1. Muluku S.

    How to live without you (emotional music)

    Hi guys, here a track i made early ! can i have some feebacks ? :)
  2. ChrisSiuMusic

    The 'Hopeful' Chord

    Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite chords to play. This one is really special because it gives us a hopeful and almost pining feeling. Please enjoy!!
  3. Muluku S.

    Forever, is that a myth ?

    Hi guys, here a new track from me. Please can i have some thoughts on it ? please keep in mind i'm a newbie composer ^^ !
  4. Jorgakis

    Ophelia's Theme (CSS+HW Orch Perc+Grandeur)

    Hi, this is my latest track inspired by the Crimson Peak OST and Desplat's "Girl with a pearl earring". Hope you like it greetings, Jorgo
  5. Zokra

    Sad Valentine Track

    Made a sad track for Valentine's Day ;d Tell me what you think!
  6. Simon Daum

    Piano & Emotional Soundtrackmusic or for some soundsamples also visit youtube. Thanks for the interest, and look foreward to make a difference
  7. angeruroth

    Before the rain - My first track here

    Just something I wanted to share with you all, a little piece about feelings before raining. Any feedback, of course, is very welcome, but I just needed to share it.
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