1. Lukas K

    Fugue for Violin, Cello and Piano No. 2

    Hey guys! I would like to share with you one of my pieces which was premiered recently at the Bratislava Conservatory. If you are interested in seeing the score, just let me know :) Thanks for listening! Lukas _____________________ OTHER COMPOSITIONS: Rocky Meets Beethoven (Variations...
  2. Silence-is-Golden

    Cello & Piano "the Shores of Ireland"

    here a piece of music, originally made with the cello from OT's first chairs, but due to some of its current limitations switched to the new bohemian cello, and for me it works wonderfully. Eventually the piano part might become an orchestral part but so far it has been a test and finding out...
  3. leoniscaeli

    My cover of the Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale - Light of The Seven - Piano Cover - All instruments

    My cover of the Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale. A great theme for a great episode. Now that I analyzed it in order to make this video, I love it even more. The structure of this theme and its build up are so well done. All the other instruments were done by ear. I recorded all the...
  4. Grim_Universe

    Tristan und Isolde (act 3) theme variatons

    Hi, guys! Just finished several variatons, hope you'll like them! PIECE WASN'T PERFORMED BY ME, since i wanted just to practice composition skills. Based on this, the piano could sound more natural. Feel free to share your ideas :)
  5. Alex W

    Cinematic Studio Strings - new sample library from the creators of CS2 - out now!

    Hi everyone, We’re very excited to announce the release of our brand new strings sample library Cinematic Studio Strings. Capturing the sound of a Hollywood-style string section seated in position, CSS was recorded meticulously in a world-class scoring stage, and is the first installment in our...
  6. anderslink

    Selling iZotope, Waves Vocal Bundle, EMITG12345, NI Passive EQ, Softube Dynamite.

    Hey guys. This post has been edited to reflect new stuff I am selling. All of the sample libraries have already been sold but these plugins remain. Make me an offer! Waves Vocal Bundle $149 Version 9.2 Native Instruments Passive EQ $49 Softube Valley People Dynamite $90... $25 transfer for...
  7. SoundChris

    Soundtracks for Film and Games

    Hey there guys, here is my personal composer web-page. I am a multi-genre composer from germany mainly focused on orchestral, piano, jazz and medieval music. I am also creating hq library demos if needed. If you are interested in my art just check out my music at www.chris-schlee.com.
  8. Logan

    HOME PIANO (Dark Soft Upright) for Kontakt

    HOME PIANO is a delicately performed Cable-Nelson upright piano for use with Kontakt. The sound could be described as an intimate and real. Just released today, and for the first two weeks, the price is $25 (instead of $39). I hope you enjoy my first Kontakt instrument! -Close & Far mic...
  9. Pianistikboy

    World of Life (piano & orchestra) - Hollywood Strings Diamond, Cinewinds & Cinebrass

    Hi guys ! Here is my music for piano and orchestra entitled 'World of Life'. It gives an overview of the capacities of the beautiful Hollywood Strings Diamond vst, and also Cinewinds and Cinebrass. Let me know your impressions. I hope you'll like it ! Thanks for listening. Anthony
  10. leoniscaeli

    Leonis C. - Rise of the Rebellion [Epic Orchestral] - Piano Concerto Like Composition

    Hello, I just finished this composition this week-end, it was really fun to compose and to play. I am a pianist so I tend to use a lot of piano in my compositions. Hope you like it : Don't hesitate if you have any suggestions / ideas or comments. Best, Leonis
  11. Mundano

    Project sampling "Apollo-Dresden" 1884 Piano

    Good Morning, i've spent a month or so being member of this forum, and i thank you for your wonderful community! In this month i have learned a lot about virtual instruments, sample libraries, i have known new and old products and tools i didn't know, and i am improving my musical work with all...
  12. creativeforge

    Thomas Newman piano sound - real or virtual?

    I just love his sound (Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, Meet Joe Black, Road to Perdition, etc.) it seems to always be very specific, with same kind of reverb. Anyone know what he is using? Is it a real acoustic or a virtual piano? His brother Randy on Awakenings too, gorgeous sound. Thanks in...
  13. Mundano

    Ego te saluto! Hola, Hello, Hallo, Ciao, Bonjour

    Hi everybody, i am a musician/composer, recording/mixing technician, multi instrumentalist (piano/synths, guitars, violin, recorders, percussion), from Colombia. I have lived in different lands and have enjoyed different cultures. Since december 2015 "V.I. Control Forum" called my attention and...
  14. transverb

    [FS/FT] NI The Giant - [WTB] Una Corda, NI Maverick, ect.

    Is your VI pianos collecting dust? The Maverick doesn't fit your style? You have come to the right place! :) WTB: NI The Maverick
  15. Penthagram

    Testing "una Corda"

    Just a quick Sketch using the Una Corda NI library . It´s a really well done library by the way, with a very clever approach and a clean and straight forward interface. Really like the snapshots and the sound. But sometimes the felt/cotton sounds can feel a bit repetitive in som styles of...
  16. Simon Daum

    Most realistic piano libaries

    As a composer that mostly works with the sound of the piano, I am always seeking for the most realistic sounding libaries. But its often times not just about the sound that makes a good libary, but also how realistic the dynamic is. During the last years I have tried a lot of samples. The...
  17. Simon Daum

    Piano & Emotional Soundtrackmusic

    www.simondaum.com or for some soundsamples also visit youtube. Thanks for the interest, and look foreward to make a difference
  18. Simon Daum

    Simon Daum says hello (:

    Hey there, This is Simon Daum from Germany, Freiburg. My great love is to compose soundtracks, mainly pianobased. Up to date I have relased 6 CDs, and written music for a few films and similar projects. In 2013 I became very ill, so that it wasnt certain I would survive... Since 2013 I have...
  19. S

    John Johnson - Editor-in-Chief - Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

    I have a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and am 70 years old now. I am semi-retired, and am still active, part time, in various projects. I have published numerous scientific books (three in 2014, one in 2015, and one due in 2017), along with dozens of scientific articles on biomedical research topics as...
  20. FarleyCZ

    A bit of dnb for a change? :)

    Hi all, I've recently finished a track that mixes liquid Drum & Bass with a little piano piece, synth instrumentation and few other things. I'd be glad if you could listen to it and tell me what you think of it! :) I know it's not going to be anywhere near the huge compositions you guys make...
  21. SyMTiK

    Chance of Rain (Solo Piano Piece)

    I'm currently working on a bigger project of writing a piece of music for my schools Christmas Concert, and kind of hit a road block in writing it, so I sat down and wrote this little piano piece in the meantime. Kind of reminded me of sitting inside a little house in the woods on a rainy day...
  22. A

    As Spring Goes By (Video)

    Here is a new piece I wrote today :) Hope you like it...
  23. Pianistikboy

    BERCEUSE, 3rd piano solo piece by Anthony Sylvestre (feat. Piano in Blue)

    Hi ! I'm Anthony Sylvestre, french composer. Last August, I have composed a new piece for piano entitled 'Berceuse'. I didn't thought of composing a new piece of piano soon because my previous piece 'Le Piano Supendu' was difficult for me to complete. Finally, I'm happy to have completed this...
  24. Gerald


    mmhh!... An orchetral idea... classic ma non troppo! Thanks for listening Gérald
  25. Simone Coen

    Chocolate Audio releases The 88 Series Pianos Bundle for Kontakt with launch offer

    Chocolate Audio has announced the release of The 88 Series Pianos Bundle for Kontakt with a special 35% off launch offer. The four libraries making up the bundle, a total of 26GB and 21240 samples, cover a wide range of styles and crafting methods, from acoustic grand pianos to upright and...
  26. Zelorkq

    Our Lost Planet (kind of Emotional Piano)

    Hey all! I just uploaded a new piece. Some might say it is an Emotional Piano piece but I'll let you decide. I've never been completely happy with how this one develops but I simply couldn't figure out what to change... Feedback is greatly appreciated :)
  27. SomeGuy

    Which Pianoteq piano(s) get the most use? (poll)

    Thinking about purchasing Pianoteq and I’m a bit torn as to which piano to get. I’m really liking them all for different reasons, which I guess is why they offer so many. Curious to know which you find gets the most use in your studio? Multiple votes are allowed but please try to limit it to...
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