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  1. P

    How should I acoustically treat my attic room?

    Hello, I'm about to get top quality monitors but first I want to ensure that my room is treated acoustically so that I can get the best out of the mixing experience My room is quite atypical since I live in an attic with a slanted ceiling on one side with a window in the middle, and a flat wall...
  2. B

    Need Studio Monitors/Treatment help

    Hello, I am currently in need of finding out exactly what monitors I would need for my room. Currently, the room I'm using is 9x11 Feet. It has no treatment whatsoever, so it has the most high pitch, annoying reverb that makes anything annoying. I was looking into soundproofing in a...
  3. 1

    Anyone using ASC - Acoustic Science Corporation? (Acoustic treatment company)

    Hey everyone! :D Like the title says, is there anyone using ASC - Acoustic Science Corporation to treat their mixing rooms? Have not heard a single bad review of their stuff so far, but would like to know more opinions. The prices are pretty steep and I'm wondering if it's overpriced or if it's...
  4. NathanTiemeyer

    Acoustic Room Treatment for New Studio - What am I doing?

    Hey all! I've been reading up lately here and several other places on what to do and what not to do when it comes to acoustic treatment. My room is a square, a 12 ft by 10 ft old bedroom which is soon becoming my new studio. I work almost exclusively with virtual instruments and only record...
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