1. Alex Niedt

    For Sale FS: PLUGIN-ALLIANCE - Vertigo, Dangerous, ACME, Brainworx, Millenia, SPL, Black Box, Maag, elysia, etc.

    Will offer an additional discount to anyone interested in a large bundle... Brainworx bx_bassdude - $19 Brainworx bx_bluechorus2 - $9 Brainworx bx_delay 2500 - $19 Brainworx bx_distorange - $9 Brainworx bx_dynEQ V2 - $19 Brainworx bx_greenscreamer - $9 Brainworx bx_hybrid V2 - $19 Brainworx...
  2. P

    How useful is all this stuff?

    So there's a pretty sweet deal it seems over here but I'm not sure how useful most of this stuff is. I could see immediate use for RX elements for the use of the noise removal as I'm currently working on a sample library of my own, but it...
  3. S

    FS: Captain Plugins (Chords, Play, Deep, and Melody) (SOLD)

    Hey y'all! I'm currently selling my license for Captain Plugins at a great price of $50. Captain Plugins is an amazing assistant for music production whether you're a beginner or someone looking for inspiration in making music. For more info: Lmk if...
  4. khollister

    UAD bundle decision

    I really want the Capitol Chambers and the 480L plugins, so I'm trying to decide on what other 2 plugs to fill out the 3+1 sale bundle with (and I have a $25 voucher to apply to it). What I already have: Lex 224, EMT plate & verb, Harrison, API EQ's, MDWEQ5 EQ, Millinnea EQ, Neve 1073...
  5. Aleela

    Waves Silver bundle

    What are your opinions about Waves Silver bundle? Is it enough for film scoring? Or are there other essential plugins to be taken separately from Waves? What are the essential plugins?
  6. A

    FS: Hornet DynEQ , Waves Aphex Aural Exciter, Ozone 8 Elements, Embertone Recorders; WTB Dam

    Payment through paypal. Buyer covers paypal fees. Hornet DynEQ - 4 EUR Waves Aphex Aural Exciter - 50 USD (includes 15 USD waves transfer fee) Embertone Recorders - 35 USD Let me know if you have any questions! Also, want to buy Heavyocity Damage - if you're looking to offload a copy, let me...
  7. mihajlo šinka

    Selling my plugins. Half price.

    Hi guys! I am selling my plugins collection since i need money to upgrade to Studio One 4 Professional and possibly get myself a new PC. Here is the list and pricing: NATIVE INSTRUMENTS: Premium Tube Series - 100 euros Replika - 20 euros Supercharger - 20 euros Driver - 20 euros Phasis - 20...
  8. Time+Space

    3rd Aug - this week's new music production releases and offers at Time+Space

    Here's this week's round up of new releases and special offers from leading brands at Time+Space to help you make even better music! For more info about each one, click the links below or just visit our website at AAS Stranger Strings sound bank Boom...
  9. EpicDude

    One compressor to rule them all... No, seriously.

    I've used some different and good compressors (plugins) since I started doing this composing thing (Waves, IK Multimedia, Cytomic) you know, the classic ones but the Klanghelm DC8C has to be the best one by far. Does anybody else use this plugin...
  10. BrandonYLau

    Izotope Elements: Can it do the job?

    Hi all, Sincere apologies if this is the wrong place to post. Recently, Izotope has had these huge sales, specifically, 79$ for an Elements bundle of Neutron, Nectar, Ozone and RX. As I'm on a budget, I don't personally own many good plugins, and this seems like quite a good deal. However, I...

    Cubase/Nuendo PlugIns Insert Issues

    Hi there, I am hoping someone here will recognise this problem and be able to help. In which case I thank you in advance :-) I have recently installed Waves, iZotope, Lexicon and some other plugins. However, when I select any of the plugins for these, it is not displayed in the Inserts...
  12. Big Fish Audio

    Big Fish Audio: Green Tag Sale 50% Off Loops & Instruments

    Hey guys! We're running a 50% off sale right now on over 60 loop libraries and virtual instruments. It's running through March 27th, and no coupon is required. Sale page: Have a great day!
  13. FrozenPlain

    30% Off FrozenPlain libraries and MIDI harmoniser plugin

    The end of year sale is now on at FrozenPlain! All products are discounted by 30%. Products include: Obelisk ($17.50): MIDI harmoniser VST/AU, connects to any synth to produce new interesting harmonies based on the notes you play in Colourform ($34.30): Atmospheric organic sounds with a...
  14. VerbatimProd

    FS/FT: Loads of Plugins, DAWs, Hardware Gear & Accessories

    *Please note, this photo is to show our full studio only. Not all items pictured are for sale! Downsizing my studio & I have a TON of software & gear available for sale or trade. Hardware items shipped at actual shipping rates, unless marked free S/H. Local pickup from The Dalles, OR is...
  15. SoundYeti

    Greetings From Nashville TN!

    Hello! We are Sound Yeti, We make Kontakt plugins and sound design assets! Talk soon! :)
  16. Tenku

    SOLD: Brainworx Digital V2 Mastering Processor Plugin Alliance

    • All Plugin Formats (AU, VST, AAX etc.) • Plugin Alliance Transfer Fee $20 included in price. • Must have registered PIA account. • Same Day Digital Delivery of License & Software. • RRP: £299 • More info: Will take £149 or best...
  17. Noam Guterman

    FS: Slate / Scuffham / Softube / Soundtoys / Eventide / AIR Plugins

    Slate Digital VMR Slate Digital VCC Slate Digital FG-Bomber (SOLD) Slate Digital Custom Series Bundle (SOLD) Slate Digital VTM Slate Digital VBC Slate Digital FG-X Slate Digital Trigger Platinum Scuffham Amps S-GEAR 2 Softube FET Compressor Softube Summit Audio Grand Channel Suite...
  18. V

    Waves Plugins? And are there better options?

    Hello there, I've been looking at buying some Waves plugins for a while now and was wondering what people thought of them. I mostly do electronic and ambient scoring and I try to do cinematic stuff every once in a while so would you recommend the Waves stuff or are there other plugins out there...
  19. kurtvanzo

    Rob Papen free plugin email

    Got an email from Rob Papen this morning for a free plugin with almost no information. Went to the website, still no info. I realize it's April 1st, and I may just be a spoil sport, but please, don't download a plugin without knowing what it is. I wrote the company to tell them I thought they...
  20. sprout

    Plugin Auto-Analyzing Harmonic Functions Showing Roman Numerals & Figured Bass plus Score Notation

    I'm looking for a DAW plugin that can auto-analyze MIDI and perhaps audio then display the harmonic analysis in figured bass roman numerals. It should also display score notation. I'd like to avoid the messy process of importing to a proper notation program like Sibelius. I know that my Logic...
  21. ranaprathap

    Image-line All plugins half price until Dec 31

    Image line is doing an all plugin half price sale till the end of this month. Might be a good time to pick up Harmor or their new plugin Transistor Bass(TB 303 emulation) I think.
  22. HirushanDM

    What libraries are you planning to get during BF, CB and Christmas

    Hey everyone!! Just curious to know which libraries you guys are planning on getting during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. There are some interesting offers coming up each day and i have no clue what to get considering the fact that i have tight budget. Wanna make sure that i invest...
  23. V

    Beginner Composer - NEED ADVICE

    Hey guys, I want to start producing orchestral music on a more serious level than I have been. I've been doing it as a hobby for a couple years now but I really want to start taking it seriously. Up till now I've been using a Macbook Pro with 16 GBs of RAM. However I always find myself...
  24. PeterKorcek

    FS: McDSP Futzbox + Waves plugins

    Via Paypal WUP updated McDSP: Futzbox Native v6 - 40 USD + iLok transfer fee 25 USD = 65 USD Waves: API collection = 180 USD CLA Classic compressors = 180 USD Kramer HLS channel = 80 USD Kramer Master Tape = 70 USD Abbey Roads REDD = 90 USD If Waves bought as a bundle, discount 100 USD =...
  25. J

    Spectral Drone maker plugin recommendation for AAX

    I’m looking for a drone maker plugin similar to that of Michael Norris, Spectral Drone Maker but as an AAX plug in for ProTools. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  26. Mathematics

    Secret Plugins

    Are there any unique or uncommon plugins that can fall into the categories of being a secret or life-saving/essential in the world of mixing and mastering? Do not limit your response solely for what the plugin can do, but what you use it for. For example, you may use it not for what it was...
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