1. Loïc D

    Singapore 7PM (2020 reorch)

    Hi everyone ! Lately I've been reworking an old track, to give the orchestration, arrangement and mood I wanted but missed to produce in the original release. Any comment or feedback is welcome ! (and will be rewarded with a virtual Singapore Sling with the little paper umbrella) ____ And...
  2. jrrshop

    25% off the newly updated Acon Digital Acoustica 7.2 with AI Stem Separation

    25% off the newly updated Acon Digital Acoustica 7.2, now $44 for Standard or $149 for Premium: Acoustica 7.2 — now with Stem Separation Tools Acoustica 7 is the perfect solution for audio editing, mastering and restoration...
  3. DanielOutro

    Remix Competition with Free Samples

    Hey friends, Outro is running a remix competition using free samples from our site! Here's how it works: Download all three samples from Outro (they're free!) Chop, twist and slice the samples into a new track. All genres of music are game. Post the finished track in the comment section of...
  4. Kyle Preston

    Stranger Things Orchestrated

    Recently, I 'recomposed' the Stranger Things theme. Translating bleeps and bloops into strings and brass was a blast. Literally. I don't go full forte very often, but it's THE main theme of the show and I wanted to try something new.
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