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  1. B

    Looking for advice on a hardware upgrade for 1200 euros (CPU, MoBo, RAM, GPU)

    Hi everyone, With Black Friday getting close, I'm thinking it's time for a hardware upgrade. I'm currently running REAPER and a lot of demanding sample libraries on a Z97K, i5 4690K, 24 Gb RAM, 500Gb SSD, Win 7. I'm trying to build my orchestral template (Berlin Brass, SCS, SSWW, SSB, HB, EW...
  2. Soundiron Team

    Building A PC For Music Production | Tips & Tricks

    In this video we talk about how to get started building your own PC for music production. We cover all the parts we chose, tips while building your PC, and things to keep in mind while deciding which parts to buy. We'd love to hear about your specs below!
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  4. wuubb

    Host samples on NAS with 10gbe

    So this is part question, part personal anecdote from my own setup. I currently have a Linux server that I use as a NAS with 3x1TB SSDs with all of my samples on them. Back when I built this SSD's were really $$$ so it seemed like a good idea at the time. The server has a Mellanox Infiniband...
  5. S

    Is a very good PC necessary?

    Hey guys! :D I want to buy a PC for music production. Currently, I am working with the Composer Cloud from East West and wanted to buy a PC that meets these requirements (which means that I can work well in large projects). The PC recommended to me would cost 2300 Euro (2700$). (Its...
  6. N

    PC Case reccomendations

    Trying to decide between a Fractal Define C and a Fractal Define R6 for a main DAW computer build. I like the idea of the define C because it's cheaper and smaller, but was wondering whether there were any significant disadvantages of the C vs the R6. Are they about the same in terms of...
  7. H

    Can I set up my old all in one PC(HP ENVY 23) as a slave for my Kontakt libraries?

    Hello there! I am in the midst of researching for my first Pc build. Initially I was planning on creating a multipurpose build but I feel like I'd save more money if I could use the Aio as a slave.I also plan to game on the main pc cuz an All in one can only use laptop GPUs. Specs of the All in...
  8. J

    New Pc ...ok?

    Well, I wanna get a new Pc but considering all the aspects for musicproduction is too much for me :/ Here is what i have : Link
  9. K

    Can I slave picture from Logic on Mac to Cubase (main DAW) on PC?

    Hi All Just wondering if I can slave Logic from Mac to Cubase on PC? Or do I need to invest in a 2nd PC and pro tools etc to slave picture particularly to Cubase 9 on my PC? I currently have a macbook with Logic which I dont use much. Thanks Kyle
  10. Taj Mikel

    Overclocking for large orchestral and hybrid projects?

    Hi, everyone! I am looking to upgrade my computer soon, and I was wondering about overclocking and how much it might improve performance in large orchestral and hybrid trailer type projects. My dream is to run large sessions with multiple active VSTs and production plugins operating...
  11. H

    Sorry :3 but I need thoughts about PC BUILD

    Hi everyone ^^ Before getting started I'd like to thank everyone who will spend time on my case ! I'm currently working on Reaper and I'm seriously considering building a PC dedicated to orchestral music, particularly for film scoring. I'm actually writing and producing short movies with a...
  12. TheMetalborn

    Beast PC

    Looking to build and not need to upgrade for a while, is the Threadripper to much? Or would it be good for long-term use, tell me what you think.. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nwrTzY
  13. T

    Upgrading from 2011 MacBook Pro

    Hey all. Here's my current set up: MacBook Pro 13" Early 2011 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB RAM OSX 10.9.5 Pro Tools 11 East West Hollywood Orchestra Diamond Axe FX II XL+ (guitar effects processor & audio interface) PreSonus Audiobox USB 96 (audio interface) I write/record orchestral rock and...
  14. N

    Pc building for computer noobs

    how hard is pc building for someone who has never done that sort of thing before, and does not have any engineering background? can it be done with minimal background in computer tweaking? is it particularly difficult for a non computer / tech expert, or is it like the computer version of ikea...
  15. N

    Computer noob pc building?

    how hard is pc building for someone who has never done that sort of thing before, and does not have any engineering background? can it be done with minimal background in computer tweaking? if so are there any step by step "pc building for dummies" type manuals out there? also, would it be...
  16. N

    PC configuration: Asking for your opinion / guidance

    Hi guys I configured a pc on PC part picker to use as a slave, and maybe as a DAW down the road. I was hoping I could post the specs of it here to get your feedback on whether these parts will all work together. I don't want to be skimping on any parts that need to be better quality, and at the...
  17. K

    Looking for assistance with a new PC build for Pro Tools

    I am looking to build a Windows audio rig (for Pro Tools 12) that would be based around a i7 6800. From what I am reading, a good base to start with would be an Intel I7-6800/ASUS X99 Deluxe II combo. Unfortunately, I am pretty green with completing the list with brand/models My budget would...
  18. tarantulis

    FS: StudioCat Platinum Slave PC

    Hey guys, Selling a 2016 slave PC built by Jim Roseberry of StudioCat. Specs below: Platinum Slave - Case: Silent Mid-Tower - Power-Supply: 750w ultra quiet - Haswell CPU: 5820k - RAM: 64GB DDR4/2400 (4x16GB) - OS drive: 1TB 7200RPM HD - Samples drive 1: 500GB SSD - Samples...
  19. D

    Post your stable Windows DAW - VE PRO setups

    Hi, Please let me know if anyone successfully uses PCs with VE Pro for 200+ tracks orchestral templates. Ι use DP 9 with VE Pro in a single PC with an i5-4460 & 32GBs of RAM that will be used as my slave machine. Hopefully, my master PC will be an 8-core i7 & 64GBs of RAM. As for the audio...
  20. sazema

    New PC build, CPU advice? (modest budget)

    It's a right time to switch my old machine (with Intel Dual Core E8400, 8Gb ram) with something new. But I have no idea where to start (and what to choose). First of all, I want to change only MOBO + CPU + RAM, because I have graphic card, sound card, SSD's etc, case and everything else. I'm...