Dio ... 8Dio just turned 9 years old! It doesn’t FEEL quite right to celebrate ... and yet ... it doesn’t feel right to not recognize this milestone either? When 8Dio went live in 2011 - we held our breath knowing we had...
  22. P

    No OT completion days this year?

    Anybody heard any news about the completion days sale? Is it happening again this year? I am looking at a couple expansions and I don't want to buy anything the day before they randomly announce a summer sale.
  23. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron 50% Off Voices of Gaia and Francesca Sale | One Week Only!

    Learn more: For one week only we're running a 50% off sale on Voice of Gaia: Francesca $59 (Reg. $119) and Voices of Gaia $124 (Reg. $249) Francesca Genco has one of the most powerful and...
  24. Ben

    VEP7 Special Offer

    Get your license here: Upgrades and additional licenses are also reduced during this offer!
  25. IKMultimedia

    IK Summer Sounds Sale - Up to 35% off SampleTank 4 virtual instrument workstation

    It's summer and you're ready to get to work on some music. You're sitting down to write a song. Perhaps you're looking for that one particular sound to give your latest project something special. Either way, or anywhere in between in the process of creating great music for video, for games...
  26. P

    For Sale Native Instruments Komplete 12, £350

    Full Komplete 12 (can be upgraded to Komplete 12 Ultimate or Collectors edition) Consists of: 1. KOMPLETE 12 SELECT Upgrade license 2. KOMPLETE 12 Upgrade KSelect So if you get Komplete 12 START which is free, you can then use the first license to upgrade Komplete 12 FREE to Komplete 12...
  27. C

    Omnisphere 2 For Sale

    Hey, I'm selling my license for Omnisphere 2 as I no longer have a use for it, unfortunately. Although, it's a BEAST of a synth! Looking for around £230.00 for it. The license transfer is authorized by Spectrasonics. Any questions just let me know. Cheers,
  28. P

    Why on earth don't I have sample modeling brass yet?

    Well actually I think I have an answer after a night of scouring the web for demos: most of the demos i found are either not very helpful for the type of music I want to write with them right now (more traditional orchestral stuff) or they are simply horrible demos. Aside from a few short and...
  29. Time+Space

    It's gone deal crazy this week at Time+Space!

    Save big with... 65% off Cinesamples Abbey Road Classic Upright Piano for free Kontakt Player (only 4 left in stock at time of writing!) 60% off Zynaptiq Adaptiverb...
  30. IKMultimedia

    Total Studio Spectacular - Up to 75% off Total Studio 2 MAX

    Total Studio Spectacular Save up to 75% on Total Studio 2 MAX! Now more than ever, we all need powerful tools to fuel our creativity. Total Studio 2 MAX provides an incredibly diverse set of music creation tools - a huge bundle of music software with which you can create anything from...
  31. T

    CLOSED (Sold) Pianoteq Stage 6.7 with 4 instruments

    Hi there, I have a Pianoteq Stage 6.7.0 license with the following 4 instrument packs: Steinway Model D, K2 grand piano, YC5 rock piano, C. Bechstein DG I paid 227 Euros for all of this and would like to sell it for 149 Euros. There is also a transfer fee of 29 Euros which I will pay for you...
  32. Ben

    VSL String Celebration - Up to 1/3 Off!

    Spring is in the air! Take advantage of fresh offers on all Synchron and SYNCHRON-ized String libraries and save up to a third off their list prices through May 4, 2020. Check out the complete list of all discounts here!
  33. 8Dio Productions

    Save up to 50% Off With Our Custom Bundle Maker

    8Dio Custom Bundle Maker As part of our creative care package to support the musical community during the current crisis we are introducing a new custom bundle maker! Get up to 50% discount with our custom discount program*. Here is how it works Add your chosen product(s) or bundle(s) to...
  34. F

    Help de deciding between CSS -30% or SStS -50%

    I have no “pro” string library and do much more classical mockups and pop arrangements than film music. Seeing that SStS is probably going for half the price on Apex and having the edu discount for CSS, which one do you think would be a better purchase for my use case? I’m aware that CSS gets a...
  35. Ben

    Vienna Heroes: Vienna Instruments PRO 2 Retina / HiDPI

    Now it's finally available: Vienna Instruments PRO 2 Retina/HiDPI. Enjoy this great player in higher definition! Download and install the latest version from the MyVSL Section. It doesn't stop here: To celebrate this we have split up the three licenses package of VI Pro 2, so you can get your...
  36. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Early Leap Year Sale 40% off all products.

    8Dio Early Leap Year Sale 40% Off All Products.
  37. Time+Space

    NEW DEAL: 60% off Zynaptiq Unveil

    "UNVEIL is stunning - revolutionary, even. It's one of those plug-ins you want to push all your sounds through just to see what happens - and the reverb reduction feels genuinely miraculous." - FUTURE MUSIC MAGAZINE Need to clean up your drums? Done. How about reducing the room sound in your...
  38. Ben

    35% Off Voices and Vienna Konzerthaus Organ

    Limited Time Offer: February 11 – March 2, 2020 Voices Complete Standard € 595 € 385 Full € 990 € 630 Vienna Choir Standard € 345 € 225 Full € 640 € 420...
  39. Fab

    FS Cubase Pro 10 and eLicenser £320

    Hey there, Selling this through ebay and paypl via the following link: Thanks, any questions let me know Fab
  40. J

    For Sale VSL String Libraries (Almost 50% off)

    Hi all. I have a few VSL String Libraries for sale. I’ll cover the cost of the transfer fee. Chamber Strings I Full Library - $430 USD Orchestral Strings I Full Library (Violins & Violas) - $455 USD Orchestral Strings II Full Library (Cellos and Basses) - $390 USD Dimension Strings I Full...
  41. Ben

    VSL Up to 50% Off Winds Sale

    Our current special offer applies to all of our Woodwinds and Brass products! Save up to 50% on all SYNCHRON and VI Collections. Single Instruments are included as well. Save 50 % by completing a bundle! Log in, add a bundle, e.g. Winds Complete, to your basket, and see how little you’re going...
  42. J

    CLOSED [CLOSED] Vienna Symphonic Libraries for Sale

    Hi all, I'm new here, so I'm not 100% certain how to make this all work, but I do have some VSL Libraries I don't need anymore. These are all VI Libraries. No Synchron Libraries for sale. 1. Dimension Strings 1 (Full) - $500 USD 2. Chamber Strings 1 (Full) - $400 USD 3. Orchestral Strings...
  43. Ben

    Holiday String Special: 30% off!

    All Solo Strings, Chamber Strings and Dimension Strings libraries now 30% off! If you are still missing one of these libraries, or if you have bought the Special Editions during Black Friday and want more: Get these strings now. Combined with the current Voucher Deal (put 4 vouchers in the...
  44. M

    For Sale (SOLD) Fabfilter and Valhalla DSP

 Swing! and Swing More! = SOLD 
 Valhalla DSP Plate = SOLD Room = SOLD Vintage Verb = SOLD Delay = SOLD Shimmer = SOLD 
 Fabfilter Pro Bundle - SOLD 
 Payments: Paypal only.
  45. 8Dio Productions

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 2

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Join us for 22 days of Flash sales, Gifts with qualifying purchases, and introducing '"On the House" compliments of 8Dio. For the next 48 hours, grab Anthology Strings for $128, and with any purchase of $98 or more, receive our 1928 Scoring Piano...
  46. Dancho

    CLOSED Cubase Pro 10.5

    Cubase 10.5 was for sale for sometime here in this forum but there were not many interested in buying so I decided to close this sale.
  47. Sonixinema

    Up to 50% off storewide - but with a twist 🖤

    We're excited to announce our biggest sale ever! Save up to 50% Storewide. Only available for the first 500 orders - After that, the sale ends. Happy Playing, Louis & Tomas Shop Now
  48. willbedford

    Fracture Sounds Black Friday sale is here!

    Fracture Sounds are pleased to announce our Black Friday sale! Save up to 40% with 6 new bundles we have created exclusively for Black Friday, or get 15% off individual products with the code BLACKFRIDAY2019. Sale ends on December 3rd. Click here to see the deals!
  49. Bluemount Score

    Native Instruments / Soniccouture sale 2019

    I don't own anything by Soniccouture. Time to change that? Any recommendations regarding the current NI sale?
  50. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's Halloween Sale Starts NOW! Get 50% Off Select Libraries.

    Learn more: To celebrate the scariest month of the year, We're offering you 50% off selected libraries. This spine-chilling collection of products is guaranteed to induce fear in the hearts of many with everything from blood-curdling string risers...
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