1. F

    OWC NVMe U2 Shuttle - 4NVMe drives inside an enclosure!

    Don't know if anyone saw this, but OWC announced a new product that allows you to use NVMe drives inside a 3.5 enclosure to then put into some sort of 4-Bay or NAS setup. Looks super interesting, all I know is that NVMe drives are a lot faster for streaming samples than a normal SSD. Will there...
  2. J

    OWC Thunderbay 4 with SSDs - Turning the fan off

    Hey guys, I have a Thunderbay 4 here that I'd like to use with SSDs. Was wondering if any of you who have one have had any luck with disconnecting the fan on the back? It's far to loud to have in the studio while recording. From what I know, SSDs don't get very hot. The Black Magic Multi-dock...
  3. dtonthept

    Pimp my.... Magma Expansion Chassis?????

    Hey all, I'm one of those folks who has been updating their Cheesegrater Mac Pros in recent times, I'm currently rocking the 12 core 3.46GHz setup with 32GB Ram and a bunch of SSDs. I have a Protools HDX card and two UAD Octos in my machine, so wasn't able to add any fast storage via PCIe...
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