1. R

    Is it worth running VEPro without a slave? (building orchestral template in Reaper)

    Short version: Will I notice a big performance boost by using VEPro to host all my instruments, (for a large orchestral template in Reaper) even without having a slave PC? Or should I not bother with VEPro until I can afford a slave? Longer version: Been trying to put together an orchestral...
  2. S

    Zuckermann Harpsichord for Kontakt

    Dear all, I am a new member, a professional bassoonist from Croatia with a huge love for baroque music and historical performance. For a long time now, I've been searching for a great harpsichord library, but haven't yet found any that resembles a real harpsichord, where you almost can't tell...
  3. Nextmidi

    Something New. Final Teaser.

    Hi Everyone. We are new, this is new. I mean we have been here before. A lot. But not as a company. Here is a preview of what else will be new, very soon: All the best, Steffen & Peter
  4. A

    Switching channels in Channel Rack (FL Studio)

    Is it possible to map channels in Channel Rack for keyswitching? (in real time performance)
  5. Jorgakis

    My first live-orchestra-experience

    Hello there, I had the fortunate opportunity to write and orchestrate a piece for a friend's final Bachelor exam who studies church music and conducting. As a VI composer this was a great opportunity to test my theoretical orchestration-ability for the first time and I'd like to share with you...
  6. D

    Cubase/Nuendo 10 Performance Test

    I'm not shocked because most of us know the performance hit we take using Cubase or Nuendo on macOS but I AM shocked at the difference in performance loss/gain. So, I conducted a small test today on the performance of Nuendo 10.0.20 on my 2013 Mac pro (trashcan) in comparison to another PC I...
  7. Normqn

    Kontakt 6 vs Kontakt 5 (Performances/RAM/CPU)

    I'm wondering if Kontakt 6 has better performances, if anyone saw, by loading a ton of instruments, a gain of performances with K6 or not ?
  8. W

    Reasons to use separate sample drive(s) rather than system SSD?

    I’m expecting to soon get a new DAW that will have a 4TB internal SSD system drive. My current DAW has a standard internal drive, so I have most of my sample libraries residing on a pair of Samsung T3 SSDs connected via USB. They aren’t the fastest things available, but they have worked pretty...
  9. G

    Raid0 sata drives?

    I have some spare old SATA 1TB drives lying around, and was wondering if would get a slight performance gain if I RAID0-ed them and put my less used sample libraries on them? Currently my less used libraries are on one of the SATA 1TB drives connected via an external USB3 enclosure going into my...

    The NEW Logic Benchmark Test

    The logic benchmark test has been helpful for figuring out the DAW's CPU performance on Mac. I was about to ask @christianhenson to post his benchmark result on the iMac Pro but then I checked the scores again and saw that top on the list is 'Mac Pro 12-Core 2.7 Late 2013' and that can run 255...
  11. wuubb

    Is there any performance gain from syncing all CPU cores?

    I've seen in a couple of audio-optimizing guides for PC around the web that disabling turbo boost and speed step are better for audio work. This would effectively make all the cores run at the same speed. One could theoretically even sync them to the turbo boost frequency or overclock frequency...
  12. L

    Recommendations on my gear for using Kontakt live

    Hi, Im having some issues with pops and noises during live playback of kontakt libraries, wich I believe have to do with the "CPU" and "Disk" indicators going red for brief moments (yes I know its obvious!). So I ask if you people could please make recommendations on my setup in order to...
  13. N

    VE Pro 5 - high CPU usage on one thread

    While turning another PC into a VE Pro slave machine, I've noticed that I have peculiarly high CPU usage on one thread, even when no instances are actually connected to the master. System Specs 12-core/24-thread Intel Xeon CPU 48GB RAM 2x SSDs (1 OS drive; 1 samples drive) Here's the...
  14. G

    Macbook with RAID0?

    Has anyone tried using a RAID0 with SSDs drives in their Macbook Pro. I want to have a portable setup with as much performance boost as possible. So I have a caddy drive bay in my 13-inch 2012 Macbook. I'm going to add an extra SSD and stripe them in a RAID0 to get the most read and writes...
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