1. gh0stwrit3r

    Floating Balloons [Orchestral - Film Music]

    I composed a new music track. This time with solo strings, solo woodwinds, small percussion, harp, piano and supporting chamber strings. I've tried to accomplish a positive happy energy. I would really love to get some feedback on this one.
  2. thestickman8

    Happy Halloween To All!!! - The creature's cavern

    I was feeling festive this week and wrote a spooky little tune. Hope you like it!
  3. W

    Invention for piano and pizz also birds

    Hello, I had this invention sitting around and thought I throw it over some bird videos haha. Hope you enjoy, comments, thoughts welcome :) made with spitfire tundra

    Sample Modeling Strings - Bartok Pizzicato

    Hi all, I just purchased all SM Strings and I love them. I noticed I can do a very great amount of things, what I can't do (or I don't know how to do) is the Bartok Pizzicato. Is there a way I don't know to perform this articulation? I can't find anything about it on the manual and I'm...
  5. olajideparis

    SNAP! Pizzicato Quartet Library $20 XMAS SALE - ENDS DEC. 25th - Walkthrough Video Added

    Our debut library SNAP! is now available until December 25th for the sale price of $20 (Regular price $30). SNAP! Features 2.8GB of content (uncompressed), featuring a dozen string quartet and sound design patches including: pizzicato, col legno and more. Requires full retail version of Kontakt...