retrologue 2

  1. luigizaccheo

    Sound design and MIDI programming on Dua Lipa "Don't Start Now"

    hi everyone, this is a new demo on our music production lessons at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. Have a good listening.
  2. luigizaccheo


    Stranger Things music tutorial on sound synthesis for academic students of electronic music, sound engineering and computer music Reaktor Blocks Reaktor Monark 7 Retrologue 2 6 Massive Performed on Cubase Pro
  3. luigizaccheo

    Super Mario Bros reloaded on Steinberg Retrologue 2

    sound synthesis exercise for educational purpose the music and sound effects were made on the Retrologue synth
  4. I

    No longer for sale. Thank you.

    Hi everyone, I decided to hold on to Absolute 3 for a while longer. Thanks for looking!
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