1. gh0stwrit3r

    Floating Balloons [Orchestral - Film Music]

    I composed a new music track. This time with solo strings, solo woodwinds, small percussion, harp, piano and supporting chamber strings. I've tried to accomplish a positive happy energy. I would really love to get some feedback on this one.
  2. fcangia

    Out now: Due Pianos 1.4 Update

    Due 1.4: WHAT'S NEW In Due 1.4, we presented new, big, features: Hello Vi-Control! I'm really excited to release this huge update of DUE, our new library with two pianos from a C3 and a C7. I want to thanks all the first customers that helped me a lot with their feedback! If you have any...
  3. Mads Skønberg

    Italiona - new track / new genre

    Hey, what do you experts think about my new composition?
  4. Thorsten Meyer

    Review of Ascend Modern Grand by Heavyocity

    Review of Ascend Modern Grand by Heavyocity https://www.strongmocha.com/2019/10/23/review-of-ascend-modern-grand-by-heavyocity/ Ascend Modern Grand Review Heavyocity launched a new a wonderfully sampled Model D concert grand piano and transferred the sparkling sound into their potent Ascend...
  5. ChrisSiuMusic

    Herman Samples - Frozen Piano (Reviewed)

    Hey everyone! Today we'll be taking a look at Herman Samples' newest library: Frozen Piano. Please enjoy!
  6. Soundiron Team

    How To Create Your Own Ambiences | Tips & Tricks

    Recording and sound-designing your own atmospheric drones, ambiences, and pads is a great way to give your music a personal touch. In this video Nathan Boler give you a few tips on how you can get started making your own ambiences from recording to post processing. Make sure to subscribe to...
  7. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Frozen Piano

    Get it here: https://hermansamples.com/
  8. Felt Instruments

    Felt Instruments: LEKKO - a character piano + tape-based sound design

    Hi there! I'm extremely proud to announce LEKKO - an intimate upright piano, recorded imperfectly through vintage analogue kit for maximum character and a collection of beautiful, textural sound design patches, exploring the world of tape and modular effects. This is not the most deeply sampled...
  9. J

    A Bond In The Past

    Thoughts, feedback?
  10. jrrshop

    Up to 70% off all Gospel Musicians UVI and Kontakt instruments

    Up to 70% off all Gospel Musicians UVI and Kontakt instruments, now $39.99 to $49.99: https://www.jrrshop.com/gospel-musicians?dir=desc&order=special_from_date Gospel Musicians BlueBeast Yamaha EX5 Virtual Instrument $39.99 Gospel Musicians MKSensation MKS-20 Digital Piano Library $49.99...
  11. Sarah De Carlo

    'Ghost World' - Emotional Theme/Trailer Music inspired by the TV series 'The InBetween'

    Hi everyone, these days I dedicated myself to the production of a song inspired by a TV series (The InBetween), developing both a trailer / teaser music and a theme. The idea is to produce an entire album (immediately after the deserved vacation :-D) of music suitable for TV Series to propose...
  12. ChrisSiuMusic

    How To Turn a Piano Sketch Into a Full String Arrangement

    Hey composers! Today's video is a highly-requested one: string arranging! Please enjoy my take on the process, and my workflow when it comes to this style of music.
  13. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cornelling Charles Cornell

    Not really a composition, but...
  14. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's Summer Sale - Storewide!

    The Soundiron 2019 Storewide Summer Sale Starts Now! Learn more: https://soundiron.com/collections/all-products As the summer heats up, it's that time of year to unleash some scorching deals! For two weeks only, we're running a storewide sale on over 130 virtual instruments in our shop. Save...
  15. R

    FS: Embertone Walker D Full piano VST, all mic's, 50% off!

    Selling the Embertone Walker 1955 Concert D (Steinway D) piano. All mic's included. (188GB of samples!). Bought for $149 (132 EUR) Sale price 50% off: 75 USD (66.45 EUR) Embertone support granted permission to transfer the license. Please send a PM and we can transfer the license.
  16. ChrisSiuMusic

    How To Write a Classic Disney-Style Song Intro

    Hey all! In today's video, let's explore a fun topic: writing a Disney-style song intro! Using secondary dominants and exploring the circle of 5ths, how can we pull this off? Enjoy :)
  17. S


  18. S

    For Sale FS: True Keys Pianos Bundle and Fluffy Audio Scoring Piano

    I have too many piano libraries now, and I'd like to sell the ones that I never use. True Keys Pianos Bundle - $150 $125 (normally $349) Fluffy Audio Scoring Piano - $90 $80 (normally $129) I will cover the iLok transfer fee for True Keys. Edit: Price drop!
  19. A

    A waltz for you /work in progress

    Hey everyone! I have a piano piece here, not finished yet. Im trying to take it to the next level like add some orchestral Instruments, str and ww but each time i tried I ended up like the piano alone is still the best version. IF u guys have some good advice how to improve it, im listening :)
  20. A

    For Sale FS: ISW Pearl Grand, JST, Perfect Drums,APE etc....

    Payment through paypal. Buyer covers paypal fees. Hornet DynEQ - 3 EUR Waves Aphex Aural Exciter - 35 USD (includes 15 USD waves transfer fee) Perfect Drums - 75 USD JST Transify - 30 USD Waves H-Comp - 20 USD (includes 9 USD waves transfer Fee) Impact SoundWorks Pearl Concert Grand - 75 USD...
  21. S

    Love Like This - neo soul instrumental

    Let me know what you think peeps. I'll gladly return any feedback if you drop a link of your own.
  22. marcodistefano

    My new piano solo album, rendered with Garritan CFX Grand

    Hi All, I have the pleasure to share my new piano solo album, soundtrack of a book. About 8 months from inception to release. Rendered with the beautiful Garritan CFX grand. https://marcodistefano.art/albums/l-estate-del-78/ This is a video of the first track with the score, I will add all...
  23. Cory Pelizzari

    Another Piano Library? - The Love Piano

    Intro price is 29 euros. Full library price is 39 euros. Get it here: https://www.youtube.com/redirect?redir_token=N0oITasR16H_uiTmUwGyR4JhU7l8MTU1ODc2OTc0NEAxNTU4NjgzMzQ0&event=video_description&v=VvzwYQsfjtM&q=https://vstbuzz.com/the-vault/the-love-piano/ Free Patches...
  24. S

    Lofi/boombap/90s sort of hip-hop instrumental. (I'll return any feedback)

    Hey folks, this is just something I put together the other night. Some Goldbaby drums, komplete piano and synths and Orange Tree Guitars. Let me know what you think and if you leave a link, I'll be sure to give your music a listen as well. Cheers.
  25. amadeus1

    Amazing Piano by Pianoteq

    Hi guys, Here's one of the best and versatile piano libraries you'll ever find. The catch is it's modeled not recorded. It's been authorized by Steinway and Petrof as well as others. Thanks, Bill
  26. willbedford

    Dulciano by Fracture Sounds - Available Now

    We’re delighted to announce our latest library, Dulciano. A Steinway grand piano, performed with dulcimer hammers, sampled in stunning detail in a modern concert hall setting. This unique hybrid instrument produces a similar timbre to a dulcimer or cimbalom, but the longer strings and large...
  27. A

    Emotional orchestral piece

    I wrote this short piece right after my girlfriend broke up with me. We didnt see each other for 6 months, but we were hoping its gonna work and were planning a life together. She was supposed to be here on wednesday this week but just called me she's not coming, and we Will not see each other...
  28. Aleela

    Ivory Piano vs Pianoteq - Steinway D

    Which Steinway D do you think is the best? Ivory or Pianoteq?
  29. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron 33% Off Storewide Spring Sale Starts Now! One Week Only

    With spring kicking into gear, now is the perfect time to hop on some sweet savings! For one week only, you'll save 33% off our entire shop, including over 130 virtual instruments in our shop. This deal includes all of our Kontakt Player/ NKS Libraries and Bundles and all individual non-player...
  30. Jorgakis

    Ipad Pro 12,9" alternatives?

    Hello everyone, this might not be a studio-related question, but rather a question regarding live-gigs. In the past year I started to play more and more live as a piano accompanist and other stuff and I sometimes have like 30 songs to play and this is just really annoying to take care about all...
  31. beyd770

    Feedback on structure, form and harmony: Pianosketch for orchestra

    Just finished Mike Verta's "Structure"-masterclass, and learned a ton! What do you think of this little sketch? What could I do to improve my form even more before starting writing out the individual pieces? Piano is The Grandeur from NI, with Altiverb Todd AO-input at 40% and...
  32. D

    Addictive Keys Trio Bundle + DS Drum Shaper

    I'm selling my XLN Trio bundle, which includes: - Steinway Grand - Electric Grand (a Yamaha CP 70) - Mark One (a Fender Rhodes Mark I). for 70$ DS-10 Drum Shaper: 20$ Price all together: 80$. Note: You will need an XLN account/e-mail address for the license transfer. Pay Pal accepted. Please...
  33. J

    For Sale: Key Suite Acoustic - The Essential Keys Collection

    The most complete acoustic keyboard instrument collection available. 20 instruments from modern Grand Pianos to historical Celestas. Will sell for $125. Usually goes for $199 when bought new. I'll pay the iLok license transfer fee. More info... https://www.uvi.net/key-suite-acoustic
  34. willbedford

    Fracture Sounds Piano Day Sale - Midnight Grand & Woodchester Piano 20% off

    To celebrate Piano Day, we are offering our highly popular cinematic piano libraries, Woodchester Piano and Midnight Grand at a special bundle price - 20% off for a very limited time. Ends TOMORROW (March 29th)! Grab the deal here - https://fracturesounds.com/product/piano-day-bundle/
  35. Dave Hilowitz

    Kontakt Video Tutorial: Piano Sustain Samples + FREE Piano Library

    Hi! I've made a new Kontakt tutorial video: How to implement piano sustain samples. The piano library featured in the video is FREE (link in YouTube video description).
  36. ChrisSiuMusic

    The 'Hopeful' Chord

    Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite chords to play. This one is really special because it gives us a hopeful and almost pining feeling. Please enjoy!!
  37. Mads Skønberg

    Eye Of Paradise

  38. BradHoyt

    "Chasing Time"

    One of my favorite tracks from the album "The Past Future" that was released back in 2016. "Chasing Time" - It was inspired by my son Luke, the steampunk world of Vadim Voitekhovitch, and some Pippi Longstocking music. :) I used a bunch of historical instruments on this one. One's that I can...
  39. BradHoyt

    A real oboe, and the effects of playing virtual woodwinds

    After working with virtual woodwinds for a while now, it was a little jarring to hear the real thing again. :) I think that I've gotten used to the always perfect sound that you get with virtual instruments. Now it seems I'm absurdly aware of any imperfections in this recording. I'm wondering if...
  40. BradHoyt

    Veronica's Theme

    This track "Veronica's Theme" is the main character theme for Veronica Hobbes who appears in the "Newbury & Hobbes" books by George Mann. Instruments used include Spitfire's HZ Piano, Olafur Arnalds libraries, and the female choir from Metro Ark II by Orchestral Tools Any feedback is...
  41. Mads Skønberg

    A contest - please give your answer

    One of my newest tracks - Meadows - I have made it in two versions. What version do you think is the best? (It is two totally different genres...) 1) 2)
  42. S

    Ivory Piano Demos

    These are basically solo no-talk Ivory demos that cover various Ivory II American Concert D, Bosendorfer 255 and Steinway Model B Piano presets. They're not actual compositions but spontaneous improvisations. I'm sure a 'rehearsed' piano piece could potentially sound A LOT better. One nice thing...
  43. S

    Hey, Pro Pianist Here

    Hey Everyone, New to this Forum. I am a pro musician located in Allentown PA. I hold a Bachelors in Music Performance, and a Minor in Jazz Studies; mostly harmony. I have been composing on Logic Pro X for three years and about 8 months. In the beginning it was just a hobby, but with time, and...
  44. Knomes

    A fugue for piano

    Hi everyone! I wrote this fugue for piano. I hope you enjoy it! Any suggestions / feedback is welcome. The piano I used is the Ivory AmericanConcerD.
  45. Mads Skønberg

    Piano this time. Trying something new

    Totally new genre for me. Want every possible feedback on thisone!
  46. Michal Vecerek

    Epic composition

    Hi, I'm new in this forum and I would like to share my new Epic track which I composed. It was inspired by Game so I tried to fit my music to this clip. I will be glad for any comments. Thanks.
  47. E

    Nothing Escapes Time (Piano solo piece)

    I thought I'd quit instrumentals/epic, and sell my soul to write electronic music again. But alas, here I am back with a piano piece!
  48. mcpepe

    Impresionist piano piece

    This is a piano piece based on a poem of Antonio Machado. You can have a look at the score in pdf here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x81kw30c1glfepl/Jose_Luis_Amores_-_En_estos_campos_de_la_tierra_mia.pdf?dl=0 I added a touch of Valhalla DSP VintageVerb, but I was tempted to add more. This...