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  1. Time+Space

    FINAL DAY! Our exclusive Easter offers are here - The Unfinished, Red Room Audio, Sound Yeti and more!

    Hi all We're kicking off the long Easter Weekend with a raft of exclusive offers with savings of up to 77%. The deals include… 50% off Red Room Audio Palette Melodics – a Kontakt Player instrument with 18 massively evocative melody-carrying combinations and instruments inspired by the great...
  2. will_m

    Video Review: Red Room Audio - Sounds From Hell Ambience and Underscore

    Here’s my review of one of the new Sounds from Hell packs from Red Room Audio:
  3. will_m

    Video Review: Red Room Audio - Traveller Series Gypsy Fiddle

    Hi guys, here's my video review of the Gypsy Violin from Red Room Audio. Great little library this, I don't really play anything in the intended style but its still a great sounding fiddle/violin with some really interesting articulations.
  4. ChrisSiuMusic

    Combining Fiddle & Big Band!? (Gypsy Fiddle Demo Breakdown)

    Hey friends! In today's video, we'll take a look at how I combined Red Room Audio's new Gypsy Fiddle and some big band from ProjectSam's Swing series together to create something kinda groovy. Really hope you enjoy it! :)
  5. Red Room Audio

    OUT NOW - Traveler Series Gypsy Fiddle

    Greetings! We're excited to announce the latest (and greatest?) addition to our Traveler Series, the Gypsy Fiddle. This is our 3rd fiddle and by far the deepest and most passionate of them all. Recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria, and co-produced by our friend George Strezov, we packed in 20 core &...
  6. Simeon

    Taking A Look At Symphonic AI - Livestream Replay

    Here is the edited version of yesterday’s livestream, taking a look at Symphonic AI from @Sample logic and @Red Room Audio , enjoy! Symphonic AI | Animated Intelligence For Kontakt | Sample Logic and Red Room Audio
  7. Time+Space

    55% off Red Room Audio Saga | 33% off Soundiron Hyperion String Elements

    Hi guys, we've got a couple of exclusive deals on some excellent Kontakt libraries/instruments this long Easter weekend! 55% off Red Room Audio SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion Provide impact and scale to your cinematic and trailer music with this extensive collection of thunderous drums...
  8. APD

    APD Offer: 67% Off Palette Bundle by Red Room Audio

    For just $199.99 (instead of $600), get PALETTE BUNDLE by Red Room Audio! This Kontakt Player bundle features PALETTE – MELODIC, PALETTE – ORCHESTRAL FX & PALETTE – RUNS & ARPS. All 3 were recently updated to version 1.2. Already own Palette Sketchpad? Complete your Palette collection! Palette...
  9. Thorsten Meyer

    Review of Cue Builders Cinematic Rhythms – a New Percussion Builder by Red Room Audio

    Review of Cue Builders Cinematic Rhythms – a New Percussion Builder by Red Room Audio Cue Builders Cinematic Rhythms Review In today’s review, we are looking at Cue...
  10. S

    Berlin Orchestra Inspire or Palette Symphonic Sketchpad?

    I'm getting back into composing, mostly just as a hobby atm. I need a good all in one orchestral library for Kontakt Player. I have looked at more or less all of the all in one libraries but I decided to narrow it down to these 2. I like that BOI is optimised to run on PCs with 8GB RAM (and I...
  11. reutunes

    FREE Palette Libraries from Red Room Audio - GIVEAWAY

    As a big fan of Red Room Audio I had to post about this. From the RRA facebook page... HUGE GIVEAWAY! Subscribe to the Red Room Audio YouTube channel before 19th April 2019 and be entered into our massive prize draw. 1 lucky subscriber will win the ENTIRE Palette range. 4 others will win a...
  12. peakeleven

    Palette Orchestral Series (Review + Video Demo)

    Hello Composers, Mike here! =) - Check out my video demo + review of Palette Orchestral Series: Sketchpad, Melodics, Runs & Arps and Orchestral FX. Super cool stuff. Sincerely, Mikael "Mike" Baggström
  13. ChrisSiuMusic

    Christopher Siu - Swingin’ Fiddle (Official Audio)

    Hey all, I wanted to share a recent piece of mine with you - Swingin’ Fiddle! I used Red Room Audio’s Bluegrass Fiddle in conjunction with the Swing! libraries to put this one together. Please enjoy! :D
  14. ChrisSiuMusic

    Breaking Down a Track Using ‘Palette’

    Hi friends! In today’s video, we look at how Red Room Audio’s ‘Palette’ can be used to create a soft and emotional track in basically no time. Please enjoy!!
  15. Time+Space

    10th August 2018 - This week's new music production tools and offers

    Here's this week's round up of new releases and special offers from leading brands at Time+Space to help you make even better music! For more info about each one, click the links below or just visit our website at Save up to 30% on Zero-G Ethera titles Save 77% on iZotope Ozone...
  16. Epicomposer

    Red Room Audio - Saga Acoustic Trailer Percussion (Review)

    Upcoming virtual instrument developer Red Room Audio just came up with a brand-new release: SAGA – Acoustic Trailer Percussion. After launching their very first, well-received product Palette – Symphonic Sketchpad just a couple of months ago, this time, the brand is back with a cinematic...
  17. Red Room Audio

    RELEASED: Palette Orchestral Series FREE v1.1 Update - 7+ GB of new content!

    Greetings! Today we're excited to release the FREE v1.1 update for our Palette Orchestral Series. The update adds over 7 GB of additional content including new instruments, features and enhancements to make your experience with Palette even better. This video offers a complete rundown of...
  18. Time+Space

    Red Room Audio orchestral instruments now available from Time+Space

    We are very excited to announce that Red Room Audio's orchestral virtual instruments are now available to buy from Time+Space! We know there are many fans of Red Room Audio products on vi-control and we'd love to hear what you think of their products for the benefit of those who haven't explored...
  19. Red Room Audio

    "Creating Palette" Featurette

    We've just released a little featurette detailing the origin, production process and features of our Palette Orchestral Series. Ever wondered what goes into creating an orchestral sample library? Hope you enjoy!
  20. tnoon

    Introducing 'Palette'

    Hey folks, I recently put together a DAWcast for the newly launched 'Palette' by Red Room Audio. Check it out! It's my first of many, so go easy on me. Cheers!
  21. Red Room Audio

    Introducing Red Room Audio and the "Palette" Orchestral Series, plus a freebie!

    Greetings! Dickie here from Impact Soundworks. We're proud to announce our new "sister" label, Red Room Audio. It's been difficult keeping this under wraps all year and we're beyond excited to finally tell you about it. Red Room Audio is debuting with 4 large-scale orchestral libraries plus a...
  22. reutunes

    FREE CHOIR Snaps, Claps, Slaps, Stomps & Shouts for Kontakt

    To celebrate the release of their new Palette series of Orchestral libraries, Red Room Audio are giving away a FREE Kontakt instrument : Choir Snaps, Claps, Slaps, Stomps & Shouts. They sampled a 24-piece mixed choir performing a variety of vocal and body effects and packaged it with some fun...
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