remote desktop

  1. G

    RDP keeps dropping between my Mac and PC Slave (VEPro)

    So I got a new PC Slave. I have been using Mac mini Slaves before this. So I have an iMac as my main Master machine running Logic, and now an i7 PC that is the slave machine running VEPro server. Now everything is running fine between the Mac and PC with VEPro. My only problem is my PC is in...
  2. Phryq

    Using a laptop as a DAW controller over WIFI

    Hi guys, So I'm often traveling / moving to different countries. So I have an idea to build a Mini PC, and then use a laptop as a controller over WIFI. Does anyone have experience doing this? My play is to use ASUS H110T Mini-ATX Skylake 6700 32gb DDR4 Samsung 960 Evo SSD And control is with...