1. hbjdk

    For Sale Liquidsonics Seventh Heaven Professional

    I'm selling this reverb in order to raise money for a much needed pc upgrade. It requires cloud or ilok dongle, and I'm asking $175 via Paypal, which is what I paid for it myself. I will take care of the $10 license transfer fee to Liquidsonics. If interested, PM me for further procedure...
  2. filipjonathan

    Orchestra reverb

    Hey guys! A quick question. When you're using an aux reverb with your sampled orchestra, how do you eq the verb? Do you cut everything below 100Hz? 80? 50? I would normally cut everything below 300Hz when mixing pop music but since I'm new to the orchestral stuff, I wasn't sure if you actually...
  3. T

    Need reverb advice for libs like OT Mark, BWW, CSS, etc

    Edit: was able to answer my own questions
  4. darkneo57

    Wich reverb for cinematic music ( Lexicon PCM , space II )

    hi I'm french, 34 yo, piano teacher, I am a beginner in computer music. I'm looking for good reverb. It would be to make rather cinematic music( film scoring, video games music...) . Could you advice me please. what is the most appropriate reverb for making cinematic music...? For a beginner...
  5. xanderscores

    Is MIR still a useful tool with so many "reverbed" libraries out there?

    I have a question, a fairly basic (hopefully not stupid) one: Since most libraries these days have several mic positions and therefore include the reverb and the positioning of the instrument (section) within the orchestra - is there still use for a tool like MIR? Would it add anything to my...
  6. ag75

    Lexicon reverb bundle $99
  7. jrrshop

    IZotope introductory sale and 50% off all Lexicon plugins

    iZotope Dialogue Match and RX Post Production Suite 4 introductory sale: 50% off Lexicon reverbs and effects:
  8. B

    Cubase: Can't get Send for FX (Reverb) to work

    Hi everyone, I switched to Cubase Pro 10 yesterday, and although the learning curve is quite steep, it also feels very intuitive. No regrets. Now, the one thing I can't figure out, is how to get the FX track to "work". I inserted Spaces II for a simple little reverb plugin on the "Inserts"...
  9. V

    Need help with early reflections...

    Hey everybody, I’ve been doing a deep dive and trying to learn as much as I can about reverb and using sends (instead of just putting a reverb on the instrument channel). One thing I’ve seen a lot of people do is create multiple sends for different types of reverbs or for different instrument...
  10. jrrshop

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    72% off Eventide SP2016 reverb time machine, now $69 instead of $249: The SP2016 reverbs have attracted a loyal user base by using a particular blend of art and science - the end result is an effect that sounds natural and distinctive. The plug-in...
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    Up to 88% off Eventide

    Up to 88% off Eventide, starting at $19: Eventide OCTAVOX 8-Voice Harmonizer Plugin $49 Eventide Physion Transient and Tonal Shaper $49 Eventide Precision Time Align $19 Eventide Quadravox Harmonizer $29 Eventide UltraChannel...
  12. G

    VEPro with Logic - Create a Reverb send with VEP hosting the reverb

    I'm trying to figure out how to create a reverb send in Logic. But I want the reverb unit to be in a VEPro instance and then on a track in Logic I can use a bus to send a part of the signal to it. From videos I've seen I've only seen how to use the Audio Event to switch the output form a track...
  13. jrrshop

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    Up to 84% off select Nomad Factory, including the popular 80's Spaces for just $29: 75% off BBE Stomp Board and Sonic Sweet, starting at $29: 60% off all Ina-GRM...
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    80% off Metric Halo Production Bundle, now $149 instead of $699 exclusively at JRR Shop and only while supplies last: Includes 8 fantastic sounding plugins that will help you bring your work to new levels: ChannelStrip: Put a Million...
  15. jrrshop

    80% off Best Service and Beatskillz

    80% off Best Service Lexicon Legends 224XL and 480L Halls of Fame 3 reverb bundle, now $21 instead of $99: 80% off Best Service Voyager Drums, now $21 instead of $99: 80% off Beatskillz...
  16. jrrshop

    Zynaptiq Adaptiverb $149

    35% off Zynaptiq Adaptiverb, now $149 instead of $229: Harmonic Tracking Resynthesis Reverb ADAPTIVERB is a revolutionary reflections-less reverberation plugin. Unlike traditional reflection-based acoustic room modeling, ADAPTIVERB adds perceived...
  17. S


    Sold already
  18. SwedishPug

    Using Lexicon Reverb with Orchestral Samples

    Hi! I recently purchased Lexicon PCM Native (with the hopes of someday owning the hardware version) and I was wondering if anybody has advice on how best to use it with orchestral music. Anything that would save me some headaches down the line would be super helpful haha For example, from...
  19. amadeus1

    Rematrix - Algorithmic and Convolution Reverb

    Hey guys, Here's an overview of the ReMatrix reverb. Thanks, Bill
  20. ILIO_Official

    REmatrix - $149 for One Week Only

    Want greater control over your reverb? Combine five separate IRs inside REmatrix and create a new, unique space without the phase issues! With REmatrix, you'll approach reverb with a brand new perspective and craft both distinct and unparalleled textures. $339 Just $149 for one week only...
  21. SwedishPug

    Mixing Convolution and Algorithmic Reverb

    I was wondering what people around here do when they mix real and algorithmic reverb. I want my mix to feel vast and spacious while still having clarity. I've heard that some put an algorithmic reverb on their convolution reverb? Early Reflections -> Reverb -> Algorithmic Reverb And I heard...
  22. transverb

    FS: Waves Abbey Roads Chamber and PuigTec EQ WTB: TDR Nova GE + TDR Kotelnikov

    Abbey Roads Chambers - $22 (WUP - Sept, 2019) - Transfer fee incl. PuigTec EQ - $35 (WUP - June 26, 2019) - Transfer fee incl. I'm a long time member and have a perfect selling / buyer record and feedback (GS, KVR, etc). PayPal friend & family or kindly add 5% thanks WTB: TDR Nova GE + TDR...
  23. SwedishPug

    What reverb does Joe Hisaishi use?

    I was listening to Joe Hisaishi recently (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away in particular) and obviously he is a tremendous composer but I was paying particular attention to the reverb. It sounds so lush and vast without getting messy. Anybody have a guess at what reverb his scores tend to...
  24. A

    Thoughts on exponential audio Verbs?

    Guys and Girls, What are you thoughts on these reverbs? They're currently on sale, and there is are excellent bundle offers from Izotope as well. FYI, I currently own Valhalla Room and Acon Verberate 2... I've demoed the EA verbs but think maybe my ears aren't sharp enough to hear the...
  25. jadedsean

    Plugin Alliance dearVR music €69

    what are people’s the thoughts on this plugin, sounds very cool. I was thinking of using it for the early reflections part of my template before I sent to a hall reverb. The price seems great though...
  26. SwedishPug

    Altiverb Orchestra Tips?

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if anybody has advice on how to best use Altiverb for orchestral music. I started learning about how to do the positioning recently and it has been fascinating. Anybody have tips about Altiverb I should know? Perhaps something that will help with realism or...
  27. willbedford

    I'm working on a reverb algorithm - 'Abyss'

    For the last couple of days I've been foraying into reverb algorithm design. This is new territory for me - I've done some basic DSP in the past, but nothing to this extent. I did of reading into the basic concepts, but Abyss is mostly a result of my own experimentation. The goal was to make an...
  28. SwedishPug

    Orchestral Instrument Wetness

    What do you think the most and least 'wet' (reverb) instruments are? Bonus points if you list them in order from most to least! I've been working on a new template and this would help a lot. Thanks!
  29. Aleela

    Waves Silver bundle

    What are your opinions about Waves Silver bundle? Is it enough for film scoring? Or are there other essential plugins to be taken separately from Waves? What are the essential plugins?
  30. Phryq

    Options for "dry" composers

    So right now the strings options for someone who uses only dry samples are VSL Dimension Strings / Chamber Strings Christ Hein Strings Sample Modeling (by layering many many instances and automating a lot) LASS NI Symphonic Strings Ensemble Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit Am I missing...
  31. APD

    Get 82% off MTurbo Comp + Reverb Bundle by MeldaProduction

    For just $99.99, get this epic deal featuring 2 world-class tools: a compressor tool and a reverb tool from MeldaProduction at an amazing 82% off ($466 savings)! MTurboComp is the ultimate compressor, which emulates most of the classic vintage analogue compressors while MTurboReverb is a...
  32. danilocff

    Knob working in Kontakt 5 but not in Kontakt 6

    Hello, I just released my first instrument and one of the customers reported the reverb knob not working on Kontakt 6, despite functioning perfectly fine on Kontakt 5. I tried it on the Player and confirmed this issue. Any idea of what's going on?
  33. Callum Hoskin

    Reverb Sends Logic - Best Way???

    At the moment I have my tracks routed to reverbs, through auxiliary sends, and the tracks outputed to a bus. Eg: Violins I Legato goes to the Valhalla aux and is outputed to the UpperStringsLong bus. The problem is when I bounce out my section buses as stems they are 100% dry I wanted to know if...
  34. P

    Lexicon MPX Native Reverb not working with Reaper

    I am using Windows 10 and Reaper. I have an Ilok 3, and am pretty sure I did everything to correctly register the serial number of this product. I cannot seem to get Reaper to recognize this plugin. I didn't get a choice of where to install this, so I am wondering if it may have put the dll...
  35. jrrshop

    Free sample packs, presets packs, & reverb plugin with purchase

    Free JRR Sounds sample or preset packs with any purchase of $29 or more. Simply add a pack to your cart when checking out and the discount will be applied automatically: Free NOS Roomer reverb with any purchase of $199 or above...
  36. mcpepe

    How do you use the reverb?

    So how do you use the reverb/reverbs? -Do you use the reverb from the built-in hall mics from the sample library? -Do you use a reverb plugin and only use the close mics? or hall mics + reverb plugin? -Do you use an insert reverb and a send reverb? only a send reverb? -A short different reverb...
  37. mbagalacomposer

    Vss3 vs vsr24

    Hey! Sorry if this has already been a topic but been demoing the VSR24 and dig it a lot, but watched through Christian Henson's reverb rundown vid and liked the sound/was intrigued by the VSS3 and the history its connected to. Anyone who's used both have some thoughts about how they stack up...
  38. C

    Ambient delay/reverb cloud using MXXX

    This is just a tutorial I made on how to make a pitch shifted ambient sound using effects from melda's MXXX. If you have any questions or comments let me know.
  39. B

    Sample Modelling EQ/Reverb journey

    Hi All, So I've been dabbling in and out of the Sample Modelling thing for the past while. There is some info around the place but a lot of people throwing around 'a bit of EQ' and other things like that. Maybe I'm a total idiot but I never managed to have a lot of success with just a bit of EQ...
  40. beyd770

    Help needed: Mixing Adventure Strings with Caspian Brass?

    I just bought AS (after reading this thread among others (thanks @NoamL!)), and love them so far! Also I got Caspian a while back, and want to build a really efficient and easy template with maximum playability and less fidgeting to focus on composing. As a beginner, I don't have huge demands...
  41. I

    Mixing with reverb dillema

    Hello, everyone! I find myself caught up in the same dilemma over and over so i figured i would get some opinions from far more experienced and talented people: I´d like to know what you find yourself doing more often/what do you think sounds better in general: 1 - Using instruments/patches...
  42. aaronventure

    Orchestral Mixing: Spitfire (a live mixing course)

    Hey everyone! I'd like to announce the release of my "Orchestral Mixing: Spitfire" video course. So you have your Spitfire Audio libraries and they sound great, you're just missing that expressive solo trumpet, prefer a different horn patch or you recorded one or more players in a smaller, dry...
  43. higgs

    SOLD: Zynaptiq Adaptiverb

    I am selling Zynaptiq Adaptiverb. It's a cool and creative reverb but I'm just not using it much - more information here. License transfer is done within ilok license manage and there are no fees for transfer. You will need to have an ilok account established before I can transfer. Once...
  44. hozierschurch

    Do you compose wet or dry?

    It might be the most basic of questions but I'm curious to know whether people tend to compose (and/or orchestrate) with reverb or whether this is best left to the mixing stage - and the benefits of doing it either way?
  45. jrrshop

    Up to 73% off PSP StompDelay, StompFilter, & PianoVerb2

    Up to 73% off PSP StompDelay, StompFilter, and PianoVerb2, now $19 each until May 1:
  46. Grim_Universe

    A Tribute to the Two Steps From Hell music.

    Well, I think have to tell you a short story about the process of creation of this track. Originally I just composed music for audiojungle, and sometimes I like what I do, as in this case. So I started to orchestrate this thing and actually remembered one of the Two Steps From Hell pieces, which...
  47. jrrshop

    Up to 75% off Eventide, Akai, Nomad Factory, & Plug & Mix

    65% off Eventide Blackhole reverb plugin, now $69 instead of $99: 60% off Akai MPC software, now available for the first time for everybody and compatible with any MIDI controller (no Akai MPC hardware required)...
  48. A

    Realism in Orchestral Tracks

    This might sound like a very basic question, but I've been yet to find anything on the internet that provides me a decent solution or workaround. Let me inform you of my situation first - I'm 17 and have been dabbling in orchestration since I was 14. At the moment I am using a combination of...
  49. jrrshop

    Up to 80% off IRCAM Lab, Nomad Factory, Air Music Tech, Flux, Plug & Mix, & more

    Up to 80% off IRCAM Lab, now get The Snail for $19.99 or TS for $49.99: Up to 73% off Nomad Factory Garbage LSD, Drum Tools, 80's Spaces, and all Analog Studio Rack plugins and bundle, with all individual ASR plugins $19 each...
  50. hozierschurch

    Audio FX Best Practise

    Hey guys, Currently I'm using folder stacks to organise groups of instruments (winds, synths, percussion e.t.c.) and using sends for reverb before routing to the final mix. Aiming to achieve the 'big trailer sound' as a project but I guess these questions could apply to anything really ... Is...