1. ChrisSiuMusic

    My NEW Template for Orchestral Scoring. Updated For 2022!

    I'm not a huge template guy, but I've just updated mine for general purpose scoring. What are some must-haves in your template?
  2. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Most Romantic String Library! What do you use?

    Hey everyone! Today’s video is definitely a passion project - the most romantic string library! We’ll do a comparison of my 3 favourite libs for romantic string lines, and feel free to let me know what your choices are, and what you use. Enjoy!
  3. gh0stwrit3r

    Thinking of You - Gh0stwrit3r & [email protected]♪♪(まっきぃ)[Romantic Music]

    The beauty of music is that it brings people together. From all over the world! It’s an universal language to which we all can connect. A couple of months ago I met @[email protected]♪♪(まっきぃ) She is a wonderful pianist from Japan playing outstanding improvisations. Music that speaks to the heart and...
  4. Taj Mikel

    Jaanu - Romantic Emotional Hybrid Orchestral

    Whoah! Been a little bit since I signed in. Cool, clean new look! :D I made this song for my fiance. It's probably the most emotional and best track that I've produced. It's not perfect but songs never are, maybe especially songs like these. When writing it, I wanted to keep it very simple...
  5. AdamSold

    A waltz for you /work in progress

    Hey everyone! I have a piano piece here, not finished yet. Im trying to take it to the next level like add some orchestral Instruments, str and ww but each time i tried I ended up like the piano alone is still the best version. IF u guys have some good advice how to improve it, im listening :)
  6. AdamSold

    Its only a Memory /epic-romantic-emotional-piano

    I finally finished my newest piece. Its a short one again. Feedbacks are always welcome!
  7. S

    Love Like This - neo soul instrumental

    Let me know what you think peeps. I'll gladly return any feedback if you drop a link of your own.
  8. Jean Phi

    Best string libraries for soaring and intense vibrato?

    Hi everybody, lots of sales at the moment (Lass, agitato 70% off, VSL Cine Strings 25%off ...) and I decide to buy my firt strings full orchestral librairy, I'm listening to every demos and reading every forum and well boy.... Now I can't choose anything and I spent days studying this !!! At...
  9. MOMA

    "The Unpredictable Journeys of Archibald Whim" – a favourite theme in raw costume

    Hello! Now this is a gamble. I did work on this theme for a suite called "The Unpredictable Journeys of Archibald Whim" when most of my machines broke down, leaving me with Natives Essentials and some woodwinds and brass from the same basic quality. Still the theme itself I do think is a strong...
  10. E.Heart

    My mother died. I composed this Serenade for Strings for her...

    My mother Annemarie died on July 6th, 2017. I composed this Serenade for Strings for her, which was played at her funeral. It expresses the emotions I felt when faced with this final goodbye. This music also tries to express the silence and beauty which is beyond life and death. It begins in a...
  11. Grim_Universe

    Orchestral music for film "White Day" (Cinematic Studio Strings, Berlin WW, etc.) *updated*

    Hi, guys! At last I finished music for my first short film called "White Day", where I participate as a composer. It was a very long way to go, because when the director asked me to compose music for his film I was faced with a problem: I had absolutely no clue how to write music for deep...
  12. K

    Creation - Holly music composition

    This is my new track check it out here:
  13. E

    New demo VSL cello2

    New demo here for the cello in a very exposed setting: cello and piano in Gounod's Ave Maria. Placement and verb: SPAT, no further EQ inplemented. It is what it is. Piano: Garritan Steinway. And yes, I know, nothing will ever replace the real thing. But to me this new VSL instrument has more...
  14. Oliolijanko


    Hi everyone! This is one of my piano pieces I'd love to share with you. I composed the main melody sometime in 2013 I think it was february, but It wasn't finished until late 2014. Now it's a consistent piece of my live performance's repertoire and a fan-favorite :) This video is made by a...
  15. C

    Capriccio for piano and orchestra

    This is my first full length orchestral work with a virtual orchestra. It contains full woodwinds, brass, strings and percussion, and of course, a piano. The libraries are East West and the piano is a Yamaha C7 (9ft), chosen for its ability to cut through. The piece starts out as a romantic...
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