1. MoeWalsaad

    KONTAKT : Purge/Reload samples using Midi Messages?

    Hello, I wonder if there is a way in Kontakt where I can set a (midi CC/ or a MACRO, or a script) that can Purge samples, update sample pool, and reload samples. My goal is to optimize resource whenever I need by loading/unloading the samples needed very quickly. Any tips/suggestions around...
  2. Maxheadroom

    Purge groups on init

    I know it isn't possible to use the purge_group() command on init. How can I only have certain groups loaded into RAM on the initial startup of the instrument? And not all existing groups? Thank you for your help!
  3. A

    Why is it that I always think about THIS when using Kontakt?

    Why is it that I always think about THIS when using Kontakt? Happy Halloween :D Happy Purging :D
  4. G

    How to Purge Samples in PLAY

    Is there a way to purge samples in PLAY? I've been away from EastWest libraries for a bit, and have mainly been using Kontakt libraries. But have taken the plunge back into EastWest ComposersCloud. I have gotten so used to the purge feature in Kontakt, but can't seem to find how to do it in...
  5. JT3_Jon

    Templates: Sample purge make disable tracks & VE pro unnecessary?

    I’m building my first real template, and in an effort to make it Ram / CPU efficient on both my main DAW and PC Slave, I had the idea of using VE pro but instead of focusing on only a few full kontakt instances, I’m loading multiple small kontakt instances with only a few patches in each, and...
  6. magneto538

    Wait for all the samples to be loaded (purge_group)

    Hi all, Is anybody aware of a way to check the status of each sample? I want to do something like "wait for the group to be loaded and then do something".
  7. 1

    Kontakt - One Button To Purge Them All (Where is it?)

    Hello everyone! :) As the title says I'm wondering were the "purge all instances of Kontakt"-button is? If you like me have a big VEPRO template that is being modified slightly almost daily, the frustration of having to go through about 1000 tracks (some of you might have much more) just to...