1. Fab

    Recording live players, individually or all together?

    I am recording some string quartet/string duo stuff and the players don't seem to have a preference so I'm trying to weigh up which will be better overall. The parts are fairly simple and well within the ability of the musicians, I think they are used to playing together as well. Keen to hear...
  2. Fab

    For Sale Cremona Quartet

    Up for sale: Cremona Quartet Don't really use it enough, make me an offer in PM. Comes with: Stradivari Violin Guarneri Violin Amati Viola Stradivari Cello Runs in the free Kontakt Player (6.2.2 and above) Paypal please. Thanks, Fab
  3. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Weekly 25% Off Flash Sale | Questionably Barbershop

    Learn More: https://soundiron.com/products/questionably-barbershop For this week only you can save 25% on Questionably Barbershop! A simple 4-piece male vocal ensemble, crafted in the style of an old timey Barbershop Quartet. This library offers basic chromatic sustains and staccato...
  4. Garlu

    Strings Arrangement for Flamenco artist

    Hi there, Now you can listen on all platforms an arrangement I did for, flamenco artist: Maria Toledo. She has just released "Ranchera flamenca" which is popular mexican tunes re-arranged in flamenco style, so, it was quite a challenge. :-) She is a great artist and they (producer and herself)...
  5. DJames

    CLOSED SOLD - SWAM Strings V3 Bundle (Vioin, Viola, Cello, Bass) - Sale of Trade!

    I just bought this SWAM Strings Bundle impulsively last week and I don't have time to get into it. To sell it quickly, I'm putting a good price on it. $240 USD for the entire bundle. payable via PayPal, please. Or, since the actual value is $360 USD, if you would like to trade for another...
  6. ImJim

    Help me choose, or I will die

    I'm going crazy. Hours and hours of comparisons. All these libs have great sweet spots, but to me none of them seem to stand out from the other. I just want a romantic & versatile solo string quartet. I don't know what to choose. Now you guys decide. I'll pull the trigger on the winner of...
  7. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio New Release Studio Quartet Series Deep Solo Viola

    The 8Dio Studio Solo Strings series carries on from our critically acclaimed Intimate Studio product line. Now with more grit, intensity, controllability and of course articulations. The Studio Solo Viola marks countless hours of critical recording and capturing of essential musical...
  8. 8Dio Productions

    Studio Quartet Series Viola

    Studio Quartet Series Viola (Legato Teaser) 8Dio Studio Quartet Series Viola Run Legato 8Dio Studio Quartet Series: Deep Solo Viola marks a generational leap forward for Ultra Deep-Sampled Orchestral Instruments. The Studio Quartet Solo Viola contains 88 different deep-sampled articulations...
  9. P

    Best Woodwind Library(ies) for WW Quartet + Quintet writing / mock up ?

    Hi , I know there is a lot of post about best WW library overall etc , but I wanted some input from people that have used VST Woodwind libraries for smaller, chamber sized Quartets or Quintets (ignoring the French horn for now). Most libraries do come with Soloists , which will obviously make...
  10. Black Light Recordings

    Just Got CSSS and CineStrings SOLO!

    Been a while since I posted! Went on a solo strings binge. Compared the two libraries using Alan Slivestri's quartet work from Infinity War and End Game here: Then wrote a quick original quartet motif here: Looking forward to really pushing my quartet writing! G
  11. cato

    Recording MU session musicians

    Hi all, I'm working on a low budget feature at the moment and am really keen to record live strings (a quartet or even just a violin + cello), however, I've been warned about the complications of using Musician Union session musicians as there are minimum rates for film according to their PACT...
  12. cliffordmartin

    Labs piano/choir/cello piece

    Short Demo Of Labs Piano/Cello/Choir
  13. cliffordmartin

    Classical String Writing Part 2

    Classical String Writing Development/Programming idea Narrow Version
  14. cliffordmartin

    String Writing Classical REVISION NEW

    Re do:
  15. cliffordmartin

    String Writing "Old School!"

    String Writing Practice. 20 century classical style "Old school" writing. Not everybody's cup of tea, but hey I like it!
  16. Fermile

    Saxophone VST query

    Hi I was wondering if there are any high-end saxophone libraries on the market ? Searching for such a tool, I could find lots of free sax vsts which sounds really synthetic and a much better Audio modeling's Swam Saxophones which is based on their SWAM Engine and sounds good generally but when I...
  17. olajideparis

    SNAP! Pizzicato Quartet Library $20 XMAS SALE - ENDS DEC. 25th - Walkthrough Video Added

    Our debut library SNAP! is now available until December 25th for the sale price of $20 (Regular price $30). SNAP! Features 2.8GB of content (uncompressed), featuring a dozen string quartet and sound design patches including: pizzicato, col legno and more. Requires full retail version of Kontakt...
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