1. Bartholomeus

    Any tips on how to put music up for streaming in reasonable quality?

    Edit: perhaps I should have posted this under Newbie Questions. If so, feel free to move it. --- In the past I've put some music on Soundcloud. Now, I am not an audiophile at all, but the quality of the stream was just horrendous, strange warbling and clipping that definitely wasn't part of...
  2. beyd770

    ELI5: Mixes in headset sounds great, in friends monitor sounds shit - why?

    I'm a beginner in both mixing and mastering, and this issue is apparent in all my mixes. I make something in my DAW, mixing it with my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro cans, and then sending the mix to my friend for him to record guitars, bass etc. The first time I was visiting him, I was shocked about...
  3. ranaprathap

    What makes plugins different?

    I have often heard people say that certain synths sound better than the others. So what makes synths different? If I make two synths to play a saw wave, with every other adjustable parameter on it the same, won't both of them sound exactly the same? How can one saw wave be better than another...