1. Karsten Laser

    Video Slave (now Video Sync) Audio Monitoring - how?

    Hello fellow composers, I recently changed my workflow from having the video in my Cubase sessions to using Non Lethal Applications Video Sync 5. I run VideoSync on a separate MacMini, synced via MTC. At first: Video Slave is awesome and works very well and stable, but I struggle with the...
  2. SwedishPug

    How do you simulate wide mics?

    Hey everybody, hope you're well. I was wondering what people do to simulate wide microphones in their DAW (because many sample libraries don't include wide mics). I know that there must be a way but I can't quite figure out how to do it naturally or optimally. Thank you! I've learned so...
  3. Anevis

    Saving multi-track presets with routed ouput?

    Is there a way in Cubase 10 to save multi-tracks with a routed output. What I´m looking for is that I three tracks (highlighted in the picture) which I want to go into a group track -> "Brass Stab" (also highlighted) and then go to stereo output, but I want to save as a preset the whole Brass...
  4. K

    Routing in Kontakt, pan & EQ pre-post Send FX - solutions

    Hello. Many have asked before and I have tried to get around it but the send fx cannot be stereo modelled as they go straight as-is to the outputs. Is there any workaround for this? Like Midi CC control of aux bus returns etc, that can be done on the UI? The solution I can think of is...
  5. quickbrownf0x

    [Cubase 10] Odd behaviour when using group channels - no signal in 5.1 when panned to the right

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone a lot smarter than I am could help me solve this issue. So here I am, working on my new template in Cubase 10 during the holidays - as you do and; - I select a track, any track, any patch - like the Spitfire Horn patch in my attached screenshot. - I pan...

    8DIO 66 TUBAS - Routing Outputs

    Hi fellow VI-Control'ers, I have 8DIO's 66 Tubas and enjoying using their various samples. However, we're scratching our heads as to how to route the different Mics to different Kontakt channels. I was hoping it would be as simple as the method used by Spitfire Audio or similar - simply...
  7. fretti

    Cubase: Ascending channel numbers for new midi tracks

    Hi all! I really hope I can describe it so everybody understands what I mean: I'm currently building my "master-template" and have the following "problem": when adding multiple midi tracks they always start at the channel of the last track +1. So if I add 5 tracks they are all channeled from...
  8. W

    LA Scoring strings (or any) Setup outputs for each section.

    I like having each instrument section in it's own kontakt instance. (Basses on one, vln on one, etc.).. How should I go about routing my outputs for them? Say I have only Bass Spicattos that I'm playing all at once (A,B,C sections all playing at once). Should I route them all to one output and...
  9. hozierschurch

    Basic Reverb Routing

    Hi all. With a large-ish orchestral template (using summing stacks in LPX), do you route Reverb via 'Send' or 'Output'? From what I can see 'Send' gives you individual control of Reverb but you hear 2 lots of sound (source + reverb) whereas Output uses 100% of signal and to my ears sounds better?
  10. beyd770

    Mike Verta Masterclass: Bleeding reverb in Cubase

    Hey guys! How can I make the dry signal from f.ex my trumpets, but also the reverb, bleed into other groups of instruments in Cubase (in this case the trombones)? I have 3 instances of trumpets set up, all routed to a Group Track, called Trumpets. I have the same with the trombones, and...
  11. Steinmetzify

    Routing Kontakt in Reaper?

    Was watching some demos of Gravity on the Heavyocity site and then the DJ walk through from a couple years ago, and it looked to me like these guys had multiple instances of Gravity on one track...or all of their instances of it on one track, routed out to different ones. Being a noob at this...
  12. Daniel Petras

    Mass Routing in Reaper

    It's possible in Reaper to route multiple tracks to a new channel at a time, however by default they all go to channels 1/2. Would anyone know if there is a way to route all these tracks at once to say 3/4, 5/6, etc. instead of having to change all channels individually?
  13. M

    VE Pro Template - Routing & KK

    Hey all! I'm in the process of building a VE Pro 6 template. My current main DAW is Digital Performer, but I also want to be able to use it with Cubase. For this reason, I am using VST Kontakt instances (virtually all of my libraries are Kontakt, with the exception of Omnisphere and some EW...

    MIDI vs AUX for composing/mixing.

    TL;DR - Aux vs MIDI, which is better with VEP routing in Logic Pro? ––––– I’m working in Logic X with VEP 6 & mostly Kontakt libraries on the PC Slave. In VEP I’m using 1 instance per 1 library instrument family (SCS Ensembles, SCS Vl1, SCS Vla, Albion ONE, Mural Vl1….) Multiple instances of...
  15. windyweekend

    Routing in VEP & Cubase - I'm clueless

    I come on humble bended knee to the wise ones for their sage advice - I've recently entered the world of VEP and have discovered by familiar routing workflow in Cubase no longer holds water and am now clueless how to apply individual FX on a single track using VEP. I used to use just Track...
  16. D

    What mics to use with Altiverb

    I have a few mixing questions 1. Mics: how do you deal the different mics? do you use close+tree+room for play/write and close for mixing? if I use close+tree+room in Altiverb and the mix is set to 100% it sounds way too wet but I read it is wrong to touch the mix amount (i.e. reduce to 30%) so...
  17. N

    Cubase 8.5 VEP 6 and your routing pref?

    Hey guys. I'm messing around with my template, and I want to know what you guys do! I'm using cubase 8.5 and VEP 6, but I believe I have been routing my instruments inefficiently. Back when I was using Pro Tools for everything (I know, I know), You could route all of the midi channels in the...
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