1. Duncan Formosa

    Turning lockdown into music

    Thought that it was about time to put everything I've been feeling about lockdown and turning it into music. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.
  2. angeruroth

    I'll miss you - A sad and emotional piece using Sonva, BDT, Tundra and Aone

    Sometimes words are not enough, or you are not able to say what you feel, but music can express so much in such a short time... Although, in this case, I think I'd need a lot more than a 4' track to convey everything I'd like to say, because sadness cannot exist without joy, and both are not...
  3. Muluku S.

    How to live without you (emotional music)

    Hi guys, here a track i made early ! can i have some feebacks ? :)
  4. ChrisSiuMusic

    The 'Hopeful' Chord

    Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite chords to play. This one is really special because it gives us a hopeful and almost pining feeling. Please enjoy!!
  5. Muluku S.

    Forever, is that a myth ?

    Hi guys, here a new track from me. Please can i have some thoughts on it ? please keep in mind i'm a newbie composer ^^ !
  6. Jorgakis

    Ophelia's Theme (CSS+HW Orch Perc+Grandeur)

    Hi, this is my latest track inspired by the Crimson Peak OST and Desplat's "Girl with a pearl earring". Hope you like it greetings, Jorgo
  7. Zokra

    Sad Valentine Track

    Made a sad track for Valentine's Day ;d Tell me what you think!
  8. Simon Daum

    Piano & Emotional Soundtrackmusic or for some soundsamples also visit youtube. Thanks for the interest, and look foreward to make a difference
  9. angeruroth

    Before the rain - My first track here

    Just something I wanted to share with you all, a little piece about feelings before raining. Any feedback, of course, is very welcome, but I just needed to share it.
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