1. Thomas Kallweit

    Meet the cities repair team - Surf, Twang, Wave, Post-Rock (adventure collection)

    This is a curated collection of instrumental tunes with real guitars, basses and lots of other (virtual) instruments, which are mostly somewhat adventurous and narrative. From some years ago til not so far from recently. You have Twang and Surf, Wave and HeavyRock, Grunge and Post-Rock - more...
  2. D

    Mixing and mastering track for live performance with a pop-rock band

    Hello! Does anyone have experience with mixing and mastering track for live performance with a pop-rock band ? Should it be raw as possible? Is loudness important and is there any standard numbers? Thanks!
  3. ag75

    Is ELECTRI6ITY still the go to Electric Guitar library?

    I’ve been thinking about picking up Electri6ity in their summer sale. Is it still a great library? I find I’ve been using electric guitars in my projects quite a bit lately. What are some other great electric guitar libraries for rock pop music. Thanks!
  4. Daniele Nasuti

    New Song: MARIA by Daniele Nasuti

    Hi, this is my last song which I uploaded online yesterday. I wrote all by myself, both music and lyrics and I have arranged and recorded also all other instruments. Let me know if you like it and if you have some advice. I know that it's not perfect but at some point I had only to upload...
  5. A

    Pop Big Brass ('Panic At The Disco!' style)

    Hi guys, does anyone know a sample library that would archeive something like the brass in Panic At The Disco's latest release: Thanks!
  6. Mads Skønberg

    Mixing genres

    I love to mix genres. If you want you can tell me what you think about my last track:
  7. will_m

    PRISM - Modern Pop Drums - Video Review

  8. D

    Dance House - Dee Marcus x Stephano Prunebelli - Into The Unknown

    Hey V.I. control! I am new here and I must say that this is a really huge base of knowledge and it can be really helpful. What I would like to do is that I introduce myself with dance(electronic) track for the start. I am also trailer music composer but I would like to send this first. Hit me...
  9. Thomas Kallweit

    "Hallo Erde (hello earth)"[Video] - this time a 70s style song with orchestra bits

    Hey, here's the last of the videos made for my "New Album". This time it's a pathetic song more in the 70s alley (guitar, piano, drums, Vienna Instruments). Maybe this is more interesting because here's some orchestral stuff inside (in a different way from the other songs). Video is quirky...
  10. ChrisSiuMusic

    How Shawn Mendes Uses MODES In His Music

    Something different today :) Enjoy!
  11. ChrisSiuMusic

    How To Analyze Chord Progressions In Pop Music (Skype Lesson Excerpt)

    Hey friends! As a pianist, songwriter/composer and orchestrator, I've had a few people contact me regarding piano/writing/theory lessons and how those would look. I've had the pleasure of working with producer and musician Riccardo Barletta. We've been focusing on improving his piano playing...
  12. karelpsota

    AVA - PRISM - Modern Pop Drums

    Super excited to present our new baby! Just like the previous AVA library INSTINCT - Trailer Sound Effects, PRISM is a small sample library with a very simple UI. Focus on quality over quantity - all the samples have passed the test of time. They were used in tracks cumulating over 100...
  13. Daniele Nasuti

    Another song which I wrote in collaboration with other musicians

    Hi, this is a song of mine and some musicians friends. I wrote the music from min. 2,50 to 3,20. Let me know what do you think about and if you have some advices for me!! Thank you!!
  14. TomNoyd

    Rocker's attempt at swing/big band (music video)

    Howdy, It's been a while since I posted on here. I come from primarily punk/metal background and I've always had an outsider's love for crooner/big band music. So this was my feeble but earnest attempt at creating a swing/big band piece. If you're curious, it's off my album 'Threesomes With...
  15. Thomas Kallweit

    "New Album" (german languaged Pop)

    I guess this will fit quarterly or half into the idea of vi-control - so please forgive :) What unites me: I love movies and some scores, which fit into them (there are good and bad alliances, difficult these days). Coming from KVR, so I learned my stuff using lots of synths - but: also used...
  16. ThomasNL

    Collecting good pop/rock band libraries (Drums, Guitars, Elec. Bass)

    Hey guys and girls, I have a clear overview of all the orchestral libraries out there but I actually have very little knowledge about the best and worst libraries for more pop/rock music styles. Unleash your suggestions onto my humble soul! Kind regards, Thomas ps. I did try to find the...
  17. A

    String recommendation "Say Something"

    Hi, I am currently working on a cover of Christina Aguilleras "Say Something": What strings would you recommend? I am currently using "LA-Scoring Strings Lite" and "Cinematic Strings 2". This is the version I am trying to cover :-):
  18. Epicurse

    Hello everyone... I am Epicurse

    Good afternoon members, My name is Eric Oriol and I go by Epicurse when I compose epic orchestral music. Started back in March 2016 with no instrument experience nor music theory knowledge, I decided to use Studio One from Presonus as my DAW and I started composing one track at the time. I...
  19. DSmolken

    A just-for-fun cover of a forgotten old pop song

    I was in a band with these two singers a few years ago. This spring they both happened to be in town, so we recorded a little something. It's a cover of a Fuzzbox song from 1989 which peaked at #14 on the UK charts. Ended up using seven of my own free instruments in this one: Meatbass...