1. C

    Best, Focused, High-Quality Individual Instrument Libraries?

    I've found myself really liking very focused individual sample libraries. While the Komplete's and Ominispheres would be nice, I can't always justify $400, $600, $1000 purchases. One option is to save up, but I feel I'd be saving up and not doing anything. Examples of what I am referring to in...
  2. SBK

    Recommend Soundiron libraries!

    Hi guys, Which libraries you recommend for hybrid orchestral music like from Soundiron? I have Mercury Elements, Olympus Elements, Apocalypse Percussion, Mars and Venus Choir, Hyperion Strings Micro, Voices of Gaia, Voices of Rapture And would like to hear what you guys use from Soundiron...
  3. M

    Mixing tips podcast

    ive recently started listening to the mastering show podcast with Ian Sheppard. It’s pretty great. But I would love suggestions for a similar thing that covers tips and tricks for mixing. I’ve been listening a bit to success with music, but looking for something a bit more geeked out. Thanks
  4. J

    New Pc ...ok?

    Well, I wanna get a new Pc but considering all the aspects for musicproduction is too much for me :/ Here is what i have : Link
  5. J

    Stormdrums 2 or 3 ?.........or mayber neither

    Hey because of the current sales I thought about getting a new drumlibrary. My focus lies on the different/amount of beats/samples since Im not really good at creating my own fitting percussions. I found Stormdrums 2/3 which seem pretty good, but which one is better for me ? (found it too...
  6. jtyh1g11

    Ticking sticks VST recommendation?

    Does anyone know of a library that offers 'ticking drumstick' sounds, as heard at 0:07 in the attached video? Just after something quick, cheap and cheerful that doesn't sound like a machine gun and that I won't have to record myself! Thanks!