1. jrrshop

    88% off PSP Xenon + X-Dither Bundle, now $39.99 instead of $328

    88% off PSP Xenon + X-Dither Bundle, now $39.99 instead of $328: Until September 30, you can buy PSP's award wining limiter plug-in, Xenon, at the special discounted price of $39.99 US and get the additional full licence for the PSP X-Dither high-end...
  2. denise.Audio

    Alternative to side-chain compression

    Hi Vi Controllers. Have you ever considered an alternative to side-chain compression? We at denise audio have, and that's why we added a side-chain option to our recent plugin release, The Sweeper. With the side-chain option selected, this dynamic envelope following filter then turns into a...
  3. paularthur

    Plugin Suggestions for Analog Warmth?

    I'm looking to add some warmth (and maybe some fat) to my legato strings section as well as my soft-synths, just looking for opinions/suggestions on some ideas? Thanks!
  4. AudioDevAcademy

    Create your own VST plugins, Part 5: Create an audio volume control. [blog post]

    Hi VI Control, In the next of our series of blog posts about creating audio VST plugins, we give a brief overview of what makes up a volume control and what you need to consider when making one. Turning volume up and down seems so intuitive to you as a music producer you've probably never even...
  5. Pietro

    Time Tracker

    Hey everyone. A friend of mine recently worked on a little tool plugin for those, that want to track time spent on your projects. Either for those, who do mixing or others that work on per hour basis, I think this could be useful. It's VST3 and it's free. It has a couple of great features, like...
  6. KSProgrammer

    Audio Programming for Beginners, a Blog

    Hello all! I'm normally working away on the sample library side of the equation, but I have since started out writing some code for some audio plugins. It is quite a new territory for me and I have been dismayed by the number of resources that are difficult to follow without an extensive...
  7. willbedford

    I'm working on a reverb algorithm - 'Abyss'

    For the last couple of days I've been foraying into reverb algorithm design. This is new territory for me - I've done some basic DSP in the past, but nothing to this extent. I did of reading into the basic concepts, but Abyss is mostly a result of my own experimentation. The goal was to make an...
  8. MoeWalsaad

    Best Wow/Flutter/Broken Tape Effects Plugins?

    Hi, I would like to know what are the best Wow, Flutter, Broken tape effects plugins available these days. the more parameters and controllability, the better. What options do we have? Thanks in advance.
  9. Aleela

    Waves Silver bundle

    What are your opinions about Waves Silver bundle? Is it enough for film scoring? Or are there other essential plugins to be taken separately from Waves? What are the essential plugins?
  10. jerry11

    Sell electric guitar Acousticsamples Strategy

    sell the license key. I did not use this plugin, New unregistered serial 100$ write a private message or email.
  11. bfreepro

    Let's Listen to MRythmizerMB by MeldaProduction! ( currently 75% off!)

    Currently 75% off at The Rythmizer is an audio time manipulation effect that has gating, glitching, repeating hits and scratching, all with a plethora of options and built in patterns and presets, easy to pick up and...
  12. dog1978

    My Top 15 Pianos

    I've been asked what my favourite pianos are. Here is a video. What are your favourites?
  13. JaikumarS

    Similar plugin - Patcher Plugin(FL studio) for other DAWs

    Hi, Looking for a Similar plugin - Patcher Plugin(FL studio) for other DAWs(mainly for signal flow). Thank you. - JS
  14. Cory Pelizzari

    The Ups & Downs of Slate Drums 5

    Get it here: Get the free NoteMapper (for Windows only): Get the NoteMapper presets:
  15. bfreepro

    Review: Hexeract by Auddict

    This was voted for in the poll last time as well, so here it is! This one was a long time coming, as I have owned this product almost a year, and have had quite an eventful time trying to get it to work. I held off on a review, simply because I wanted to give Auddict a chance to correct the...
  16. S.M Hassani



    Sonarworks Reference 4.1 - Bad Update?

    Adds ASIO Support & Sonarworks Studio Reference (I'm still figuring out what that is) Removes Optimum phase feature & all Simulations (due to legal reason) Does anyone use Simulations for mastering reference or other reasons? I'm very new to reference and haven't had time to try these features...
  18. Time+Space

    Rob Papen releases new virtual synth – Go2

    Leading virtual synthesis supremo Rob Papen has announced the immediate release of Go2 – a virtual synthesiser designed to provide music producers with powerful, easy to use features and the best quality sounds – all controlled within a single interface. What's more, it's extremely affordable at...

    MIDI Out from MIDI FX Plugins in Logic

    In case someone is interested, this plugin (free) will do just that: Small demonstration video from the developer: For my workflow (Arp, Chord Trigger, Scaler, etc.) this plugin came in as a godsend. Now if I could just get something simple like this...
  20. Pierre

    Out now: BOOM Library’s first sound design plug-in: Turbine
  21. VerbatimProd

    FS/FT: Loads of Plugins, DAWs, Hardware Gear & Accessories

    *Please note, this photo is to show our full studio only. Not all items pictured are for sale! Downsizing my studio & I have a TON of software & gear available for sale or trade. Hardware items shipped at actual shipping rates, unless marked free S/H. Local pickup from The Dalles, OR is...
  22. michaelamlacher

    FS: Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 incl. E-Licenser - EUR 120

    I am selling my Vienna Ensemble Pro Software including the e-Licenser on which the license is stored. You can upgrade to the new VEP Pro 6 for a special price directly at VSL.
  23. D

    Thalamus VST plugin latest version?

    Anyone using the discontinued Thalamus VST plugin and can possibly send me the plugin .dll of the latest version? I saw the latest is from 28.9.2004. I have the version from 30.9.2003... The reason I need this is to connect finale 2012 to a virtual midi...
  24. James Marshall

    Eventide EQuivocate giveaway

    I just saw this tempting offer. Has anyone here got experience of the plugin? The only thing putting me off is having yet another EQ that I'll never use, as FF Pro-Q2 and Neutron seem to cover me for most things. If it's half decent I'll grab it while it's free, and maybe you should too!
  25. SBK

    Your favorite Analog Saturation Plugin

    Hi guys and wishing a warm December (analog warmth like) I always keep trying new plugins to find something really good in analog drive - harmonic exciter - warmth - or color.. I like many like Waves NLS SK Note's Disto Native Instruments Supercharger GT Izotope's stuff But I never found...
  26. sprout

    Plugin Auto-Analyzing Harmonic Functions Showing Roman Numerals & Figured Bass plus Score Notation

    I'm looking for a DAW plugin that can auto-analyze MIDI and perhaps audio then display the harmonic analysis in figured bass roman numerals. It should also display score notation. I'd like to avoid the messy process of importing to a proper notation program like Sibelius. I know that my Logic...
  27. ranaprathap

    What makes plugins different?

    I have often heard people say that certain synths sound better than the others. So what makes synths different? If I make two synths to play a saw wave, with every other adjustable parameter on it the same, won't both of them sound exactly the same? How can one saw wave be better than another...
  28. SampleScience

    Orion Sound Module: Free Rompler

    I hope I'm posting this in the right section of the forum. If not, let me know! :) I've just released a free rompler instrument called Orion Sound Module. The idea behind the Orion Sound Module plugin is to provide a rompler based on public domain samples that can be used to create...
  29. Pierre

    From the makers of Native Instruments’ ACTION STRINGS, new line of instruments: "SONUSCORE ORIGINS"

    From the makers of Native Instruments’ ACTION STRINGS, ACTION STRIKES and EMOTIVE STRINGS: SONUSCORE releases the first installment of a new line of instruments: ORIGINS VOL.1: STEEL TONGUE & SANSULA (November 11th 2015, Mainz, Germany) – ORIGINS VOL.1: STEEL TONGUE & SANSULA is the first...
  30. donbodin

    First Look Review of Vinyl Strip from Sample Library Review

    I had a great time pulling out an old track with that 60s kind of style and reworking it utilizing Vinyl Strip plugin from AudioThing. More info and link to the free demo of Vinyl Strip Available for $65 from Mentioned in this video: my Review of Vintage Rhythm Section
  31. esencia

    Tips about mixing epic orchestration with UAD plugins

    Hi all.. This is a message mainly for UAD users..but I'm pretty sure that other composers could also contribute a lot with their experience with other plugins... I wonder if you could share your experiencience about mixing strings within soundtrack compositions to make them fit better into a...
  32. 1

    Klanghelm MJUC variable-tube compressor

    In case anyone missed it a new comp from Klanghelm was released last week. For 24 € you can't go wrong. It's replacing many of my so called 'better' comps. Excellent quality, versatile, many useful features & well suited for many chores. There free...
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