purge samples

  1. Maxheadroom

    Purge groups on init

    I know it isn't possible to use the purge_group() command on init. How can I only have certain groups loaded into RAM on the initial startup of the instrument? And not all existing groups? Thank you for your help!
  2. A

    Why is it that I always think about THIS when using Kontakt?

    Why is it that I always think about THIS when using Kontakt? Happy Halloween :D Happy Purging :D
  3. A

    Purged samples not loading in

    I've set up a template that heavily relies on setting up my Kontakt instances and purging the samples. The samples are then loaded in as I play them, which is working wonderfully well (and allows a decent sized template on my laptop). However, there are a couple of instruments where the samples...
  4. 1

    Kontakt - One Button To Purge Them All (Where is it?)

    Hello everyone! :) As the title says I'm wondering were the "purge all instances of Kontakt"-button is? If you like me have a big VEPRO template that is being modified slightly almost daily, the frustration of having to go through about 1000 tracks (some of you might have much more) just to...
  5. Silence-is-Golden

    Kontakt purge all samples save in Logic [Solved]

    Has anyone found a way in which "purge all samples" in Kontakt 5 can be saved with the project? I.o.w.: when I load a project I like to have the Kontakt instances purged which use a lot of RAM since I can stream it from SSD. Now every time I load a Logic project I am working on I need to purge...