1. A

    Play 6 RAM usage starts very high then drops off gradually, sounds also cutting out

    Hi guys, I am a student and recently signed up for the East West composer cloud X stay at home deal. I am on a Dell laptop with an Intel Core i7-10510U, 16GB (15.8 Usable) RAM and a 64bit operating system. I write a lot of film music and am using East West's Hollywood Orchestra Gold libraries...
  2. Fredeke

    A couple of Reaper issues I need help with

    Hi again - My time selection is locked. I can't drag its edges, or drag a new selection anywhere else. I tried restarting Reaper, but it doesn't help: apparently it is in the project (other projects are fine). How did I lock it, and how do I unlock it ? - Hardware MIDI instruments often get...
  3. jadedsean

    Vepro benefits?

    Hey all, i am contemplating purchasing Vepro 7 but have some questions, i thought some Vepro aficionados may help me decide, so first question, 1) Does it make sense to run Vepro on a single computer? Buying a second computer is unfortunately not an option for me at the moment, so i'm...
  4. Dementum

    Reaper Scripts, Extensions and more

    Hey VIC People. As reaper is one of the more customizable DAWs and I am reworking my Template these days with the discovery of certain tricks, scripts and extensions I thought I might ask the Reaper users around here, what you use on a regular basis? Let me start with the obvious: SWS...
  5. T

    Reaper 5 - Behringer X-Touch Compact / virtual midi ports / Standard and MC mode

    Hi guys! I posted this at the official "Music Tribe" forum but I hate the layout of it and it seems it's never going to be found unless someone googles it... so, I'm here. Bought an X-Touch, X-Touch One, X-Touch Compact.... yeah, overkill. Probably going to hang onto the Compact, because of its...
  6. Jacques Heine


    Hi everybody, I would like to "modulate" a midi track (1) inside an automation lane (2) I use an Amadeus Symphonic libray instrument in Kontakt player the Amadeus guide says: With Amadeus, you can control dynamics using any MIDI CC controller you prefer, key velocity, or a combination of...
  7. lutzek

    [Reaper] Change midi send in the middle of song

    Hello, I would like to control multiple tracks with VSTs from one midi track in the way, that only one instrument plays at the same time. In other way I'd like to switch the track that MIDI track is connected to a few times during the song. Can I somehow do that?
  8. Fredeke

    Reaper: How to apply track FXs to source media ?

    Hi. I was wondering: does someone know a way to quickly apply track FX(s) to the source medias, in Reaper ? Or anything to the equivalent effect. The result I'd like is for the source medias to already contain the effect, while keeping all the editing I've done in the track.
  9. Stu Lloyd

    OUT NOW! My first album - Impulsum

    Hi all, I'm excited to finally release my first album titled "Impulsum". A mix of orchestral and hybrid stuff I've been dwelling with over the years and can finally tick it off the bucket list. Would love to know what you think. You can check it out FREE on Youtube. Alternatively it's also on...
  10. Fredeke

    How to route outboard inserts in Reaper ?

    Hi. What is your prefered way of inserting analog gear in a track's signal path in Reaper ? (like a compressor, an EQ, or what have you) My own solution is quite unsatisfying: I disable the track's 'parent send' and route it to an hardware output. Then I create another track and arm record in...
  11. S

    Sound Of The City aka some boombap, old school hip-hop.

    Another track with the SWAM sax. I swear I use the SWAM and Sample Modeling on everything lately.
  12. jadedsean

    Kontakt Multi Processing

    Hi guys, i am currently trying to mix a track and wondered if there is a way to process the separate channels of a multi? For example trying to eq a buss doesn't get me the results i want. My daw is Reaper. cheers
  13. N

    REAPER: delay on playback start with VE PRO v5

    Hi all! Fired up my orchestral template this weekend to start some compositions, and with VE Pro, I've started again noticing a significant 3+ second delay/hanging when starting playback. This was formally reported in a bug report from 2015, but was labelled as fixed as of version 5.1 (Nov. 15...
  14. Jacques Heine

    Beginner Reaper Midi Editor

    Hello Everyone, Please be tolerant with my belgian college level english I'm new to MAO and occasionally a sax player in a municipal brass band I have a PC laptop, Reaper installed and I don't intend to record any music through audio input device My present ambition is loading into Reaper a midi...
  15. zygomatic

    Hello from Serbia

    Hello everyone! My name is Bojan and I come from Serbia. I've been a musician enthusiast for almost 20 years now. Started out playing an improvised drum kit then moved on to the classical and electric guitar and bass. After those keyboards came about and finally synthesizers, music production...
  16. L

    Trouble With Albion 1 and Velocities

    So I'm having this problem where the "long" setting on my Spitfire Albion 1 instruments is only responding as one velocity. This happens when I play it on my keyboard (nord electro 4) or even when I manually insert midi notes and change the velocities. For every other setting however the sample...
  17. Dave Hilowitz

    Video Tutorial: Creating a Kontakt Instrument from Start to Finish + FREE KALIMBA KONTAKT LIBRARY

    In this video, I show you the entire process of creating a Kontakt Sample Library in four steps: 1. Recording 2. Noise Reduction (using iZotope RX), Editing & Chopping (using Reaper) 3. Sample Layout 4. and finally: Music As part of the video, I sample a Kalimba I found in a thrift store and...
  18. Nicktwo85

    "Missing/Not installed" library in VE Pro 6 / Not missing in Reaper

    (Hope I'm posting this is in the appropriate section.) I recently started using VE Pro6 (single machine) with Reaper, and while I've managed to get most everything working smoothly... there's one hiccup. Embertone Walker 1955 comes up with a "Library not found/installed" message when I try to...
  19. TheMetalborn

    16-32 Midi Out's in 1 Kontakt Instance (Reaper OTR)

    So I'm having trouble getting a Kontakt instance to use more than 8 midi outs in Reaper (OTR Version) I'm using the 64 out version of Kontakt in the FX chain and I have routed everything correctly but after tracks 9 and up get no sound at all. Basically, I'm just trying to create a template with...
  20. mikeleon1551

    Shreddage 2 Workflow in REAPER (Video)

    Just finished up a video going over some workflow helpers for Shreddage 2 usage in Reaper. I've included download links in description for templates. The actual tutorial series I'm working on for S2 will come afterwards.
  21. Bernard Duc

    Strings ultimate challenge: Mahler 5th Adagietto

    After the success of my LOTR mockup, and since I have too little work and too much time since I move back to Switzerland, I decided to tackle a new piece. I asked for suggestions and received quite a few... but finally I decided to go for what I consider the ultimate challenge for string writing...
  22. Dav

    VEP Autosave Lockups and General Annoyances

    I have a modest setup with a host machine (i7 970 24GB RAM SSD bootdrive) and a slave machine (Xeon E5-2640 64GB RAM 3 SSD drives) running VEP. I am using Reaper on my host and everytime VEP does an autosave, Reaper locks up. When the lockup happens, whatever is happening sticks and holds for...
  23. Bernard Duc

    Template test: LOTR Lightning of the Beacons / VSTi mockup.

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, feel free to movie it. After moving back from the US where I was studying, I spent the past few weeks setting up my workstation and creating a new template in Reaper. I decided to do this mockup of "The Lightning of the Beacons" form the LOTR soundtrack...
  24. M

    Scripts to help composition development

    Hi, Do you know where to find scripts (on Cubase logical editor, or Reaper, or any other DAW...) to generate variations using classical compositional techniques ? I am not talking about repetition or transposition... but rather more advanced techniques like : - embellishment, - simplification...
  25. jadedsean

    Reaper question

    Hey guys i recently bought the new Genesis Choir library from Audiobro which sounds fantastic but i'm having a few issues with the timing, in the walk through they discuss a negative delay time of 350ms, i have read some Reaper threads that talks about the lack of this feature within the DAW...
  26. S

    WINDCHORDS, a device to play chords and scales for windcontroller players!

    Dear Folks, After a long but succesfull design and re-design cycle, I would like to present to you.....WINDCHORDS. Please go to the following webpage and enjoy the tutorials, here is the link: Both MIDI keyboard players and windcontroller players can...
  27. Steinmetzify

    Routing Kontakt in Reaper?

    Was watching some demos of Gravity on the Heavyocity site and then the DJ walk through from a couple years ago, and it looked to me like these guys had multiple instances of Gravity on one track...or all of their instances of it on one track, routed out to different ones. Being a noob at this...
  28. Daniel Petras

    Mass Routing in Reaper

    It's possible in Reaper to route multiple tracks to a new channel at a time, however by default they all go to channels 1/2. Would anyone know if there is a way to route all these tracks at once to say 3/4, 5/6, etc. instead of having to change all channels individually?
  29. SimonViklund

    How do Reaper & Nuendo compare in terms of export functionality?

    I make a lot of music, sfx and voice editing for games, and love Reaper's "region render matrix" which allows me to create regions, name them and export them (the stems or the master mix) as separate sound files (named after the region names) with the push of a button. It's very powerful. Now...
  30. Daniel Petras

    Reaper: midi automation

    Most of my experience working with midi has been in Reaper, however since the beginning, I've never been able to control the midi cc velocity automation the way I would like to. There are always hiccups in the volume when ever I try and work with the velocity cc. Is this a problem that occurs...
  31. Daniel Petras

    Reaper: Buss compression with ind. reverb sends

    What I would like to do is compress a group of instruments on a buss while having individual reverb sends for each instrument. Does anyone know how to do this? I think if I change the fader on the buss it will change the wet/dry relationship for all instruments on the buss.
  32. Phryq

    Making Reaper Notation like Sibelius

    Hi guys, so as some may know, Reaper now has built in notation. Reaper is much cheaper than Sibelius, or other scoring software, however, the workflow is much different. As someone who had been using Sibelius since version 2 (since I was a child) I couldn't change workflow. And so I've created...
  33. G

    Kontakt Freezing when record

    I'm having an issue with Kontact 5.6 when recording in Logic 10.2.4. It records in the part but then as soon as i stop the recording Logic freezes. I thought it was a Logic issue, but I tried it out in Reaper and the same thing happens as soon s the recording stops it freezes the DAW. Anyone...
  34. rose_aleria

    [Self-made Freebie] EastWest Hollywood Strings track templates for REAPER

    Hi people! I made some REAPER track templates for EastWest Hollywood Strings. They're based on the concepts explained by Nick Phoenix in his tutorial video about Hollywood Strings, which can be found on the Hollywood Strings website, under the Videos tab, here...
  35. VerbatimProd

    Hello from The Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA

    Hi everyone, I'm Tim Vergori, owner of Verbatim Productions here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am a musician, composer and producer with a diverse technical background, mainly in electronics & broadcast engineering. I offer a wide range of audio, video and IT services. I am also, the...
  36. Kardon

    REAPER 5: An Exhaustive Review

    Here's a link to a great review of Reaper 5. It shares a little history (very interesting), the Cockos business model, and covers a lot of the wide scope of this feature rich DAW. It is amazingly powerful, efficient, and full of more capabilities than most will ever use, but are there for...
  37. magpie

    Hello...I'm in Nashville

    Musician, producer, mixer. Have created indie dramas, commercials, game show themes, art installations. After 19 years in production facilities, I've recently moved to freelance. Currently switching to Reaper from Cubase. Looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone.
  38. dtonthept

    Daw pc laptop?

    Hey folks, I'm looking to buy a PC laptop to mainly run Reaper, and the occasional splash of Pro Tools HD and Ableton Live. I'm very interested in nabbing something with a lot of on board storage. My live streaming uses are moderate to medium, and I like to do the odd bit of recording plus a...
  39. TimRideout

    Managing multiple VSTs and articulations in a large template

    Hi all, Does anyone have a simple, elegant cross-DAW solution for managing multiple articulations and keyswitches in a large orchestral template context? I do composition, orchestration and production using Vienna Ensemble Pro and Reaper or Pro Tools, depending on the situation. I use rather...
  40. dtonthept

    Reaper with Touch OSC etc

    Hi folks, I was excited to see Reaper has bidirectional OSC implementation - is anyone using this to any extent? I did a bunch of bidirectional OSC with pre iPad Lemurs and Max/Msp back in the day. Haven't actually cracked the seal on this with Reaper yet but am enjoying thinking about it...