1. producerspot

    Halloween 40% OFF All Sample Packs

    This Halloween we have prepared a mega promotion with hundreds of products reduced by 40%, don't miss this opportunity to enrich your sound library.
  2. Time+Space

    Super savings! ProjectSAM and Sonic Atoms

    What's better than a sale? A ProjectSAM sale! Save 35% on the newly updated True Strike 1. New features include an all-in-one browser, new kits, extensive articulation, NKS and much more! Get it here > Save 50% on all Sonic Atoms titles >...
  3. Wytse @ ProjectSAM

    True strike 1 Update 2.0 Celebration Sale – 35% Off

    Hi all! To celebrate the release of the 2.0 update, True Strike 1 is now 35% off until Monday October 18th 16:00 GMT. For those who don't own True Strike 1 yet, now is the moment to add this rejuvenated Classic to your collection! Note: For people who bought True Strike 1 out of excitement...
  4. fcangia

    Xperimenta STRINGS Sale: up to 40% off

    HI, Vi-Control! There's a nice sale going on at XPERIMENTA! All the strings instruments are discounted up to 40% off! Check it out! Click on any of the instruments to know more: But most important... XPERIMENTA KANTELE AT ONLY 34,99$ Check it out!> An...
  5. Time+Space

    NEW TOONTRACK RELEASES - Acoustic Songwriter EZkeys and EZbass MIDI Packs

    Toontrack release 2 new MIDI packs - Acoustic Songwriter for EZkeys and EZbass! Perfect when used in tandem with Acoustic Songwriter Drum Grooves MIDI! Save 20% in the MIDI pack sale until 30th September 2021!
  6. P

    CLOSED NO LONGER FOR SALE - Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums - ($40 USD) Looking to sell this off for $40 USD as I don't use it much anymore. I am also looking to sell my IK Account with Syntronik and my license for Cherry Audio's CA2600. If you want all three of these I will sell them for $85 USD
  7. P

    CLOSED SOLD - Selling IK Account with Syntronik ($45 USD)

    Hi. I'm looking to sell off my IK account with Syntronik in it. After payment has gone through I will set up the account with the details you want! Account has some more goodies and some jam-points and other goodies as well. I will work hard to...
  8. Marc555

    Studio One 5, Notion 6, FL Studio 20

    For sale: - Studio One 5 Professional: $250 - Notion 6: $70 - FL Studio 20 Signature Bundle Edition: $200 The reason: I moved to Linux. Payments through Paypal.
  9. Wytse @ ProjectSAM

    ProjectSAM FLASH SALE: 40% Off Symphobia 4: Pandora Full

    Hi all! Summer's almost over and with the change of seasons ahead of us we thought it might be fitting to launch a 40% OFF Flash Sale on the dark, icy and thunderous sounds of Symphobia 4: Pandora! Only for a short period of time you can claim your discount in our webshop, so make haste and...
  10. Lunacy Audio

    1 DAY LEFT! Save 40% on CUBE with Lunacy's September Sale

    SEPTEMBER SALE – 40% OFF Save big on CUBE this month! Get CUBE for only $149 at 40% off (normally $249). Deal ends 9/30. Discover CUBE Feature Update: Use Your Own Sounds We’re also thrilled to announce our newest update for CUBE, including a highly requested user audio feature (beta)...
  11. lexiaodong

    For Sale IK MULTIMEDIA Total Studio 2 MAX

    Total Studio 2 Max- $220 (Transfer fee include) Detailed information of Total Studio MAX 2: Miroslav Philharmonik 2,MODO BASS,T-RackS 5 Total Studio,Syntronik,SampleTank 3 and more.94 products, 16,800 sounds, 39 mix/mastering...
  12. Ben

    30% Off Synchron Strings + FREE Elite Strings Slurred Legato Update!

    Save 30% on Synchron Strings Pro, Synchron Strings I, Synchron FX Strings I and 27% on Elite Strings! Make sure to also download and install the new Slurred Legatos for the Synchron Elite Strings - free for all new and existing users!
  13. Nami Audio

    Summer Sale Last Week : Up to 40% OFF!

    Hi everyone, Summer sale is almost over on the website! This week is your last chance to get Hammer & Felt or Quasar with 30% off. And if you decide to get them both, you'll get an extra 10% off meaning at 93,24€ instead of 148€. Currently at...
  14. Ben

    VSL Student Discounts - 40% off All Libraries & Software Products!

    Through October 4th get 40% on all libraries and software products! All details how to apply for student discount, here:
  15. Ben

    VSL - August Splash, VEP7 & MIR on sale through August 23rd

    Here is an unexpected short time offer: - Vienna Ensemble Pro 7: FIRST LICENSE for € 145 (regular: € 195) - includes 73 GB Epic Orchestra 2.0 ADDITIONAL LICENSE for € 95 (regular: € 135)Upgrade prices from ALL previous VE...
  16. sunnykshahid

    For Sale Ableton Live 10 Suite License for $200

    Get the Ableton Live 10 Suite License for $200. I am the first owner of this license.
  17. Time+Space

    Friday roundup - new sales at T+S this week!

    Incase you missed any, here's a quick round up of the new releases and deals that arrived at T+S this week... NEW! Cinematique Instruments Colors NEW! Zero-G Impromptu Electric Guitars for Kontakt with 20% off NEW! Soundiron Bontabulous Fabtraption with 35% off 3 for 2 on all VSL Big Bang...
  18. Ben

    Big Bang Orchestra: Buy 2, Get 1 Free

    This is a great opportunity get (more) BBO libraries: Until August 31st buy 2 BBO libraries and get the 3rd for free! Just put three libraries of your choice in the basket and the cheapest one will be free.
  19. Nami Audio

    Nami Audio Summer Sale : Up to 40% OFF on Kontakt Libraries - LAST DAY

    Hi there! Alex from Nami Audio, hope you're doing great. Both Kontakt libraries are currently at 30% off during the whole month of august. Here are some patches demos : Current price at...
  20. Nami Audio

    Nami Audio Summer Sale at 30% OFF - 2 WEEKS LEFT

    Hi there! Only 2 weeks remaining before the end of the discount. It includes : Quasar At the heart of this library are 67 sampled instruments and sounds for immediate results and new...
  21. M

    For Sale Acustica Audio N4 (incl. 2 paid libs) & IK Multimedia Total Studio 2 MAX & SampleTank 4 MAX

    Acustica Audio N4 2 paid libs €325 N4 includes Tim C Yourei HP/LP & SignalToNoise 480 reverb. IK Multimedia Total Studio 2 MAX €225 IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 MAX €175 Good offers are considered!
  22. Time+Space

    Half price ujam Summer Sale now on!

    The UJAM Summer Madness sale is now on with 50% off nearly all virtual instruments and effects plug-ins! Whether you want top quality guitar tracks, drum tracks or bass tracks there is something for everyone in this sale, even effects!! What's more, the ujam Summer Sale includes the hugely...
  23. PaulieDC

    I Got Cubase 11 Pro for $269 Because of Something I Already Had...

    I have 11 Pro on my tower, and Studio One on my laptop. I looked in my Steinberg account and noticed I have a couple licenses for Cubase LE and AI, which came bundled with a few unrelated hardware purchases (new RME interface, etc). So I installed AI on my laptop just to have Cubase, but the...
  24. Lunacy Audio

    40% Off CUBE by Lunacy Audio (Save $100) – July 4th Sale

    July 4th Sale – 40% Off CUBE It’s a revolution! In honor of the 4th of July, Lunacy Audio has dumped all of our British co-founder's tea into the Los Angeles municipal water supply and we aren't stopping there. Exercise your liberty and take 40% off your purchase of our plug-in, CUBE, this 4th...
  25. Ben

    Upgrade Your Summer - Up to 60% Off Upgrades to VI Full Libraries

    Save up to 60% on upgrades from VI Series Standard Libraries to Full Libraries, only through August 2, 2021! Check out the entire price-list here: And when visiting the product pages make sure to be logged-in to see your personal...
  26. NocturneSounds

    Ends tomorrow! 🎹 50% off Nocturne Baby Grand Piano

    Our gorgeous baby grand piano is now available with a massive 50% discount - just £19.99! (usually £39.99) This is a beautiful six-foot Yamaha baby grand that has a warm, woody tone and true sympathetic resonance. "Really nice piano this one. Warm and resonant and cleverly scripted, and light...
  27. FKVStudio

    For Sale Komplete 12 Ultimate Update

    I sell my Komplete 12 Ultimate update. The sale price is $ 115. Those interested can contact me privately.
  28. lexiaodong

    For Sale Valhalla Room plugin

    $40, Paypay direct payment,PM.
  29. L

    For Sale U-he Diva $90

    Payments through PayPal. buyer pays Paypal fees. For Sale U-he Diva: $90
  30. H

    For Sale Digital Performer 10 License - $340

    Hi all! I'm selling my DP10 license (latest version) for £240/ €280/ $340. Cheers
  31. Ben

    BBO: Bundle up to 35% Off + 30 days demo licenses - Synchron Elite Strings Intro price extended

    We just completed the Big Bang Orchestra Bundle by releasing the BBO: Ymir - Children's Choir. And to celebrate this we lowered the prices up to 35% off. Get the bundle here during this month to get BBO: Ymir and BBO: Zodiac included for free! (Promotional Price: € 1690) Additionally each...
  32. willbedford

    [SALE] Fracture Sounds 5th birthday celebration

    Our 5th birthday is coming up this month, and to celebrate we are running a storewide sale! Get up to 40% off with bundles, or 15% off individual products with coupon code '5YEARS' Ends April 30th. Find out more at
  33. Ben

    Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 Sale (April 2021)

    Through May 3, 2021 Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 is on sale: - First license: € 145 (regular €195) - Additional license: € 65 (regular: €95) Get it here: There is also a keyless demo version available on the website, so make sure to...
  34. Ben

    VSL Easter Special: Up to 40% off Special Editions and Smart Series

    You will find all information and prices here: And stay tuned for more! :) Best, Ben
  35. Ben

    SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds + BBO Woodwinds Sale | FREE 30 days demo

    The SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds + the BBO Woodwinds are on Sale + you can get 30 days demos for free on the product pages! SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds + FREE Expansion Set - 345 EUR (reg. 445 EUR) BBO: Neptune - Tutti Woodwinds 65 EUR (reg. 95 EUR) BBO: Orion - Woodwind Ensembles...
  36. Ben

    VSL Strings Sale - Discounts on all Synchron & SYNCHRON-ized Strings

    Spring is in the air! Take advantage of fresh offers on all Synchron and SYNCHRON-ized String libraries and save up to 35% through April 1, 2021! Great offers on our multi-microphone Synchron Strings Libraries: Synchron Strings Pro, € 310 / € 495 (€445 / €740) -> 33% off Synchron Strings I...
  37. Ben

    February 2021: Up to 35% Off All VI Libraries + Synchron Stage MIRx Extension

    To celebrate the release of MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna, including 2 variations with classical and Synchron compatible seating, all libraries powered by the Vienna Instruments player are up to 35% off! Here is a walkthrough comparing the difference in sound of the MIRx venues: Check out the...
  38. Ben

    SALE: BBO: Andromeda Expansion Set & Dimension Strings + Bonus Content

    Yes - Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda is getting an expansion set - and if you already have Andromeda, it’s simply a free download for you here! Not so lucky and still missing BBO: Andromeda? It’s now on sale, so get it here! BBO: Andromeda’s Con Sordino Expansion Set focuses on the quiet side...
  39. P

    For Sale For Sale : Native Instruments Session Guitar Series (X4), Kontakt 6 update from 5, PRICE DROPS!!

    Have just upgraded to K13U , thus I have some individual products available from NI - Mostly the Session Guitar Series. Session Guitar Acoustic Strummer £30 Session Guitar Acoustic Strummer 2 SOLD Session Guitar Picked Acoustic £50 SOLD Session Guitar Electric Deluxe £ SOLD Kontakt 6 update...
  40. Time+Space

    Free AAS Solids Sound Pack when you shop at Time+Space + up to 87% off in our Festive Sale!

    Spend over £10/$10/€10 at Time+Space this Christmas and you'll receive AAS' Solids Chromaphone 3 Sound Pack worth £28.95 for FREE! Simply place your order as normal and shortly afterwards you'll receive a separate email with a discount code to 'buy' Solids for free! ABOUT AAS SOLIDS Solids...
  41. Ben

    Sale extended 07.01.2021 - MIR Pro & CFX + Pummerin Bell Freebie

    MIR Pro is on sale starting right now until the end of the year! Combined with the current 3+1 Voucher sale you can save up to almost 50% compared to the regular price! Already a MIR user? This is a great time and opportunity to get additional roompacks. And if you are already a lucky owner of...
  42. P

    CLOSED SOLD Native Instruments Komplete Select 13 For Sale Includes Massive | The Gentleman Piano + more

    Got a SS61 MK2 KK keyboard, and as I already have all the products I am selling my Select 13 License - Never Registered . Take a look here for all the instruments and EFX included - Will accept £85 over...
  43. SoundYeti

    All Sound Yeti Plugins - On Sale Now!

    There is still time to save on all of our music software... Find your signature sound today, only at!
  44. SoundYeti

    All Sound Yeti Plug-ins On Sale Now!

    There is still time to save on all of our music software... Find your sound today, only at!
  45. M_Helder

    SWAM Violin license

    Hi, I am currently in the process of cleaning the shop , trying to sell off the instruments that I don't really use anymore. - SWAM Violin license - 99$ (via PayPal). Current price is at 129$. You get a full license via official Audio Modelling account. Here is the info from support: The...
  46. SoundYeti

    Sound Yeti Storewide Black Friday Sale

    Find out for yourselves why our users stand by our plugins.. Get inspired today with Sound Yeti. Save BIG on all plugins now through December 4th only when you visit
  47. JHughesMusic

    Newly Built (Spring 2020) PC for sale

    Hello all! I recently built a PC in April for running large film scoring projects but am wanting to move over to Apple as my preferred platform. Here are the specs (with hyperlinks to the hardware): - Intel i9-9900k Processor 8 Cores/16 threads 3.6 GHz w/ overclock speeds up to 5.0 Turbo...
  48. Cory Pelizzari

    Afflatus Strings 1.3 Update

    Get them here:
  49. willbedford

    Fracture Sounds Black Friday sale

    The Fracture Sounds Black Friday sale has begun! Save 15% on individual libraries, or up to 40% with bundles. Ends November 29th. More info at
  50. SoundYeti

    Sound Yeti Storewide Sale - 30-50% off ALL products

    Now through December 4th, you can save BIG on all products in store. Find your signature sound today - Only at!
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