1. A

    Keyscape Issue

    Hello, I have an issue with keyscape standalone. After the update, I open keyscape as a standalone but there is no sound, then I reopened it and everything works fine. When I use keyscape through omnisphere I can see there are two patches of each instrument, but one of this can play. for...
  2. Grim_Universe

    A Zebra2 cinematic cyberpunk sound library. Questions for potential buyers.

    After I composed I had a very positive feedback and some of guys suggested to make my own Zebra 2 sound library. Before I start to make it, I wanna say, that it will be top notch and one of the best on the whole market for sure, but it won't be really big, because each sound takes a lot of...
  3. Vin

    MIDIssonance Zebra Ultramarine - Available Now - New Demo Added

    Hi good folks, Announcing the next MIDIssonance soundset - Zebra Ultramarine. Zebra Ultramarine is the first MIDIssonance soundset for amazing u-he Zebra/HZ 2.8, containing 120 cinematic patches. Zebra Ultramarine explores the unique textural capabilities of amazing Zebra 2 and also takes...
  4. hozierschurch

    CLPX Custom Patches Won't Save

    Currently working on some new templates. Yesterday I saved some custom patches via the save button in the library which worked great. I can open the patches today with no problems. Today when I try to save new patches, it isn't working. My chosen patch name shows in place of the setting button...
  5. hozierschurch

    Problem with Logic Custom Patches (sends and outputs)

    Is there any way to save a channel strip patch which can: (a) 'send' to a pre-existing reverb aux instead of creating a new one (because I prefer a clean template, using I/O labels and avoiding duplicating the same reverb), and (b) remember the output settings of the channel strip patch...
  6. Jackles

    Editing Kontakt patches/multis

    Hi all, I made a library with Kontakt and I started using it on several projects (to test it). The library is not a 100% finished and I'd like to modify it (change some samples, tweak the amplifier, add or remove effects...) and I also would like the changes to appear in my previously made...
  7. creativeforge

    Omni 1 to Omni 2: what's your experience?

    If you owned Omni 1 for years and worked with it and then upgraded to Omni 2 - I'd like to hear a bit about your experience. I own Omni 1, yet I know I would keep looking for libraries even if I owned Omni 2. Has Omni 2 increased your abilities to work the synth to create your own patches...
  8. creativeforge

    WTB: ROLAND D50 patches cards

    I just bought a D50 and am looking for some of the sounds cards for it. If you have some or know of someone who does, let me know! Thanks, Andre
  9. Erick - BVA

    Deep Conjuring (50% off until Black Friday)

    Hi guys, I guess I'm doing my once every 90 days shameless self-promotion? Actually, I'm really happy about a new library I developed. I'm calling it "Deep Conjuring." You can check out a description at the link below (as well as audio examples and buy link)...
  10. Sebastian

    Tweaking by ULTIMATE X SOUNDS - tutorial / ep 1

    Hello guys. For the last several years i got tons tutorial requests. I'm busy as always BUT i made first step :D and here we are. I will show you how i made one of my most favourite and original sound. The original patch was made for Atmosphere X Sounds Vol.2 in 2013 Cinematic "Modern Trailer "...
  11. Sebastian

    Hybrid X Sounds Vol.1 Virus TI2 / TI - Over 190 patches

    Hi Guys ! Finally, after nearly five months of hard work, we share with you something really new and original. Hybrid X Sounds Vol.1 is the very new concept how to use Virus TI in a different way. This time there's no single sounds but sequences/arpeggios programmed and ready to go. Everything...
  12. Sebastian

    Space X Sounds Vol.1 NI MASSIVE Soundset

    Ultimate X Sounds presents the new "Space X Sounds Vol.1 NI MASSIVE Soundset ”. The " Space X Sounds Vol.1 NI MASSIVE Soundset ” contains 80 patches. You will find sounds like : Atmospheres textures, Pads, White/Dark Textures, warm Leads , Plucks, Sound Effects. This new sound bank offers a lot...
  13. Sebastian

    Pads X Heaven Vol.2 with 224 patches / TI & TI2

    The new collection of synth pads " Pads X Heaven Vol.2 " for the Access Virus TI. Pads X Heaven Vol.2 is all about making beautiful airy, warm, fantasy, powerful, sad, omnious, angry emotions music. This synth pads bank is a feast for musicians and music producers. Very inspiring tool. PXH...
  14. Sebastian

    Atmosphere X Sounds Vol.3 for Access Virus TI

    Atmosphere X Sounds Vol.3 is a collection of 128 high quality patches for Access Virus TI, full of energetic sequences, gritty basslines, deep pads, dark soundscapes, Vintage sounds, roaring ( punchy ) basses, driving electronics and atmospherics sounds. We aim to provide cutting-edge digital...
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