1. premjj

    Poll: Should developers, which don't allow reselling usually, allow resale of libraries during the Covid crisis?

    I've been wondering if being able to sell some NFR products, which don't allow reselling originally, would provide much needed support to musicians during this period? Even if it's with a transfer fee. Or maybe developers that charge transfer fee/update plans etc could waive off or discount...
  2. The Darris

    Poll - Would you like OT to change the way their NKC files are organized?

    I've been in touch with Orchestral Tools on this issue. I haven't received their response and would highly welcome it in this thread. The issue: As a registered user of many of Orchestral Tools libraries, I've found that the way they have organized their NKC files for the samples doesn't allow...
  3. A

    Your Choir of choice - 2018

    Since I haven't heard of any other choirs coming out this year, thought this might be a good time to ask you guys and girls what your choirs of choice are. Left out Oceania on the grounds of versatility. Have also left out children's choirs at the moment. So yes, which of the libraries listed...
  4. Vik

    POLL: Preferred DAW/program for work with sample libraries 2018/19?

    Not necessarily focusing on what you use right now, but which DAW or program do you believe is the best for work with orchestral sample libraries? I'm thinking og all kinds of work here: composing/arranging/orchestration/handling the libraries (eg CC automation and articulation control) and so...
  5. amnesiasound

    BT Phobos Custom Presets

    Hello Everyone! I was just wondering if generally you guys would be interested in fully mapped out / custom created presets for BT Phobos. Along with that, how much would you be willing to pay for a pack that had say 50 presets for BT Phobos? Thank you in advance for your answers! :2thumbs:
  6. W

    "Air" frequency buildup, yes or no?

    In the following thread on mockup dynamics, I proposed the idea of splitting part of an ensemble patch among multiple channels in order to vary the dynamics of each section. "Ways of Getting Mockup Dynamics Spot-On." Discuss. It was suggested to me that this would not work because of frequency...
  7. Vik

    POLL: What are your favourite string libraries?

    NB - the libraries marked with an asterisk have been added to the poll after the voting started (April 6th 2017 or later). This poll doesn't take into consideration the number of users who use each library, so a library with a low percentage could still be seen as perfect by all it's users (but...
  8. Vik

    Poll: Solo string/first chair libraries you are really happy with?

    This poll is closed now, since a new and more complete poll exists here: http://vi-control.net/community/threads/poll-which-of-these-30-virtual-violins-would-you-recommend.56095/ Hi, I just started a poll about fav. solo/FC violins, listing only products where the violin can be bought as a...
  9. X-Bassist

    How important is the interface?

    With all the new interface designs out now I'm wondering how much this is affecting people's instrument purchases. Some like Virharmonic are going to simplier designs, with less controls and more under the hood or baked-in functions. While others are going for more control (Falcon) which is...
  10. Vik

    Poll: Favourite string library makers

    Which are your favourite makers of dedicated string libraries? By "dedicated", I'm thinking of companies which make libraries that are only about string sounds. Since some of the companies make both dedicated string libraries and libraries with strings and other sounds, I've added the name sof...
  11. Jdiggity1

    Has the issue of MISSING POLL RESULTS been covered yet?

    Since the website overhaul, it seems that all data collected by polls has gone missing. Can anything be done about that? Is there already a thread about this? Example: http://vi-control.net/community/threads/daw-users-poll-and-the-who-uses-what-list.35147/