1. Land of Missing Parts

    Prokofiev - The Child Juliet

    What time is it? Prokofiev time. I'm trying to work on my woodwinds chops, as well as learn more about reverb and mixing. Feel free to let me know how to improve this. Berlin Woodwinds (legacy) Cinematic Studio Strings/Fluid Shorts From Prokofiev's ballet Romeo and Juliet.
  2. FredericBernard

    Op. 0 No. - 2: "Piano Episode - Inside A Devastated Mind"

    Hey guys, check out my new piano solo composition: A quite special work for me, as it's my first offical release of "serious music", which just covers solely the piano. The work is basically a mix-up of modernistic composition principles, which came up in the early 20th century. I was...
  3. Jorgakis

    "In The Palace Garden" - Prokofiev Style

    Hello everybody, here is a new piece, heavily inspired by Prokofiev's 5th symphony, which is my favourite at the moment. I had to write something that reminds me of the 4th movement(and some romeo and juliet) because it's too cool. Still not a very relaxing composition but I hope it's not that...