1. beyd770

    Spitfire people: BML vs SSW/SSB

    I've noticed in the walkthroughs of the older BML libraries, that the outrigger-mics are included, while in the new "symphonic"-brand, they are not (only in expansion packs). Are there any other differences going on under the hood? Same samples, new GUI? Say f.ex Spitfire Audio - BML 101 Flute...
  2. E

    Thoughts on Spitfire Chamber Strings, VSL Dimension, Berlin, Cinematic Studio Strings

    Apologies up front for asking what must be a common question from a noob. Which library do you like the best from this list and why? I'm new to the forum and have listened to what seems like countless sound demos of the various string libraries on manufacturers websites, youtube and this forum...
  3. cliffordmartin

    New mix edit?

    Remix of an old composition that became un-mixable due to balancing problems between the voices and the orchestra. Any help on 'Mixing/Mastering" Voices with Orchestra? Warning:It suddenly goes Loud!
  4. anderslink

    Has anyone had this flautando legato bug with Sable volumes 1, 2, and 3 installation???

    Here is a description of the problem as I posted it on Spitfire's forum. I'm trying to fix it asap so any help would be nice. "I have downloaded Sable v1, 2, and 3 a bunch of times now and I am still having a problem with the "VC - Legato Decorative palette (vol1+3).nki" and "V2 - Legato...
  5. blougui

    Sable Ensembles : any users ?

    Any users of Sable ensemble here to give me a hint at how ingeniously programmed this collection is, how much the ease-of-use-factor has been tailored in, how free minded we can travel our keys from a to g with both hands with the company of a so consistent sound that the word "ensemble" could...
  6. Vik

    Poll: Berlin Strings vs Spitfire (playability and sound)

    There were some comparisons on this forum around when Mural and Berlin Strings were launched. Since then, both have been updated and additional volumes have been released from both companies. I ended up with Mural, and based on my sound preferences (based on demos; I don't have Berlin Strings)...