1. AudioBrewers

    Audio Brewers' 'Piano Toy' giveaway!

    Last Thursday, we met with @Simeon to talk about 'Piano Toy', our amazing 'Advanced Pitch Shifting' tech and of course, what we love most: Samples! Might sound like a small instrument, but trust us, we took it seriously and created probably the most comprehensive 'Piano Toy' ever made! And now...
  2. AudioBrewers

    Introducing Piano Toy - A small instrument made huge! 🎹🎹 (Free version also available!)

    We're super happy to announce our new release 'Piano Toy', a beautifully small instrument made HUGE - additional FREE version available! Keep reading for more info. How is it huge? Well, let us elaborate: Articulations Our main aim when sampling Piano Toy was to offer the best of the best...
  3. nuyo

    How can I create this piano sound ?

    It's sound that pops up in tracks and sample libraries from time to time. It's often called frozen or icy ..... It sounds like there is some stretching and pitching going on ?
  4. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Weekly Flash Sale | The Drinking Piano 25% Off

    Learn More: https://soundiron.com/products/the-drinking-piano For this week only you can save 25% on The Drinking Piano! This library is an upright piano with a fat bottom end & classic beer hall sound. Recorded up-close against the strings in a small hall, these samples give you the presence...
  5. Jhickin

    First attempt at writing Library music, not sure where to go from here

    Hi Everyone, I have written three tracks which I am really proud of for Piano and strings however I need some advice, here is a sample: 1. I'd love to know what you think compositionaly and if it sounds appropriate to pitch to Music Libraries 2. Is the mixing and general "sound" ok? I'm...
  6. Adam Takacs

    Walking through the days (MIDI mockup)

    Short composition for piano and whistle, as a solo instrument. What do you think about it? Cinepiano Vienna Whistler Thank you for listening! Adam
  7. Nami Audio

    Summer Sale Last Week : Up to 40% OFF!

    Hi everyone, Summer sale is almost over on the website! This week is your last chance to get Hammer & Felt or Quasar with 30% off. And if you decide to get them both, you'll get an extra 10% off meaning at 93,24€ instead of 148€. https://namiaudio.com/en/synths/9-quasar.html Currently at...
  8. R

    Dry Piano VSTs

    Hello. After investing in several piano VSTs I have come to the conclusion that I prefer those which provide the option of drier samples / sounds. Vienna Imperial and Pianoteq 7 Standard with reverb disabled seem to do the trick. The samples in Ivory II American Concert D, although not...
  9. Duncan Formosa

    A Reflection

    Please listen before reading on... So I hit a major wall in the last month. I've been trying to get my first home since February, no luck cause people are bidding ludicrous amounts more than me. Given the fact the fact I live in a family of 7, work from home and the only place I can work is...
  10. Dear Villain

    Instrumental Love Song for Clarinet and Piano

    Ageing brings wisdom, the building of inner strength and the collection of beautiful memories. Like thumbing through old photographs, "I Remember" is touching and reflective. The long, soaring melody of the clarinet and the steadfast rhythm of the piano present a nostalgic performance...
  11. S

    How would you create this kind of Pad sound?

    I have found a pad sound that I like, and would like some experts (or aspiring experts) to suggest what VST instruments and effects could reproduce such a sound. So besides the obvious things that it's a piano VST or keyboard voicing, with a strings pad underneath, exactly how would I produce...
  12. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Storewide Summer Sale Starts Now!

    Explore Now: https://soundiron.com/collections/all-products This month marks 10 years that Soundiron has been a company! To celebrate, we're unleashing a 35% off storewide sale on over 160 virtual instruments in our shop. You'll save big on Kontakt Player/ NKS Libraries, Bundles and all...
  13. udizisser

    Native Instruments - Piano Colors - Review and Demo

    This is really cool concept for an instrument. The Piano Color is great for soundscape, ambient and just for some cool sounds. Here is my review and demo: I got more that 350 reviews and demos of plugins, virtual instruments and synths Come say hello at UDI AUDIO
  14. fan455

    Can someone help me render this piano midi on better piano libraries?

    Hi, I am considering buying a great piano vst library. I currently own Gentle Keys by Splash Sound. I purchased it for $58 and it has a nice dreamy tone with an optional smooth synthetic strings layer, but the dynamics are a bit small since it's sampled from an upright piano and is less than 1...
  15. Nami Audio

    Hammer & Felt Kontakt Library by Nami Audio

    Introducing Hammer and Felt Kontakt library. https://namiaudio.com/en/piano-keys/8-hammer-felt.html From the simplest upright piano, to a more intimate one and with experimental and lush sounds, Hammer & Felt will help you getting ideas as fast as never before. With a simple yet effective...
  16. NocturneSounds

    Ends tomorrow! 🎹 50% off Nocturne Baby Grand Piano

    Our gorgeous baby grand piano is now available with a massive 50% discount - just £19.99! (usually £39.99) This is a beautiful six-foot Yamaha baby grand that has a warm, woody tone and true sympathetic resonance. "Really nice piano this one. Warm and resonant and cleverly scripted, and light...
  17. S

    UVI Austrian Grand | Romantic Piano preset

    I've had an iOS app from UVI for sometime, but recently got their synths and now the Austrian Grand. It's an interesting piano. I haven't spent a whole lot of time with it but I noticed stock presets with default settings don't really do justice to the library. Once you tweak the settings a bit...
  18. K

    Looking for 88-key controller to approximate the action on an Yamaha S90-ES

    Hey, so I'm going to be moving across the pond (to EU) and won't be taking my beloved Yamaha S90ES with me. Will be looking for a great 88-key MIDI controller to buy. Obviously, the S90 had onboard sounds, which made it fun to just play when I'm not on my computer, but that is not essential...
  19. Dear Villain

    When my wife stopped playing with me, I re-scored it. (ahem)

    I wrote this piece originally for clarinet and accordion, recorded as part of my duo, Acclarion's CD, "Shattered Expectations." We played it for years in concert, until one day, my wife suddenly says, "I'm not playing it with you anymore, because I'm pregnant." :) (damn, click bait bastard!)...
  20. Akarin

    [Cinematic Jazz] A Touch of Noir (Full Album)

    Hey all. Ahead of its release on all streaming platforms, you can already listen to my new album A Touch of Noir on YouTube: There's also a page here where you can listen to each track separately: https://www.nicolas-schuele.com/a-touch-of-noir Drawing inspiration from the film noir genre...
  21. Duncan Formosa

    So Scottish (A piano sketch)

    Decided to have a go at writing a really Scottish piece of music, this is the piano sketch so far, would like to know what people think. I've got a few areas I'm not entirely sure of which I'll mention here but please take a listen first and then maybe see these notes to see if you thought the...
  22. squashteam

    Disklaviers and other Acoustic Piano Playback

    I am a proficient pianist, and in the market for a new upright that records well - though I am seriously considering whether it makes sense as a film composer to buy a more technically advanced piano that works well with my DAW, etc. I am curious if anyone has experience with a disklavier or...
  23. Locks

    Evanesce (Piano tones inspired by Ben Lukas Boysen)

    Been participating here for a while but yet to share a piece of my own. I'm Lachlan and I'm a hobbyist from Australia. I enjoy making short scores to interesting short videos or GIFs I come across. This one is a magical short video of snow falling in the middle of the ocean. My approach to...
  24. AudioBrewers

    'Pianoforte' Intro Price ending SOON! 🎹🎹🎹 47% off!

    'Pianoforte', our latest sample library featuring a Fazioli F212 is ending its Intro Price period soon!! Sustains, Una Corda, Muted, and Sound Design Pads. Recorded, mixed and delivered in Ambisonics and Stereo. Multiple Mic Positions and Dedicated Mixes (Stereo) Multiple Hyper-realistic Mix...
  25. Fab

    Real Vs Sampled Piano, is the difference worth the effort?

    Hi there, As the title says, I'm curious to hear your experiences of this. Thanks, Fab
  26. S

    Casio PX-5S 88-Key Privia Pro Digital Stage Piano with Power Supply - $619 shipped obo

    Listed on Facebook marketplace - will do free shipping to VI members. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/281944243412008
  27. K

    CLOSED Ezkeys Pipe Organ full software 25 EURO

    Pipe Organ 25eu (including toontrack fee) paypal
  28. Mark Kouznetsov

    Jerry Goldsmith - Love Theme (from «The Blue Max») (Piano arrangement, NI Noire test drive).

    I've owned Noire for ages, but for some reason never really used it. It was fun just to play around with when it came out, but I always preferred (and probably still do) C. Bechstein's Digital Grand. Never cared for the Particles Engine and it always had too much sub in the lower range, while...
  29. jrrshop

    Up to 95% off select Air Music Tech, now $9.99 each

    Up to 95% off select Air Music Tech, now $9.99 each: https://www.jrrshop.com/air-music-tech?dir=desc&order=special_from_date Air Music Tech Air Expansion Pack 3: Velvet | Hybrid | Mini Grand Bundle $9.99 Air Music Tech Loom Classic Additive Synthesizer $9.99 Air Music Tech Vacuum Classic Synth...
  30. Luciano Rizzi

    Luciano Rizzi_Chopin flavour : Piano Composition

    A Piano piece I have composed in these Easter days. It is in 2 Movements, and in the key of D Major. It has a Chopin "flavour" , although the 1st Theme sounds as "Piano Bar".
  31. AudioBrewers

    Pianoforte is available now! 🎹🎹

    We're extremely happy to announce that Pianoforte has just been launched! 'Pianoforte' features a Fazioli F212 sampled to utmost realism using multiple microphone positions - including Ambisonics microphones, to capture the pure sweetness and rich harmonic body only Fazioli can deliver. After...
  32. ChrisSiuMusic

    SonuScore's Spring Bundle!

    Hey friends! Have you checked out Sonuscore's Spring Bundle yet? If not, it's available at 9.90 Euros for a few more days! Let's take a look at what this bundle covers.
  33. jrrshop

    Arturia V Collection 8 on sale for $499

    Arturia V Collection 8 on sale for $499: https://www.jrrshop.com/arturia-v-collection This is the most comprehensive anthology of classic synth and keyboards ever made. This is decades of passionate research, modelling, and development. This is your chance to take your place in music history.
  34. Duncan Formosa

    I couldn't sleep...So I wrote this

    The other night I was tossing and turning and had this idea in my head, so I decided to record it. I'm still debating whether to keep it as a solo piano or add some strings as well to change up the colour. Also think I might have milked the ending a bit. Curious what everyone thinks.
  35. AudioBrewers

    The Pianoforte Scoring Event

    Hi everyone, We are extremely happy to announce our very first social event "The Pianoforte Scoring Event", in which we are inviting you to share with us what you consider is the most beautiful piece you've ever done. As this is an event focused on our upcoming Piano library 'Pianoforte', the...
  36. ChrisSiuMusic

    Piano Skills for Composers - doing some research :)

    Hey everyone! As musicians and composers, most of us work with MIDI controllers and keyboards on a daily basis, and the ability to play sufficiently is very important to maintaining inspiration and a smooth workflow. As a result, I'm brainstorming some content on piano skills & technique for...
  37. hypnotize

    Piano space

    Hello everyone! I decided to compose a series of a short solo piano compositions. For many years I use only NI The Grandeur, but I have other libraries too (The Embertone Walker 1955, Noir, Pearl). I have never had any problems using The Grandeur for a tight mix, but for solo it seemed to me...
  38. Ben

    Synchron Bösendorfer 280VC (Stage B)

    Hi everyone! Today I'm happy yo announce our newest entry in the Synchron Piano Series: The Synchron Bösendorfer 280VC, recorded in Stage B in our Synchron Stage Vienna (the same room as for the Synchron Blüthner 1895 and Synchron Bösendorfer Upright). (More videos to come, so make sure to...
  39. amadeus1

    Woodchester Piano - A Hybrid Felt Piano

    Hi guys, Just thought I would do a quick review of the Woodchester Piano by Fracturesounds in case you haven't seen its unique properties and utility for atmospheric music. Best, Bill
  40. ChrisSiuMusic

    15 Piano Libraries Compared

    Hi everyone! In today's video, let's dive into my collection of piano libraries made for Kontakt, play through them, and see what they sound like. Please enjoy! 0:00 Intro 3:15 CinePiano 4:53 Midnight Grand 6:59 Woodchester Piano 8:55 Glacier Keys 10:22 Ascend Modern Grand 11:52 Walker...
  41. R

    VSL Bosendorfer Imperial Full Library

    I am selling my VSL Bosendorfer Imperial Full Library: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Bosendorfer_Imperial £350 -- Price flexible within reason. Please PM with offers VSL will facilitate the license transfer (~£50) and I will ship the USB licensing dongle (£30), both costs + worldwide shipping...
  42. Christoph Pawlowski

    Hans Zimmer Piano - How large is it really?

    Hi there! I'm thinking of purchasing the Spitfire Hans Zimmer Piano. The demos and the overall sound is more than just promising, but I have one question: The library is quite big, so I looked on the Spitfire page, where it says the library is 211gb. My friend who owns the Library claims that...
  43. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Midnight Grand & Woodchester Piano

    Midnight Grand: https://fracturesounds.com/product/midnight-grand/ Woodchester Piano: https://fracturesounds.com/product/woodchester-piano/
  44. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Glacier Keys

    Get it here: https://fracturesounds.com/product/glacier-keys/
  45. Wunderhorn

    Two different Piano VIs for Concerto for 2 Pianos?

    I wonder if it is best to use two different piano libraries when mocking up a piano concerto for two pianos? Obviously I would choose a very similar sounding piano (e.h. Steinway model D). Using the same VI on the second piano track feel a bit weird (perhaps phasing, or just too much same...
  46. Alfeus Aditya

    Somewhere In My Memory (John Williams)

    This is a piano cover that I made with the orchestra from EWHO, what do you think, I still really like the sound of HWO, especially the strings. Many thanks
  47. AudioBrewers

    Audio Brewers 'The Upright' intro price ends TOMORROW! 50% off!

    Our beautiful and mellow upright piano recorded, mixed and delivered in Ambisonics was the result of many months of experimentation, research and a lot of sampling hours! With a total of over 42.000 Samples and 100GB (compressed to 49GB), 'The Upright' is being released in five stages - each...
  48. AudioBrewers

    A new Piano appeared! 'The Upright' by Audio Brewers

    Hi everyone, we are the Audio Brewers, and we launched as a company focused on creating Sample Libraries recorded, mixed and delivered in Ambisonics! We are thrilled to announce that our flagship product, 'The Upright' is now available! 'The Upright' is a 1989 vintage upright piano with a...
  49. jrrshop

    Up to 33% off Pianoteq Standard, Pro, Upgrades, and Instruments

    Up to 33% off Pianoteq Standard, Pro, Upgrades, and Instruments: https://www.jrrshop.com/pianoteq?dir=desc&order=special_from_date Organteq $239 Pianoteq 7 Pro $359 Pianoteq 7 Stage to Pro Upgrade $239 Pianoteq 7 Standard $239 Pianoteq 7 Standard to Pro Upgrade $119 Pianoteq ANT. PETROF 275...
  50. Ben

    Happy holidays! - VSL Holiday Sale 2020 - BBO 30 days demos

    This Black Friday week is going to be a blast! Starting on Monday you should not miss these deals! So here’s my special advice: Combine the 3+1 voucher sale with the BF deals and save an additional 25% (BF price | BF + Voucher price)! Free / up to 44% off: We'll going to release BBO: Zodiac -...
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