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  1. R

    8dio Epic Ensemble percussion sale! How about this? Anyone use this?

    I have only two percussion. BBCSO pro, Drum Fury. I need some percussion to compose the Epic Orchestra, just in time 8dio is on sale. Has anyone ever used it?
  2. Akora

    Best full percussion library for the money currently?

    I'm currently looking to buy my first percussion library, which is meant to be used with orchestral music like film scores and games - not so much in the trailer and sound design department. I want it to be the full package, so it should have all the instruments you expect like timpani, taiko...
  3. Kuusniemi

    Wildebeat - A modern percussion toolkit for Kontakt 5 from Man Makes Noise out now!

    Ever walked into the forest with a sledge hammer on your shoulder? Bashed rocks to bits and pieces? Or been banging on that one rusty gate for way too long that onlookers are this close to calling for professional help? Wildebeat is the result of all that and more. It’s a modern percussive...
  4. Naroth Audio

    SPRING SALE 30% OFF - RHYTHMUS | Unconventional Percussion

    OVERVIEW RHYTHMUS is a powerful and comprehensive Found Percussion library built for composers and producers across many genres. Built from the ground up with 4 dynamic and independent Sequencer Engines containing 100 Sound Sources, RHYTHMUS brings an organic, fresh, and unconventional take on...
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