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    VSL Synchron Strings Pro Tutti/ combo's Poly Legato -How good is it ?

    Hey, I see a lot of praise for the VSL Synchron Strings Pro on here, but not much talk - about the Polyphonic legato feature in the tutti patch - Which would be of great interest to me, as there are few Ensemble String Libraries that do this, even less convincing. So those with VSL , can you...
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    Monophonic Polyphonic

    on init make_perfview set_ui_height_px(150) set_control_par($INST_ICON_ID,$CONTROL_PAR_HIDE,$HIDE_WHOLE_CONTROL) declare ui_knob $rel_adj (1,400,1) $rel_adj := 20 set_text ($rel_adj, "Release") move_control ($rel_adj, 2,4) make_persistent ($rel_adj) declare ui_switch $Monophonic move_control...
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