1. Savepoint

    HW Question: Vostok / Syntrx

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here (I come in peace). I stumbled on this wonderful forum while reading a way-back recommendation made by @charlieclouser on a Gearspace thread and was *delighted* to discover a production forum on Al Gore’s fabled internet which doesn’t seem to be filled with...


    Hey Guys! I hope everyone is well, please someone correct me if this isn't allowed... I run a remote mixing & mastering service and production studio with the goal to help artists achieve great quality songs and productions at a discounted rate because of everything that’s going on atm so if...
  3. philmcgowan

    Cobra Kai Season 3 Mixing Walkthrough

    Hey All, I mixed the score for Cobra Kai and did a video walkthrough of my mix of a big action cue from the last episode. Hope you all enjoy! -Phil
  4. M_Helder

    Confession of a plugin addict

    Hi, my name is Mark and I am a plugin-holic. I have accumulated a plethora of plugins over the years, so many in fact, that my plugin manager has become a literal maze of folders and names. It even started to throttle my production as i kept scrolling through a seemingly endless list of...
  5. Bluemount Score

    How much $$$ for a decent laptop for music production?

    So I'm pretty much a hardware-noob, especially when it comes to laptop components. Somebody else did put together the parts for my current computer and I was somewhat proud that I actually managed to make it running on my own. It's still a great PC, however I'm planning to buy an additional...
  6. P

    Limited to a modest 16GB Ram Laptop ; your must have core libraries for Music Production ?

    Hi, Firstly , I realise that a lot of extremely talented composers only use 16GB or less Ram on a modest system and produce incredible results. Those lucky enough to have a much more powerful setup , what would be the core libraries you would have to use for production music if you only had a...
  7. ThomCSounds

    Checking Out : Project Alpha & Bravo by Hybrid Two

    Hi everyone! Here's my review of Project Alpha & Bravo (now 63% off for a limited time at Vst Buzz) by Hybrid Two. The bundle features a good variety of instruments ranging from percussion, synths, impacts, risers, downers and also more organic multisampled instruments like cellos and foley...
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    How To Create Vocal Harmonies WITH Music Theory (Video Reaction)

    Hi everyone! Today I wanted to react to a video created by a good friend of mine, Austin Hull. He recently uploaded this video to help producers create vocal harmonies without needing too much music theory knowledge. I wanted to fill in the gaps and show you how you can write your harmonies...
  9. D

    Beethoven's 5th Symphony — MIDI Remake (Studio One 4)

    Hey forum! Hope you are having a great quarantine time. Working at least :) So i tried to recreate this piece i mentioned in title. Let me know your thoughts and of course, if you have any questions let me know. This is the full version of first movement of 5th Simphony. Project is huge so...
  10. ThomCSounds

    Checking Out : Bad Tape by Denise

    Hey guys, this is my review of Bad Tape by denise! Now available as part of the Tweaker's Boutique Bundle on APD (82% OFF for the bundle). Saturate, modulate, subtly or bluntly mangle the sound with Bad Tape! If you liked my video and would like to support, don't hesitate to do so via the...
  11. Sarah De Carlo

    Back from the summer holidays ... New production: 'A Hero's Birth'

    The return from vacation was rather traumatic ... but our luck is to always find it where we left it: the music! Good listening, Sarah.
  12. L

    Hiii guys 👋

    So this is where the yellow brick road has led me... I am in my young 20’s, am lured in by the nostalgia that wafts from the memories of the roaring 20’s, Madagascar, ancient Egypt, and Tibetan mountains home to zen monasteries, I live in Colorado USA, I am fascinated with eastern culture and...
  13. L

    Studio One 4: Is it worth the upgrade from V3?

    Is it worth upgrading from Studio One 3 Professional, to Version 4. Asking this as the new 4.5 update is out and want to get an insightful look at what's new. If you think that it is worth it, please give me your favourite features. Oh and also please vote :) Thank you!
  14. ThomasNL

    Building my own little studio, need some resources

    Hey guys, I finally got my own little room to make my music production studio, no more working in the living room! ;) I am trying to find information, guides and resources that can help me make it a good working place. The thing i find hard is that you can make it as crazy (and expensive) as...
  15. dman007

    How do you do orchestral mixing for trailers, film, tv and games ?

    How do you do orchestral mixing (and mock-ups) for trailers, film, tv and games ? So, I've done this in different ways. But which way do you prefer? Where do you place different sections of the orchestra in the stereo field? Do you put bass string parts central or to the right? Where do you pan...
  16. Billy Palmer

    To Kill The King

    Hi, Relatively new to orchestral mixing - would love some ideas on how I can improve my production! Wrote this with Cinematic Strings 2, Ark 1 and a bunch of freebies. Here's a temporary link to the wav: EDIT: Final version...
  17. JimVMusic

    Masterclasses you wished existed

    Hi all, I'm considering creating some video masterclasses. I wanted to find out what people are interested in studying. Anything you feel is missing? Thanks so much, looking forward to your input! James L. Venable
  18. A

    John Carpenter style production

    Hi all, I thought it would be interesting to do something in the same vein as John Carpenter and Alan Howarth with original hardware: Sequential Circuits Pro-One and Oberheim DX. I've then made a longer walkthrough of the production, sound designing, mixing and mastering in Cubase for those...
  19. CGR February update

    For those interested, my online session pianist & production service has been updated, and now contains links to some recent production music albums I have published with Motion Focus Music: Cheers, Craig
  20. AMas

    Trying out some Sound Design trailer music

    It's the first time I post here my work and I would love some feedback on this sound design trailer cue. It's a genre I love but don't have a lot of experience producing, I already know the structure is not very typical and I probably need way more energy in the 3rd act. Any other comment would...
  21. DanielOutro

    Why do you make music?

    Hey everyone! I've been producing music for nearly 7 years and can sometimes feel like i'm chasing an unknown goal. There are moments where I feel as if music is just something I do for fun, and others where I'm totally driven to put out releases, and strongly believe this is something I need...
  22. DanielOutro

    Vintage Roland Drum Machine and Synth Samples

    Hey everyone! We linked up Toronto producer and all-around gear obsessive Dan Only to record some samples from his vintage gear collection. Follow the link to 150+ free samples from the TR-808, TR-909, SH-101, Juno 60 and more! There are a few non-Roland machines in there too. Hope you like em :)
  23. MoteMusic

    DAW workflow for game loops

    I'm working on a game project which is using an adaptive music system. I'm new to composing for games so I don't have a standard workflow yet in Cubase. Specifically, I'm interested how others set up for multiple variations and adaptive slices. For example, right now I'm working on a background...
  24. DanielOutro

    Do you ever feel like your productions are lacking that extra something?

    If the answer is yes - we're here to help. is a new music platform for producers, musicians and singers of all skill levels. We are host to thousands of loops, samples and stems from creators around the world at affordable prices. You can choose from our fixed library of sounds, or...
  25. 123creative

    123creative announces Trap, Hip Hop, RnB, EDM production deal 50 % off until February 14

    Hello friends, We would like to inform you about currently runing deal at our website. Thank you for your visit :-) 123creative has announced special discounts up to 50% off on many products including Construction kits, Samples, MIDIs, Ableton Live and FL studio templates, Kontakt 5 Libraries...
  26. DanielOutro

    Who here develops plug-ins?

    Hello! I work for Outro, a new music marketplace for high-quality loops and samples. We also run a blog where we publish content related to music production. We've just started up a weekly feature where we review new and exciting plug-ins. We would like to support online music communities by...
  27. DanielOutro

    Looking for musicians and producers to work remotely

    We're Outro, a Montreal-based company that has recently launched an online marketplace for musicians, producers and singers. Our mission is to give talented artists a consistent source of revenue — you can work by selling your own loops and samples, or by collaborating directly with Outro users...
  28. Aviram Dayan Production

    Aviram Dayan Production 35% off - *Black Friday* - Special Prices! Until December 30th - For All Pro

    Aviram Dayan Production 35% off - *Black Friday* - Special Prices! Until December 30th - For All Products 29th November - 30th December Kontakt Sample Libraries: Aviram Arabic Strings V2.0 - 169$ - 35% off Aviram Harp Guitar V1.0 - 109$ - 35% off Aviram Music Box V1.0 - 69$ - 35% off All in -...
  29. MoteMusic

    Music for 1950's B-movie stage production

    So I'm writing music for a stage production for the first time ever, which is pretty fun. The production is "Attack Of The Giant Leeches". The film was pretty craptastic first time around and the stage play promises no different, only it'll be funny. Genuinely funny, and because it wants to be...
  30. Sebastian

    Atmosphere X Sounds Vol.3 for Access Virus TI

    Atmosphere X Sounds Vol.3 is a collection of 128 high quality patches for Access Virus TI, full of energetic sequences, gritty basslines, deep pads, dark soundscapes, Vintage sounds, roaring ( punchy ) basses, driving electronics and atmospherics sounds. We aim to provide cutting-edge digital...
  31. Aviram Dayan Production

    DreaMelodic Sound - Happy Dream Track Pack (Wav)

    Video: All info:
  32. Walid F.

    9 Common Mixing Mistakes

    Hey! Here's an article I wrote on some common mixing mistakes I thought some of you guys might want to read. I'd love to hear what you think of them, if you agree on the solutions, or any other comments! The article is right here: 9 Mixing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them Cheers, W.
  33. VerbatimProd

    Hello from The Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA

    Hi everyone, I'm Tim Vergori, owner of Verbatim Productions here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am a musician, composer and producer with a diverse technical background, mainly in electronics & broadcast engineering. I offer a wide range of audio, video and IT services. I am also, the...
  34. Miopiano

    Periodic Table of Musical Instruments

    Hi guys I've been a member of this forum for many years so, I hope you don't mind me posting about this. I have created this artwork below and I'm donating all the profits to Mind UK - an amazing charity helping people with mental heath problems. It's available as A2, A3 numbered, top...
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