1. Bluemount Score

    I made a radio play soundtrack

    This is the first time I made an original soundtrack for a radio play. It's linked in the description, however it is in german and also the final episode of the series, so I can't expect anyone to understand the background of it! Still hope you enjoy the music! This is my favorite track, others...
  2. P

    Windows thinks PLAY is malware?

    I've had slow load times in EastWest PLAY despite having an SSD. I just assumed the player was naturally slower than kontakt for whatever reason, but today I had my task manager open and noticed loading a library in PLAY caused a spike in CPU usage for the infamous "antimalware service...
  3. Ihnoc

    EWQL Play + Cubase and editing midi velocity

    I've a workflow where I like to use CC1 to set the dynamics of incoming notes to Kontakt, rather than use the key velocity or whatever the note was recorded at. In Kontakt, if an instrument doesn't support this (Orchestral Tools, Spitfire do), then I can at least script around it. I'm in Cubase...
  4. Silence-is-Golden

    Play 5 and SC word builder: a way to reset words to start by ks or cc?

    title says it mostly I believe: Reset wordbuilder with a cc or ks to start. Cannot right click in reset button on Play to “learn” . Maybe there is another way anyone has found to not to have to manually reset ..... especially with satb leaving 4 (or more) play windows open takes a lot of...
  5. Cory Pelizzari

    Does Hollywood Choirs Hold Up?

  6. magneto538

    Prevent a MIDI note to be sent to Kontakt's MIDI out

    I have a drum library. As many drum libraries out there, I have an "external" mapping - C1 is Kick, E1 is Snare etc. - and an "internal" mapping that I use to handle Round Robins, alternates and stuff. Each note on the internal mapping is a different Drum Kit (I have RRs mapped over velocity). I...
  7. G

    How to Purge Samples in PLAY

    Is there a way to purge samples in PLAY? I've been away from EastWest libraries for a bit, and have mainly been using Kontakt libraries. But have taken the plunge back into EastWest ComposersCloud. I have gotten so used to the purge feature in Kontakt, but can't seem to find how to do it in...
  8. Ihnoc

    How do YOU control Shorts and Accents with CC - Kontakt/Play

    First time caller, long time listener. I've an itch to buy a new library or two, but I've hit a snag which I've spent days pouring over Kontakt in an effort to solve. In short, I want to control dynamics of shorts with CC1 and add accents relative to that dynamic with velocity. I do this because...
  9. Dean

    Need help/advice re system installation and Play ?

    Hi, Im moving from PTs 8 and RTAS to PTs 12 HD and AAX,Mac Pro[trashcan] a pretty massive jump I know,..Play keeps coming back with an error [see below] I've copied and pasted the installation guys email to Soundsonline Support below,... I am moving to a new system, MacPro 2013, mac OS...
  10. ricoderks

    Hollywood Brass Missing Samples

    Hey there everyone! I just got my Hollywood Orchestra Diamond HDD and had a issue with the close samples from the solo trombone: some are missing (legato samples) and some just cause a big noise sound! Installed all the latest updates and still have that problem... Can someone help me? Rico
  11. StudioSpotlight

    VIDEO | VEPro 5 & 6 - Brief overview and loading time comparison

    ------------------------------------------- NEW FROM STUDIO SPOTLIGHT ------------------------------------------- In Studio Spotlight's first video, we look at the recently released Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, comparing the load times of a string section from EastWest's Hollywood Orchestra Gold with...
  12. N

    Feedback for my first slave PC build (EastWest, VE Pro)

    Hello all, I'm at an exciting point right now where I have the budget to take the plunge and build my first slave PC to improve my workflow. I'm confident that my choices of parts work well enough with each other, but I did have a couple general questions that I would appreciate advice on from...
  13. M

    Giving Play another try

    Hi, like mentioned in the title, I'm again looking at Play, would like to layer some strings, thought about HS. Does anybody have an idea how to fix this? It says that there is no path for Diamond while I'm trying to create a path for Gold. And this, thought that while figuring out how to...
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