1. Ihnoc

    Do you need outboard effects in stereo pairs?

    I'm thinking about picking up some outboard gear. Perhaps a fancy 500 series Neve EQ like the Rupert Neve 551 or something, or a couple of Klark Teknik Pultec clones or the Golden Age 73 set. That somewhat defines my budget area. I'm mainly interested in adding a little colour to my stereo...
  2. Fredeke

    How to route outboard inserts in Reaper ?

    Hi. What is your prefered way of inserting analog gear in a track's signal path in Reaper ? (like a compressor, an EQ, or what have you) My own solution is quite unsatisfying: I disable the track's 'parent send' and route it to an hardware output. Then I create another track and arm record in...
  3. L

    What outboard gear do you like to run some virtual instruments through?

    Just curious what some people might be doing out of the box to enhance the sound of some virtual instruments. What instrument, and what gear are you fond of combining?
  4. T

    How much outboard gear do you guys use?

    Sorry if this has already been discussed. Outside of preamps and things like that, do you guys ever use any outboard compressors or reverbs?
  5. A


    By far the most whacky and fun guitar pedal channel is Knobs. I can't explain it, you have to watch it. It's ace.
  6. J

    Converters: Metric Halo or Lynx Aurora

    Hey guys, I've posted this in the "Your DAW" section as well as it applies to both forums... Here is my dilemma... I have an option to buy a used Lynx Aurora 16 with variable trim + a single Daking Mic Pre / EQ unit. I was originally planning on getting a Metric Halo LIO with 4 pre amps...
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