quantum leap

  1. TheRealNerevar

    Trailer music ! But something seems off...

    Hello there, here is a track that i wrote in a few hours, i'm satisfied with some things that are happening in there, but there is something that seems a little weird, and i don't get what it is... If someone could help me, whether it be for composition, or arranging, or mixing or whatever bugs...
  2. Epicomposer

    East West - Hollywood Choirs (REVIEW)

    Hollywood Choirs is the name of renowned L.A.-based virtual instruments developer East West/Quantum Leap‘s most recent product and their long-awaited sequel to 2005’s acclaimed Symphonic Choirs. The virtual instrument features a symphonic female and male choir meticulously captured by a...
  3. Cory Pelizzari

    Does Hollywood Choirs Hold Up?

  4. G

    What Harp libraries do you recommend?

    I'm looking for a new Harp Library. What do you guys recommend? So far I've just ben using the Harps in EWSOQL, but am looking for a new more detailed Harp. Also one with some Harp Effect options. I really like the Hard Effects runs in EWSOQL, but feel like it sounded a bit dated, or I've just...
  5. orchetect

    WTB: Best Service Latin World (Kontakt)

    I'm looking for Kontakt licenses for this library. Best Service Latin World PM me if you want to sell. Thanks!
  6. sinkd

    Mockup of Abadis Forest using EWQLSO Gold

    Hi everyone, A second year student of mine posted this transcription and mockup that he accomplished using SO Gold. Original track is by Hyperduck Soundworks for the game Dust: An Elysian Tale. Pretty spiffy if you ask me. :thumbsup: Constructive feedback welcome.
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