1. Bluemount Score

    Room tone audio files?

    I'm searching for simple, long room tone recordings to lay under my orchestral tracks for quite moments. Nothing too fancy. Ideas where to find something like that? Thank you!
  2. Bluemount Score

    Valhalla Room - favorite settings / presets

    Just got my hands on the Valhalla Room reverb and I really like it so far. Do you own and use it? What are the settings / presets you use? Any tipps maybe? :)
  3. Kubler

    Sony Room Tone : how to use it ?

    Hi everyone ! I discovered this freebie recently and was a bit puzzled at first. I guess it is meant to add an element of realism and cohesiveness to a mix made of perfectly processed virtual libraries. I read someone's comment that said it added some kind of subtle "texture" to the sound...
  4. 1

    Anyone using ASC - Acoustic Science Corporation? (Acoustic treatment company)

    Hey everyone! :D Like the title says, is there anyone using ASC - Acoustic Science Corporation to treat their mixing rooms? Have not heard a single bad review of their stuff so far, but would like to know more opinions. The prices are pretty steep and I'm wondering if it's overpriced or if it's...
  5. d.healey

    Room tone / Hall noise

    How do you add room/hall noise to your mock-ups? I've been using Cinesamples room tone instrument they released a few years ago but I want to know what other options are available. I'm curious to know if this kind of thing can be done effectively just using noise generators or similar processors.
  6. Pasticcio

    How to deal with windows?(no, not Microsoft)

    Hey, So I moved to a new place around 2 months ago and are just getting started improving this place for recording/mixing purposes. Unfortunately there's alot of windows in this room, which is a big downside, especially since I'm planning to do alot of acosutic recordings here(vocals, guitars...