1. K

    Acoustic music instruments

    There are many different sorts of instruments people can learn to play though. having the ability to play your favorite instrument has many advantages. Some use it as a pastime, others do that out of a passion for music, and for a few, it kinda stresses buster or meditation. many people...
  2. Fab

    FS Cubase Pro 10 and eLicenser £320

    Hey there, Selling this through ebay and paypl via the following link: Thanks, any questions let me know Fab
  3. Celestial Aeon

    Weird situation regarding songwriter revenue

    EDIT: this situation got eventually resolved by Jamendo / BMI, but I'll leave the original message here for context. The resolution is to join BMI or ASCAP and follow a procedure that states that specific tunes are part of Jamendo / Creative Commons business. ORIGINAL QUESTION: I have quite a...
  4. cliffordmartin

    Classical String Writing Part 2

    Classical String Writing Development/Programming idea Narrow Version
  5. S.M Hassani

    Please DM me for these: Major Update Soon - Custom Logic Pro X Midi Transforms: Set MIDI length by key shortcut! (+ 30 More)

    Please DM me for the Latest Version After reading this discussion: I decided to render a little service to the VIC/LPX community. :cool: Here's a Logic Pro 10.3.3 Project with my own Midi...
  6. FalloutBoy

    EU or US based PRO?

    Hello, New to the forum and the music industry and wanted to say hello. I am struggling with an question for some while now and couldn't find anything about it online and on this forum. If there is already an post about this topic, sorry i missed it and hopefully someone can point me in the...
  7. B

    Seeking Advice on 2nd internal SSD for MacBook Pro

    Dear VI-Control folks, Thanks so much for your amazing posts. I learn so much from you! I'm requesting your tech expertise, as I'm about to dive into the world of score composing. Q: I want to install a 2nd SSD into my MBP (swapping out the Optical/DVD) to hold sample libraries. I prefer...
  8. WarpIV

    WarpIV PRO Woodwinds Video Walkthrough

    As some of you requested, I put together a video walkthrough of the new WarpIV PRO Woodwinds. It is the first video I've ever done, so I apologize for it not being perfect (and maybe a little too long)... I tried to walk through, explain, motivate, and demonstrate all of the important features...
  9. adam_lukas

    Cubase iC Pro VS Lemur - Best solution for Touchscreen?

    Hi guys! Finally ordered an iPad to control my DAW, Cubase. There are a ton of tutorials how to do this with Lemur at the time being - to me it looks rather time consuming and complicated compared to Steiberg's inhouse app iC Pro. (which does not seem to be hyped as much as Lemur) Has...
  10. C

    2017 MBP 15" with Logic for large libraries?

    Anyone here using the new 15" Macbook Pros with Logic and has any experience using large sample libraries? I'm wondering about the performance of the quad core CPU and 16GB of RAM. Long story short, with a pretty hefty incoming promotion bonus (yay) I'll be able to afford to upgrade from my...
  11. Phryq

    My proposition which no one will take seriously

    Instead of paying for software, let's start a global composer's union, which will include an income tax on any profits made by union members (e.g. 10% of income). The taxes will pay for Kontakt development (which will move into an open source project) as well as pay companies like Embertone...
  12. C

    Please delete

  13. lucianogiacomozzi

    Mac Pro (2008) [Surrey/London, UK]

    Hello all, I am currently selling my old machine that has served me very well throughout the years running massive templates and the like up until last year when I bought myself an iMac. I originally intended to use this machine as a slave but instead the iMac actually ended up being more...
  14. J

    Sites similar to 'Crucial Music' that specialise in orchestral/cinematic music?

    I'm reaching out to try and broaden my knowledge of the commercial side of composing. It wasn't that long ago that i even found out what a 'PRO' was or about sites such Crucial Music that place your music for you. I signed up and got a track accepted but after having a long chat with their very...
  15. M

    Samsung 850 PRO 512 vs Sandisk Extreme PRO 480

    I already own 2x 850 PRO for system and projects. I am seriously thinking about buying others high-end SATA 3 SSD's to stream my Kontakt based libraries (my PCIe NMVe slots are full of 512 GB 950 PRO). I almost bought a pair of 512 GB 850 PRO but I have found this accurate bench of the 850 PRO...
  16. thov72

    PRO Germany....Gema. ....C3S???

    So in Germany we have Gema as a performing rights org. Anything else? Just heard about C3S. Anyone know about that? I need to register with one of those orgs (afaik). I have collected "a couple" of songs that I would like to pitch to Libraries.Would love to hear some opinions... Thanks a lot...
  17. Blackster

    Bmi vs. sesac vs. ascap

    Hi guys, I know this topic has been brought up a few times over the years and of course, I did a search through old threads before I decided to create this one. In essence, I just have a few questions and I hope to get concrete answers from some PRO members here! 1) Normally, if you become a...
  18. rgames

    In The Economist: PRO / Synch Licensing Revenues Show Good Growth

    Saw this after the recent discussion on the "state of the music industry". According to the data in this story it is, of course, true that the music business as a whole has...
  19. M

    Your PCIe SSD choice : Samsung 950 PRO 512 GB vs Intel 750 Series 400 GB

    Hi, I mainly use Kontakt libraries (Spitfire Albion, BML, Percussion, Project SAM Symphobia, some Sonokinetic stuff, Orchestral Tools Woodwinds, etc...) and EWQL (Orchestra, Stormdrum 2, etc...). I have already installed a Samsung in my M.2 slot (but not tested yet with this new built) and I...