1. Nicktwo85

    Bottleneck in new PC build, advice?

    [Solved, see below] Hi all, Apologies if this is in the incorrect section (seemed appropriate), please let me know if this should go elsewhere. Issue: I recently had an upgraded pc built as I have a rather large template and was hitting cpu bottlenecks. I'm still seemingly bottlenecking...
  2. Illico

    Monitoring CPU RAM Resources on Windows 10 - Xbox Game Bar

    Hi, We are often faced with managing our hardware resources such as CPU and RAM. Until today, I was using the "Performance Monitor" application of my Windows 10. But now, I use the Xbox Game Bar widget that I place in a corner of the screen. Press Windows logo key + G to open Game Bar over your...
  3. J

    Is my PC sufficient for VI?

    Hey all, I'm hoping some of you technology wizards will be able to point me in the right direction on this one... I've been struggling with audio drop outs, stuttering, clicks and pops while composing in Cubase and it's starting to get in the way of my writing process. I generally use a...
  4. T

    Shopping advice: Laptop For Orchestral Work 🙏😖

    Hi guys! I wonder if anyone could help... I am planning to buy a laptop (possibly Windows) for my composing/recording work (using large orchestral libraries - on Cubase). I have a desktop pc in my studio, I know they're better, but this post is specifically about a mobile solution, which is...
  5. P

    Limited to a modest 16GB Ram Laptop ; your must have core libraries for Music Production ?

    Hi, Firstly , I realise that a lot of extremely talented composers only use 16GB or less Ram on a modest system and produce incredible results. Those lucky enough to have a much more powerful setup , what would be the core libraries you would have to use for production music if you only had a...
  6. alir1296

    Play 6 RAM usage starts very high then drops off gradually, sounds also cutting out

    Hi guys, I am a student and recently signed up for the East West composer cloud X stay at home deal. I am on a Dell laptop with an Intel Core i7-10510U, 16GB (15.8 Usable) RAM and a 64bit operating system. I write a lot of film music and am using East West's Hollywood Orchestra Gold libraries...
  7. jadedsean

    Vepro benefits?

    Hey all, i am contemplating purchasing Vepro 7 but have some questions, i thought some Vepro aficionados may help me decide, so first question, 1) Does it make sense to run Vepro on a single computer? Buying a second computer is unfortunately not an option for me at the moment, so i'm...
  8. P

    For Sale For Sale 128GB PC DDR4 16 X 8 RAM Memory 2400 Mhz Corsair Lifetime Guarantee

    Hi there, First post selling something on here, but have been a long time occasional selller of music gear (second hand) on ebay - so if anyone has any worries about dealing with myself, they can see my large feedback there :) Selling 128gb of DDR4 2400 Corsair Ram, which is around 16 months...
  9. Crowe

    RRA Palette (Kontakt) RAM use

    So, I've been playing around with multiple sample libraries and have created an assortment of templates to make said playing more enjoyable. I mainly use Kontakt and have made pretty large templates featuring the Symphony Series, other NI Instruments and Sonokinetic instruments. I'm aware of how...
  10. Vik

    Tip for Logic users with performance issues: Memory diag

    I've had some serious issues with Logic lately, and spent a lot of time troubleshooting. The main thing that came out of all these hours were mainly one thing: MacOS/Logic allow us to load more samples into Kontakt than our system can handle, and there's no built in way to monitor that. The...
  11. Bluemount Score

    How much RAM does your PC have?

    16GB here. Works with my medium sized template but with the projects getting bigger and bigger, I have to use the "update sample pool" function more often now. Time to double up!
  12. J

    How much RAM for 2019 iMac i9

    I recently purchased a 2019 iMac with the i9-9900k chip. I know these machines can now take 128GB of RAM, but I'm trying to figure out how much RAM I should buy before the CPU is maxed out. In other words, can this processor really operate well with 128GB of samples loaded? Any thoughts would...
  13. wuubb

    Nature of hardware limits when using Kontakt?

    Between these 3 components: RAM, CPU, and storage, what is the order in which they usually crap out when running large templates? I'm curious from a hardware standpoint what the priorities should be when building a system say for VEP. Based on what I read on here, it seems that CPU would be the...
  14. Bear Market

    FS: 64 Gb (4x16) DDR3 ECC Ram 1866Mhz for Mac Pro 6,1

    I just upgraded to 128Gb and have no use for the 4x16Gb that I swapped out. Anyone interested in these? I was thinking USD 200 for the lot, plus shipping (I'm in Sweden). Paypal only please. All the best, Viktor
  15. Normqn

    Kontakt 6 vs Kontakt 5 (Performances/RAM/CPU)

    I'm wondering if Kontakt 6 has better performances, if anyone saw, by loading a ton of instruments, a gain of performances with K6 or not ?
  16. A

    Do I need an upgrade?

    Currently running a laptop with the following specs: Intel i7 6820HK 32 GB RAM 1 TB SSD (for samples - have a separate drive for the OS and other stuff) As it stands 500 GB of the 1 Tb is occupied and I'm expecting this to go up to 700 GB by the end of the year. I am still building up my...
  17. Taj Mikel

    How much RAM can Cubase 9.5 use?

    I have had a difficult time finding clear information on how much RAM Cubase can use. Does anyone know/can direct me to a support link or something with a clear definition of how much RAM Cubase can actually utilize?
  18. A

    Fl Studio Is Laggy With Large Orchestral Template

    Hello all, I have a major problem that has been annoying me for a long time, I make orchestra pieces using orchestra vst's and have made a large template containing mostly Spitfire Audio's instruments.All of the instruments are on SSD's, I also just reinstalled Fl studio on one of those SSD's as...
  19. Fermile

    Slower than expected load to RAM

    Hi, I'm working with Cubase 9, Windows 10, Have 64GB of RAM, Samsung 960 m.2 SSD (3200 MB/s read) and don't work yet with VEPRO. I have a big Cubase template that takes around 53GB of RAM - lots of it is kontakt libraries. When I open the task manager I see only 500 MB/s of loading to memory and...
  20. Vik

    Registered or unregistered RAM for sample libraries?

    Should I use registered or unregistered RAM for sample libraries? I have a 2010 12-core Mac Pro.
  21. W

    Help with Kontakt database and reducing memory footprint

    I am trying to squeeze more Kontakt instances into the meager 32GB of RAM on my DAW, and found some advice on the following page: http://aeonata.com/tutorial-how-to-optimize-kontakt-5s-ram-usage/ The one piece of advice that has me simultaneously intrigued and concerned is the final suggestion...
  22. Ganampf

    PLEASE HELP | Effective RAM usage with VSTis

    Hello, first of all my PC specs: Windows 10 Pro 64bit 16GB RAM Intel Core i5-6500 CPU Cubase 9 Pro Now, I've got a problem with my VST problems in Cubase: Sometimes the sound becomes extremely laggy, I can't even work or listen to anything at all when I try to play the project. I confess to...
  23. M

    Imac 2017 buying question

    Hello, My 2011 MacBook Pro (500Gb SSD and 16GB RAM) has started lagging (a lot of fan noise and it's slower) so sadly it's time to get a new computer... I currently also own a MacBook Air (8GBs of ram and 1.6ghz) which I haven't used for composing yet. Is is possible to compose with Logic and...
  24. N

    Acceptable PC for music production?

    I read this pc could be expanded to 64gb of ram. If so, would this be an acceptable slave (or DAW for that matter)? The current mac pro with an i7 and 64gb costs $6,000 at least. Why such a huge price gap? Are any of the parts of this Dell desktop potentially inferior than what you get in a...
  25. hozierschurch

    Faulty MacBook. Do I need an iMac?

    My Late 2011 MacBook Pro is dying due to a GPU fault so I'm looking for an upgrade but with limited funds. I use LPX and want to start creating large orchestral projects using EWQL e.t.c. Portability isn't a huge concern - more of a bonus ... My budget is pretty dismal (about £1200) but if I...
  26. N

    Ram usage with multiple Kontakt or Omnisphere instances

    I understand that it is recommended to sometimes have multiple Kontakt instances for Logic as it spreads across cores better that way, but I end up having 50 or even 60 different instruments and they're all different Kontakt instances, will that eat up much RAM? How about with Omnisphere - will...
  27. PhilipJohnston

    Berlin Brass, Strings, Winds...on 32 GB RAM?

    Berlin Brass, Winds and Strings on a 2013 i7 iMac with 32GB RAM...is it futile? Or is it possible, as long as I'm smart about only including in the template articulations I'm most commonly going to use? If that's the approach I take, just how limited is that articulation list likely to be...
  28. J

    OWC 128gb RAM Upgrade Issues, Mac Pro 6.1 Cubase 8.5 Kontakt 5.6.8

    Hey ya'll. Having a very strange issue here. I have a 6 core 3.5ghz Xeon e5 Mac Pro trashcan with 64gb ram running latest Sierra and Cubase 8.5 Pro. I haven't had any issues for the 2 years I've had it so far, but I've recently come up against my 64gb RAM wall on my large orchestral template...
  29. L

    Upgrading RAM: Gskill vs Corsair

    Hi, Im adding RAM to my 4g ram Lenovo i7. The priority use is running Kontakt in live situation. So im between these 2 fellows: -Corsair Vengeance Lp Pro 16GB (2x8GB), 2400MHz, 10-12-12-31 and -Gskill Ripjaws Also 2x8GB, 1600 MHZ, CAS 9-9-9-28. Ive read endless debates about Mhz vs latency...
  30. Michael Antrum

    Some Free Mac Pro Ram (4,1 & 5,1) UK only

    Hi All, I have recently upgraded my Mac Pro 4,1 (flashed to 5,1) to 64gb RAM. I have left 6 x 1gb sticks (genuine Apple) and 2 x 4gb Sticks (Crucial) which need a good home. I'm more than happy the send this free of charge to anyone in the UK who wants it, as it will just gather dust here. So...
  31. Seycara

    New Mega Build

    I am making a 10k audio pc and am currently stuck between two possible configurations: i7-7700k with 64gb 3000mhz ddr4 or i7 6800k/i7 6950x with 128gb 3000mhz ddr4 I know that the broadwell-E cpus have quad channel ram support as well as support up to 128gb ram which would be useful for...
  32. M

    Please advise RAM needed for BBR, Berlin Percussion+Exp A(Timpani)+...

    Looking for information about computer spec to use these libraries in a large orchestral context: CS2 CSS Hollywood Strings BBR SF Woodwinds Berlin Percussion+ExpA (Timpani) Cineperc Stormdrum 3
  33. M

    Looking for a system to run this library template...(RAM, disk speed, raid 0)

    For the orchestral composers out there..:sneaky::sneaky::sneaky: What do you guys think would be an adequate system to run these libraries together, both loading the patches and playing back? Strings: CS2, CSS Brass: Berlin Brass Woodwinds: Spitfire Woodwinds Percussion: Berlin Percussion...
  34. Phryq

    Best way to organize tracks for CPU/Ram (Kontakt)

    So I'm planning to build a new computer soon, but first I'm trying to find the exact potential and limits of mine. I'd like to build a large orchestra template (Konakt sample instruments. Strings, Brass, Woods, guitars/bass, solo instruments, synths). There are 2 ways of doing this, 1 - Have...
  35. Phryq

    Optane as RAM replacement

    You'll soon be able to buy a 32gb Optane M.2 2280 drive for $150. It's said to be slower than RAM, but faster than PCIe. However, looking at the specs, it seems even slower than some PCIe disks. E.G. sequential reads are Optane 1350 MB/s vs the 960 Pro's 3,500MB/s. I know what's important...
  36. Tysmall

    My extremely cost efficient slave build.

    Posting this for criticism on why this won't work from someone who may know more than I do. Also posting to give light on this underground used server part market that I didn't know existed. http://www.natex.us/Intel-S2600CP2J-Motherboard-Kit-p/s2600cp-sr0h8-128gb-12800.htm 468 us dollars: 32...
  37. M

    Enabling/Disabling KONTAKT Instances: RAM Cache?

    When enabling a couple of KONTAKT instances in an orchestral template (less obvious in "multi-timbral"-type templates, very obvious in "disabled track"-type templates) and disabling them afterwards, a fair amount of RAM seems to still be assorted to those instances. In other words, having just...
  38. tav.one

    Emotional Cello - Unload Articulations

    Is there a way to unload unwanted articulations in Emotional Cello Master Patch to save ram? I know there are individual patches but none of them have portamento & other controls.
  39. S

    Another q about Kontakt purges, Ram, Logic, VE Pro and more

    Hi all, Not sure if this is really the right place for this - but the old DAW forum is gone so... I am trying to control RAM usage... I don't think my specs are in my sig, but they are: Macbook Pro, 16gb of ram, Yosemite external SSD (1TB) sample libs including Spitfire (SCS, SSB), OT...
  40. manuhz

    Building a new PC DAW: DDR4 velocity and latency considerations

    I've recently decided to switch from Mac to PC. Not an easy decision for me, but the total amount for a 128gb machine with latest i7 CPU was unquestionably the main reason. Now, I am trying to understand wich hardware components make here the biggest diference, mainly regarding to the best...

    VEPro Question

    Hi Guys, Thinking of implementing Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 into my workflow. Currently running a 6 Core Setup and not looking at adding another slave, as of this stage. Have multiple SSD's for sample streaming / libraries. Wondering what the benefits are of having VEPro on the same system as...
  42. Walid F.

    Give us 32GB for Macbook Pros!

    Hey guys, So, on my travels this year, I've been working on a Macbook Pro 15" mid-2014 model with 16GB RAM, 2.8GHz i7, and 512GB flash drive. It's been an absolute dream, but I am finding myself limited to the 16GB of RAM. It really limits how much I can load up, and how often I have to bounce...
  43. J

    IMac purchasing advice

    I am preparing to purchase a new iMac 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display and upgrading to the 4.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 4.2GHz to use with Logic and sample libraries. I have two questions regarding both the memory and the storage. First of all I've been told that...
  44. G

    Will I get better performance from two computers or one spec-ed up one

    Hi Guys, I've got a Macbook Pro 2012 with a 2.5Ghz i5, 16GB RAM and 250GB Crucial SSD I've also got an HP Probook 450G2 with a 2.4Ghz i5, with 16GB RAM, and 250GB Crucial SSD. I'm wanting to set the two up together in a master/slave setup. You think I'll be ok with performance with these two...
  45. G

    Intel 22-core CPU

    How's the new Intel 22-core CPU: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3050466/hardware/eat-your-heart-out-quad-cores-intel-just-dropped-a-22-core-cpu-on-us-boom.html And up to 385GB's RAM. That is crazy! Just don't look at the expected price.
  46. M

    PC Slave spec check

    I'd mentioned in a previous post my plan to build a PC slave to accompany my iMac 2009 i5. Having researched all components, along with brother who's in IT, I've come up with this. I'm looking to run a medium sized orchestral template with some other synths - omni etc. so 100-200 tracks ideally...
  47. Phryq

    Pcie ssds vs ram

    So, if a computer had 2 PCIe SSDs in a raid 0, would it be able to do with less ram? because it's able to stream from disk so quickly? in other words, machine a has 32gb ram, 2 x 512gb PCIe in a RAID 0 machine B has 64gb ram, and a regular SSD which will be able to handle heavier / more...
  48. Phryq

    ADK i7 with 32gb ram and 3 hard drive slots.

    Hi, I'm selling my laptop, which is built / configured specifically for music production by ADK. Here is the latest version, though mine is 1 model older. It's the 8900 http://www.adkproaudio.com/laptop3.asp It includes lifetime service from ADK. They're always helping me through email. The...
  49. N

    Yosemite's activity monitor contradicting kontakt memory usage

    this is a screenshot of the only kontakt instance i have open, and it says there's no more than 3gb loaded. the activity monitor to the left says different and claims that more than 7gb is being loaded. why is this occurring?
  50. 1

    Need help building a workstation!

    Hello everyone, I've outgrown my current computer - 4770k, 32GB ram, 2tb SSD filled with sample libraries- and I'm searching up and down the internet on how to build the new computer. What I had in mind was a PC with 64GB DDR4 ram, but also have the possibilty of 128GB which I might need in the...
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